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TODAY'S NEWS, April 10, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) A new Gallup poll shows that Americans' trust in Rutabaga to handle issues or to be a strong leader declined even further against President Trump.

2) Only in this 1984 bizarre world could Ashley Biden's diary "thief" (which she wasn't) get jail time and the evil demented pervert who molested him stay in the Oval Office. God is not happy about this.

3) The idiot male breastfeeder Buttplugs downplayed the D.C. crime rate, saying he could safely walk his dogs. Yeah, in a neighborhood where all are Ivy League grads with incomes above $500,000. What a dolt.

4) A judge ordered a Kollyfornia white supremacist freed, citing bias against the "far-right." Since that term means anyone who even thought about voting R, the judge is probably right.

5) Shocked! An audit found that Kollyfornia failed to track the effectiveness of billions spent on the homeless. Why should they? Kollyfornia voters keep putting in DemoKKKrat slavesprockets.

6) DemoKKKrat committee pudgeknuckles are apparently as incompetent as Rutabaga, as they may not get Rutabaga on the Ohio ballot. There are also rumors of trouble in getting him on the ballot in Alabama. Neither of these will affect the Electoral College---President Trump will easily win both---but could affect the popular vote.

7) Yesterday the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the 1864 law banning abortions superceded the 2022 law, which was not brought into alignment with the 1864 law on one hand, or repealed it on the other. Now DemoKKKrats have "pounced," seeing an opportunity to steal back Arizona.

8) The useless DEI chief at the State Department called the U.S. a "failed historical model."

9) Representative Sheila Jackson Lee says the moon is mostly made of gas. As is her brain.


10) Mattell Toy Company has had to launch a new "less intimidating" version of Scrabble due to how dumbed-down the U.S. populace is.

11) he University of Nebraska-Lincoln created 300 new admin positions in the last decade. Not surprised. When I got to my university, there was 1 provost and 3 deans. When I left there were three provosts and 5-7 deans and associate deans.


12) Slumlords? Not hardly. 80% of single family rentals are mom-and-pop. Where the slumlords come in is with the multi-family rentals.

13) The Norfolk Southern Railroad has announced a $600 million settlement with residents of East Palestine, Ohio.

14) Laid-off techies face a sense of "impending doom" with layoffs. Welcome to the party, pal.

15) In a typical case of libs failing upward, the head of the tech company Solyndra, that failed, now has a new scam that just got $6.6 billion from Rutabaga's pus-garglers.

16) According to Gallup the percentage of Americans who say they are planning to buy an EV has dropped into single digits.

17) Inflation came in hotter than expected. Well, hotter than expected by anyone who doesn't live in the real world.

18) Rent inflation rose for the third straight month. Richard Baris notes that food inflation alone is at 1.1%, meaning it is bordering on hyperinflation.


19) Australia has increased its defense spending by 30% and is upgrading all weapons, preparing for war.

20) Meanwhile, on the sunny side of the street, CITI president Jamie Dimon warns that the world faces risks that could "eclipse" (odd choice of words) anything the world has ever seen. What, like they're gonna do a remake of "Ishtar?" Liars gonna lie.

21) The Hoax Climateers are using data from weather stations that don't even exist and "imputing" values from other stations. Gee, can we do that with the NFL and "impute" a score to the Dallas Cowboy games based on the results of the Kansas City Swifts?

22) Elon Musk is meeting Narendra Modi in India to discuss new investment plans there.

23) You know it's bad when even the Saudis are scaling back, but this is a big scale-back: the 106 mile "linear city" they planned will now be 1.5 miles and employees were given the boot.

24) Barcelona has hiked its tourism tax for the second time, as other vacation spots begin to apply fees because of . . . inflation.


26) Christina Applegate was pleased to walk 9,000 steps without a cane recently in her battle with MS. Mrs. LS has this disease, which, for her, has fortunately been in remission for almost 2 decades. Everyone is different. Hang in there, Ms. Bundy.

27) Actor Dennis Quaid has moved into music after giving his life to Jesus.

28) OPEC put out a new report showing the fraudulent history of the "peak oil" narrative.


29) The Department of INJustice released a report showing "rampant" fraud involving China Virus funds. Never saw that coming.

30) The UK's pharmaceutical watchdog gave Pfizer a slap on the wrist for misleading statements about the vax. You know, like, "You won't die if you take this."


31) A Peruvian farmer claims to be the world's oldest man at 124. Man, that's a lot of candles . . . .

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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