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TODAY'S NEWS, April 11, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) A DemoKKKrat strategist told The Hill that after President Trump's abortion speech, if the election were held today, Trump would win. And they know when it is held in November, Trump will win bigger.

2) Meanwhile, President Trump had a wonderful welcome at a Chik-Fil-A in Atlanta, where he was warmly greeted by students from Morehouse College.

4) A letter resurfaced in the Porny Daniels case where she denied there was ever any payment.

5) The Demented Pervert Rutabaga's sunglasses show him reading instructions from handlers.

6) Rutabaga is now backing off notions of prosecuting Julian Assange, probably due to the fact it would cost him still more of his shrinking voting bloc.

7) The new aggressive RNC under Michael Watley and Lara Trump is on offense against election integrity issues in Wisconsin.

8) A group of conservative Rs, including two from my state, joined DemoKKKrats in blocking a renewed warrantless FISA bill. The question is why the DemoKKKrats wanted to block it. FISA did all their dirty work in the "Muh Russia" hoax.

9) Yet another Rutabaga scandal, this time involving the Labor Department sharing non-public inflation data with Wall Street "super users." This is the most corrupt administration in American history, but with all the others, it was because the chief executive, i.e., Ulysses Grant or Warren Harding, didn't know what was going on. In Rutabaga's administration, this is going on from the top, deliberately.

10) The co-chair of Rutabaga's campaign warns that people ain't feelin' the great Rutabaga economy.

11) Good. Louisiana's house passed a bill allowing you to drive into protestors blocking a road.

12) James O'Keefe's latest with an internal Federal Reserve video showing an economist bragging about how Jay Powell held the line "against, like, Trump." They should all be fired.

13) Members of a Seattle dance squad were kicked out of a competition for wearing American flag-like shirts that "triggered" people.

14) This is the DemoKKKrat civil war #1 that I keep referencing, Jews/Israel v. Hamas/Pales/terrorists. Now congressional DemoKKKrats getting antsy about Rutabaga's "support" for Israel. Really? Where was the support?

15) More outright evil from Rutabaga as emails show his administration pressured the already leftist Snopes "fact checkers" to change their own ratings about his attempts to ban gas stoves. 16) The Supes blocked a high capacity ammo ban in Washington state, then the state Supes immediately put a freeze on the order. Not sure how that can possibly work.

17) O.J. Simpson, acquitted of his murder of his wife and Ron Goldman, then found guilty of wrongful death in a civil trial of Ron Goldman, dead at age 76.

18) Is North Carolina State U.'s Poe building a "cancer college?" 160 students, alumni, and staff reported cancers after being inside the building that contained dangerous levels of toxic chemicals.

19) Tennessee's senate passed a bill to allow K-12 schoolteachers to carry weapons in class.


20) After inviting illegal criminal invaders in for three years, Rutabaga says he "may" take executive action on the border. Too late, spoogechicken. The horses are not only out of the barn, they are all in American cities.

21) The Denver mayor has allocated $90 MILLION to illegal criminals. Utterly insane. But wait! Benghazi-by- the Lake will go further, as the rectalrocket mayor there plans to spend another $70 million in addition to the $150 million already set aside for 38,000 criminal invaders.


22) Another Kollyfornia school was rocked by AI-created nudes of students that were circulating.


23) Talk about inflation! The USPS wants to increase the cost of a single postage stamp to 73 cents!


24) Chy-na's credit has been downgraded to negative.

25) Shocked: migrants committed the majority of crimes in Frankfurt, German.

26) Scientists created a levitating graphite plate. Did you say "Levitate?"


27) One of my favorite rockers, Huey Lewis, lost his hearing but continues work on a musical called "The Heart of Rock and Roll." Rock on, Huey! I saw them on their 25th anniversary tour and they were still excellent.


28) A Mexican media outlet ran pictures of a man's testicles thinking they were the solar eclipse. Look, I understand. When I look at Rutabaga often I think I'm looking at a certain part of a man's genitals.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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