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TODAY'S NEWS, April 8, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) President Trump's fundraiser exceeded a record $50 million---and he did it without enlisting ex-presidents. Lara Trump also noted that March was the largest fundraising month ever for the GOP. Gee, surprising what happens when you have a leader like Lara at the top who is actually trying to win.

2) He also issued his statement on abortion, saying it should be left to the states . . . right where it is. This is precisely in line with popular national sentiment.

3) From 2017 to 2020 President Trump was playing catch up because he had to develop every single element of MAGA by himself, or without institutional support that President Reagan had. Now, Heritage Foundation has weighed in with its "Agenda 2025" that is pure MAGA. This will help immensely.

4) Seth Keshel on four things the Trump D0J must do to permanently hamstring DemoKKKrats in the electoral college.

6) The ever-desperate Count Dooku Jack Smith filed a new legal brief that scholars say greatly strengthens President Trump's case.

7) Richard Baris's new Pennsylvania poll showed President Trump expanding his lead over Rutabaga in both Michigan and Pennsylvania. Here are the Pennsylvania results.

8) A ridiculously evil federal jury found a 71-year-old grandmother guilty of entering the Capitol on January 6 (Patriot Day) and . . . horrrors! . . . taking pics and praying for 10 minutes.

9) You know, someone told you this as it was happening. Now Mickey Kaus notes that the "coalition of the ascendant" never ascended, that it encouraged "epic misjudgment" among DemoKKKrats, that it was wrong, and that it drove people of color to Trump. This piece also fearfully notes President Trump is carrying da youts now.

10) From the Washington Compost: "How Steve Bannon Guided the MAGA Movement's Rebound from January 6."

11) Fat Fani illegally recorded a lawyer and may have to recuse herself after all, now that poor ol' Nathan fell on the sword.

12) Per @RealSKeshel, Arizona voter registration shifted STRONGLY to Trump and Republicans. Two counties flipped from D to R. Both have heavy concentrations of Native Americans. Arizona was R+2.7% in 2020, now is R +5.8.

13) Another in a line of terrific victories over the Deep State by the Supes.

14) DemoKKKrats are returning to the old strategy of trying to register more voters. Problem: Baris's polling shows that currently the unregistered are more "Trumpy" than the electorate as a whole.

15) A judge has dismissed Florida governor Ron DeSantis from a suit involving the flying of illegal cirminal aliens to Martha's Vinyard.

16) One is an accident, two is a hack. Another container ship reportedly lost power, this one heading toward the Verrazzano Narrows Bridge.

17) A teacher at the U.S. Naval Academy details the rot there. And, because of this, the U.S. Navy now can't even build ships.

18) Rutabaga's incompetent team may have accidentally left him off the OH ballot, which, by itself, would give President Trump the popular vote victory.

19) The brain-addled Rutabaga insisted he didn't issue the "Trans Day of Visibility" proclamation on Easter, even though his name is on it.

20) Rutabaga tried to bribe yout voters, who are now abandoning him. Seems long-term bennies of paying off the student loans don't mean quite as much as wars, a terrible job market, and inflation.


21) ICE arrests of illegal criminal rapists in Boston revived the "Sanctuary City" debate in nearby New Hampshire.

22) And another great decision here as an appeals court overturned a chowderchicken judge who had ordered a Patriot Day (J6) defendant's computer monitored for "disinformation."

23) New York says it will arrest homehowners or landlords who turn off electricity and water when squatters are criminally occupying their buildings.


24) The great Ryan Burge shows that contrary to the hype, most ministers are extremely happy in their jobs and most are satisfied with life most of the time. And also from Burge, evangelicals are increasing their partisan split, with nearly 80% now going to Republicans.

26) My favorite lib, Noah Smith on the perverse incentives of euthanasia. It's no way for a decent, thriving society to behave.

27) Soon, even getting a competent doctor will be a problem, as at UCLA the school forced students to sit through a harangue by a Hamas spoogebag who called medicine "white science."


28) Leaked files from the transoid health organization reveal a monstrous criminal organization preying on kids who have no idea what hormone therapy does.


29) More economic lies from the government as the new "great" jobs report shows shrinkage in native-born jobs but a walloping 71,000 government jobs.

30) Experts are starting to figure out that the millions of illegal criminals are disrupting and obscuring the true poor state of the jobs market.

31) Oops. Experts expected energy grid demand to rise 2.6% per year but it's already on track to rise 4.7% per year over the next five years.

32) Meanwhile the office tower vacancy rate has hit a record high as zombie buildings litter the skylines of major cities.

33) Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya! A new study shows that people hate inflation because it destroys their purchasing power.

34) From my favorite lib, Noah Smith, a major chip plant in Arizona is back under way. See his point #5 showing a) regulatory costs today are out of sight and b) today big companies can collude without ever talking to each other. 35) And he also makes a surprising (for a lib) point that "inclusionary housing" is a poison pill to kill construction.

36) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of Energy, notes that with Ford's delay of its EV truck line, the EV bloodbath is spinning out of control. More from Blackmon here, as EVs are in crash mode.

37) Christopher Rufo on what is going on at Boeing: "It's an empty executive suite."

38) The famed Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas is being torn down to put up a parking lot. No, seriously, to put up a baseball stadium.

39) Amazon's "magical" AI grocery store tech was revealed: it was 1,000 Indians.

40) A new poll shows that Americans are skipping meals to afford housing.


42) Elon Musk says Twitter/X will defy Brazil's order for Twit files.

43) When you've lost the WaCompost: the "worsening war" has no way out for Green Screen Zelensky. Likewise, read between the tea leaves.

44) The Chicoms know Trump will win. They are not coming to Rutabaga for some sort of deal on "balanced" growth due to their overcapacity. Trump will have them by the short hairs.

45) Recently the predictions of the idiot spoogefest known as Algore have popped up. First he said Kilimanjaro would be devoid of snow (oops---more now than ever), then he said the Maldives would disappear. You know, sorta like the rising sea levels would completely cover Plymouth Rock. Oops."Well, the oceans respect our national icons so they make room for it."

46) Me-hee-co is short of farm workers. Maybe Americans can move there and do the jobs Mexicans won't?

47) New Zealand is tightening its immigration rules due to too many migrants.


49) Actor Ashton Kutcher is expecting a subpoena in the case related to P. Diddy.


50) The CDC was forced by a judge to reveal its secret reports of facial paralysis due to the vax. It's the gift that keeps on giving, as myocarditis rates in Saudi Arabia surged after the vax.

51) Minutes of the German Koch Institute show an "external actor" influenced the Institute to commit fraud in its China Virus response.

52) Now da youts have an "unexplained" rise in colorectal cancer. But we can explain it, can't we?


53) President Trump said he meant "literally" that Rutabaga shat himself in the Oval Office speech recently. I say wes demand the evidence. Show us Rutabaga's laundry bill.

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