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TODAY'S NEWS, April 24, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) New info shows that Count Dooku (Jack Smith) colluded with the National Archives in its efforts to get President Trump. Folks, there is not ONE SINGLE PART of our government that has integrity or is not corrupt.

2) New polling (NBC and Morning Consult) for example) showing that President Trump leads and that the nature of his lead is something Rutabaga cannot fix---including inflation.

3) Law prof Alan Desrshowitz says that the Boast 'n' Bragg trial is violating voters' rights by keeping President Trump tied up in court.

4) Experts say that the NYSlimes coverage of the Israeli/Hamas issues show evidence of a much larger bias.

5) A "misinformation expert" Allison Neitzel has been exposed as a fraud.

6) Fascistbook ("Meta" . . . "Meta" means death in Hebrew) has interfered with elections 39 times since 2008, yet nary a Fascistbook exec is on trial for trying to "rig" an election.

7) President Trump is set to receive an additional $1.25 billion in Truth Social shares (at current prices) due to an incentive clause.

8) The Department of INJustice reached a $138 million settlement with the victims of Larry Nasser, the former U.S. gymnastics official accused of sexual assault---the results of which were sent to the FBI which did nothing. It was too busy trying to find "Christian Nationalists." Realize, the DoINJustice pays nothing and not a single official has been fired or fined. This all comes from taxpayers, so it is meaningless as far as "cleaning up" anything.

9) This is why I enjoy reading my favorite lib, Noah Smith: for every column he gets wrong, he gets one right. This is one of the latter, in that there is no future in the radical Pale/Hamas left. But the DemoKKKrats are stuck. This is part of the Civil War #1 that they cannot win.

10) Rutabaga, true to its domestic demonicry, applied Title IX for women to men. Unless women step away, this will utterly destroy female sports. And colleges can be strong-armed via funding.

12) The first ever GAO report on gubment fraud finds it's between one-quarter and one-half trillion dollars.

13) A New Jersey DemoKKKrat Congressman died, reducing their number in the House by one, for those concerned about the dwindling GOP majority there.

14) A DemoKKKrat state senator has been charged with felony burglary.


15) The murder trial of an Arizona rancher over killing an illegal criminal alien ended in a mistrial. Good. He never should have been charged.


16) Christopher Rufo on academic dishonesty at UCLA. The dirty little secret is that these institutions are filled with liars and cheaters courtesy of ESG hiring.

17) "Dark and despairing." How Tik Tok affects yout attitudes. Is Tik Tok a form of ChiCom "cognitive warfare?"

18) The great Ryan Burge reveals that many Americans are just "dropping out of everything." This is by design. Rutabaga's evil analgobblers want people disconnected. The more atomized you can make a population, the easier it is to inflict horrific damage on people. Imagine if the Jews of Germany had had an Irgun in 1935.


19) Oil and gas mergers hit record levels in 2024.

20) A new study shows that already without any further regulations the U.S. natural gas industry is achieving huge reductions in carbon emissions---if, in fact, such emissions really affect anything.

21) Durables goods orders declined year over year. Yeah, Bidenomics.

22) The brick-and-mortar meltdown continues with Express out of bidness.

23) Calls for a "climate emergency" on the part of Rutabaga are a recipe for tyranny.


24) Under Rutabaga's brilliant world leadership, now all of Africa teeters on the brink of anarchy. This includes an Afghanistan-type pullout of Niger, where the US is handing over an expensive base without a peep. Yet, not surprisingly, the Climate Change analgrabbers are in part responsible for keeping the black man down.

25) Ronald Stein notes the hypocrisy of the "green" movement and its utter lack of concern over environmental damage and humanitarian disasters brought about by the Hoax Green movement.

26) A new armaments index shows the world spending on arms last year reached $2.5 trllion. Ironically (or logically), when President Reagan was in office, worldwide violence & need for arms fell steadily and dramatically. See my notes in A Patriot's History of the Modern World, vol. II.

27) Pootie-poot has arrested his deputy defense minister. People here will scream, but many of us wanted President Trump to arrest several traitors in his cabinet.

28) Something is affecting the gravity in our solar system. Some think it's an "unknown planet." Did Lizzo or Stacey (M1) Abrams, the Human Planet, get launched into space?

29) Astounding! The Simon Index of resources shows that the earth's resources are 509% more plentiful than in 1980. 30) The Ukes are cracking down on draft dodgers.

31) The first-ever "sex festival" in South Korea had to be cancelled because Japanese porn stars thought they might be killed by the audience.

33) Big. The WHO (not the Who) backed down on the "Pandemic" Treaty and removed the tyrannical clauses.



35) China Virus spike proteins help cancer cells resist treatment.

36) Vaxxed people showing "long Covid" signs.


38) Horses of the Household Cavalry Guards were spooked and went on a rampage in London. Too bad they didn't trample a few of the looters that grace that fine city.

39) COMMENT: "Improvise, adapt, and overcome" is a phrase used by the U.S. Marines who know that battle plans go nothing like you expect. Find a way to win. Over this past weekend trip to Texas I in a very small way learned this lesson myself. Leaving for Texas Tuesday, I was sure I had everything---only to find out that one hour into my trip I had forgotten my iPad (no entertainment at night!) and my chargers for my phone & backup battery pack. Yet I managed to juggle charging my phone from my car and my battery pack from my laptop. And I watched my phone for entertainment (really for the first time ever). I'm not a hero and this is nuthin' stuff---except our side is drifting into a dangerous McClellan midset led by people like Emerald Robinson and other clickbaiters who need to sell doomerism to survive financially. Instead, we need to be adapting, infprovising and overcoming. They win early voting? We need to emphasize early voting too. Everything "they" do can be countered with the right mind set. Don't be a McClellan..

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