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TODAY'S NEWS, April 12, 2025

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Judge Aileen Cannon in the Mar-a-Lag documents case delivered another bitch-slap to Count Dooku, Jack Smith.

2) Richard Baris ("People's Pundit Daily") says Kollyfornia is trending ever so slightly R. Rutabaga now has a 10 point lead, when won in 2020 by 29: Cygnal has Trump up 9 in TX, has Mark Robinson up in the Governor's race in NC. Meanwhile, Quinnipiac, which blew the 2022 NC Senate race by over 15 points, remains a questionable poll. The Wall Street Journal poll shows President Trump has nearly doubled his black support from 2020.

3) Kari Lake has been calling Arizona legislators to get them to repeal the 1864 abortion law.

4) Kollyfornia legislators are divided over reparations, possibly cuz the state is broke.

5) It's really too bad RFK, Jr. is such a nut on climate change, guns, etc., because at times he is right on as here, when he says no court has found that President Trump was engaged in insurrection.

6) A newly surfaced audio from 2016 has the demonic Rutabaga admitting he had the classified docs unsecured in his house, while Rutabaga's own former stenographer called for him to go to jail.

7) Here we go again with the "standing" garbage: a Michigan fed judge used this excuse to dismiss an election lawsuit there. This aspect of the law must be reformed. ANY citizen of the U.S. should have standing in ANY federal election.

8) From an earlier story, but now Rutabaga is in danger of not being on either the Ohio or the Alabama ballot, and the Alabama Sec State told the DNC that there were no "provisions" if he wasn't the named candidate by August 15 (the DNC convention is Aug. 19).

9) Gov. Ron DeSantis, sufficiently chastened, now says he will be a fundraiser for President Trump.

10) A new slimmed down FISA bill, with warrants and only a two-year extension, passed a House committee. Just say no. Kill the FISA program. Meanwhile, House Republicans have moved to terminate all DEI programs. Good, but the senate won't pass this.

11) This is where the black hater/Black Looters Matter crowd is: A CNN contributor said O.J.'s acquittal was ok cuz those he murdered were whites.

12) DEI in retreat across the board.

13) Sister act? An 80 year old nun was filmed hauling the body of another nun around in a suitcase, sparking a murder investigation.

14) Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire said the abortion issue could actually damage DemoKKKrats more than Republicans because of the likelihood of a partial birth abortion question.


15) Yesterday I reported that Denver was going to spend $70 million on the illegal invaders. Now we learn where they plan to get most of that money: by defunding police. Brilliant. The dopeball mayor said his city wants to be "welcoming" to illegal invaders and that requires "shared sacrifice." In other words, your taxes will go up and your services will go down.

16) This is DemoKKKrat Civil War #2 in action: in a town near Benghazi-by-the-Lake angry residents demanded answer from Tiffany Henyard who call played the race card.


17) Remember when textbooks used to promote American greatness? Good times. (If you want an analysis of specifically where the top 20 college textbooks are in their bias, see my book, 48 Liberal Lies About American History (that You Probably Learned in School).

18) This evil snotrag slimes the great Rush Limbaugh while admitting that he was able to use libs' own idiotic positions against them. I continue to maintain no one has sufficiently captured the genius of Rush's political insights.

19) Yesterday I mentioned Lisa Cook of the Fed having academic fraud problems. Now the Hoax News media has caught on to this.


21) There is fear in the money markets as silver and gold are surging, and Bitcoin is off the charts. BTW, the Dow is back under 38,000 to 37,900.

22) More problems for the Klamath River "save-the-salmon/kill-the-farmer" dam removal project. The "revover" just quit.

23) As Kollyfornia fast-food and small businesses collapse or leave due to the $20 minimum wage, a labor group says this is just the beginning. Ultimately, such "pro-labor" groups are in fact pro-welfare and want everyone unemployed.;

24) Told ya: economists, including Zero's Treasury Secretary, admit real inflation under Rutabaga reached 18% and is still at a 40-year high.

25) In Groomer City (SF), 20% of those who sell a home lose money---four times the national share.


26) The Russkie army is now 15% bigger than when it invaded Ukraine. Yeah, those sanctions really did hurt the Russkies.

27) Inevitable: the CEO of a Belgian health insurance company promoted euthanasia as a way of dealing with an aging population. You first, analcylinder.

28) A Vietnamese property tycoon was sentenced to DEATH for fraud.


29) John Nolte: "Civil War" is a dopey, anti-Trump snuff film that I certainly don't plan to see.

30) Caitlin Clark, the Iowa basketball star, is already affecting a spike in sales of WNBA tickets.

31) Korean pop star Park Bo Ram "dies suddenly" at age 30. Couldn't be the vax, I'm sure.


32) Jeff Bezos's hottie, Lauren Sanchez, was blasted as "tacky" for her lacy corset dress at a White House function. So, is Ms. Sanchez on her way to becoming BiancaCensori?

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