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TODAY'S NEWS, April 15, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Programming Note: On my way to the Texas Homeschool Convention in Fort Worth, plus talks in Albuquerque and Roswell to the Rio Grande Foundation. If you are in either city, please attend.


1) Georgia's state election board admitted there were 2020 violations.

So why is President Trump charged with pointing those out?

2) Niiiice. NPR (National Propaganda Radio) and the New York Slimes are in chaos as the world is on the verge of global conflict. They chose their sides poorly. Maybe one reason for this chaos is that the Hoax News Media is blaming the black-on-white "sucker punch" epidemic in New Kabul (NYC) on . . . MAGA. No one should ever subscribe to, read, or listen to anything from these snotgoblins.

3) Police seized an unregistered gun from the decrepit Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll. Of course, unlike Patriot Day people who only engaged in misdemeanors and peaceful protest, but whom were sentenced to jail, nothing will happen to the aging feminazi skankchop.

4) As Wisconsin voters ban Zuckerbucks, conservatives move on to 22 other states that allow private funding of elections.

5) What in the world could be causing this? Negative views of gubment rose 10 points under Rutabaga. A real puzzler.

6) Typical DemoKKKrat: Eric the Red Adams of New Kabul (NYC) plans to give bureaucrats a $2.1 billion raise, even though his city can't begin to handle all the illegal criminal aliens.

7) Slowly but surely the defector donors are returning to President Trump, with billionaire Warren Stephens just the latest.

9) More evidence that in 2020 in addition to the fraud Rutabaga snuck in without having to expose any of his radical and demented positions. "A Covid President."

10) After complaining about the RNC paying President Trump's legal bills, the DNC paid over $1 million of Rutabaga's legal bills.

11) The USAF is in an aircraft-replacement "death spiral," going from about 9,000 aircraft in the 1990s to around 5,000 today and heading downward as no new production lines are starting up.

12) Thanks to a legislative procedural move by Anna Paulina Luna, the FISA authorization bill now has to be brought up for a second vote.

13) Not as big a deal as other decisions we are waiting on, but the U.S. Supreme Court ruled yet again against the Deep State, this time against localities imposing permitting fees. The decision was unamimous.

15) Ever since his illness PA Senator John Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, has said things that are far more competent and correct than 50% of the Republicans, including Minion Romney. Now he says Rutabaga's threat to withhold support from Israel in the wake of the Iranian attack is wrong.


16) An entire New Kabul block (NYC) has been turned into an illicit open air market for drugs, prostitution, and migrant crooks. After all, who'se to stop them?

17) And this is another attempt by the Hoax News Media and DemoKKKrats to claim murders are "down" in major cities, when in fact these cities have been depoliced so the reporting, capturing of criminals, and prosecution of murder is down, not the acts.

18) South American gangs are running wild in New Calcutta (LA).


19) The great Ryan Burge notes a discernable, but not huge, shift in the black church away from DemoKKKrats. The margin with the GOP has closed substantially.


20) Possibly huge: a report commissioned by Britain's National Health Service finds that all the assumptions about the need for "gender" change are wrong or horribly insufficient to warrant hormone therapy and surgical changes.


21) Debt to GDP levels now at 200%.

22) BlackRock's CEO Larry Fink whined about the number of states divesting themselves from his fund, claiming we ought to remove politics---but doing nothing about his ESG policies. Suck it, Finkster.

23) Treasury Sec Janet Screamin' and Yellin says that the U.S. "will not accept" another "China Shock" of a wave of low cost goods. Right. And Screamin', how exactly will Rutabaga, who owes his soul to the ChiCom store, stop them? Harshly worded speeches?

24) Water rates in southern Kollylfornia to rise 40% as "conservationists" cut revenues.

25) Mortgage rates are at 7.3% with the homeownership rate falling to just 65%. Thanks Rutabaga.

26) The latest in "work from home" as people make digital clones of themselves to attend zoom meetings.

27) Tesla having to cut 14,000 jobs worldwide.

28) Apple lost its top iphone spot to Samsung. Good. iPhones are crap.


29) Germany's ThyssenKrupp plans to cut steel production by 20% due to the costs of "green energy." The Hoax Climate Change movement is slowly returning the world to the 1400s. And speaking of our favorite fascists, a German minister threatened "indefinite bans" on driving on weekends.

30) There are multiple reports that the lizard king head of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, has been admitted to a hospital. No Hoax News confirmation yet.

31) After Israel was hit with over 300 Iranian missiles, Rutabaga said he would not support an Israeli counterattack. The good news is that Israel doesn't care what the Demented Pervert has to say about anything. Israel says it shot down 99% of the drones and missiles. Why? The "Iron Dome" is really a scaled down and cheaper version of Star Wars. Thank you President Reagan, but it also appears the U.S. shot down 80 drones and six missiles from the 300 launched, so it's not clear who shot down what.

32) Oh, and the Rutabaga admin knew about the attack in advance and basically approved it "within certain limits." So murdering Jews is OK so long as you don't use nukes? Oh, and Iran threatened Rutabaga not to counter attack. Don't worry, Moloch Mullahs, Rutabaga is clueless and couldn't counter attack if his demonic cabals told him to.

33) An underwater anomaly the size of Texas is moving in the ocean off the coast of Africa. Is Lizzo scuba diving again?

34) Shell Oil left the Netherlands for London. Now Shell is considering relocating to New Kabul (NYC).That would be a lateral move. New Kabul is no better than Londonistan.

35) The "smiling stabber" in Australia was finally captured by parishoners in a church where he tried to stab the bishop.

36) File under "Bring back Torture." A "lifestyle" blogger starved his son to death trying to prove the boy could live on sunlight.


37) Coachella, once a music festival, is now being shunned by music fans because it has turned into an "influencer" festival.


38) A virologist warns that the fully-vaxxed are about to see a "tsunami" of illness and death related to the China Virus vaxxes.


39) A WHO official---not the Who---says that vax passports were a scam, designed only to offer reassurance. Trust me, we would have been better off with the real Who running the China Virus response.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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