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TODAY'S NEWS, April 25, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) New numbers in Arizona, may explain the Kris Mayes fascist attacks on the Arizona alternative electors: registrations for Republicans are through the roof: +242,777. The margin now not only exceeds the 1% margin of fraud but also would allow President Trump to lose ALL the McTurdites and still win comfortably JUST by holding indies at 50/50 (but he leads there too). Speaking of Arizona, another reason Attorney General Mayonnaise is bringing indictments against alternative (not "fake") electors is that the Arizona House now joined the state senate in repealing the 1864 abortion bill and putting back in place the 2022 bill, thus eliminating the abortion issue in the election. They are about to take a big beating.

2) According to Decision Desk, Rutabaga has entered historically low numbers (38%) in his polling. Good. This demented deltoidpicker needs to be in the 5% range. Meanwhile in the Morning Consult Swing State polling, Trump is destroying Rutabaga in every state but MI, which is totally weird giving Trump leads in all neighbors---OH, WI, and PA.

3) I been sayin' it and sayin' it. Ain't I been sayin' it? CRIME IS NOT GOING DOWN. Crime REPORTS are going down, and some of the biggest cities do not even participate in some of the national indexes including New York and LA. 31% don't report to these data to the FascistBI.

4) President Trump, chained to the New York courtroom by Boast 'n' Bragg, has made lemonade out of lemons by scheduling rallies in the Bronx and Madison Square Garden. Recent polls have him only down 10 in NY. I do not think he can win New York, but this would send a powerful message to the elites that their time is up when it comes to owning the big cities. And this from a reporter in Benghazi-by-the-Lake: Chicagoans are, yes, fed up with homelessness and illegal criminal aliens will vote for Trump in the election.

5) It seems that Jack Smith (Count Dooku) was after documents at Mar-a-Lago that showed President Zero was on the verge of war with the NORKs.

6) A female secret service agent went bananas, physically assaulting a superior and mumbling incoherently, causing some other agents to question the whole diversity hire rationale.

7) You know it's bad when CNN is fact checking you and finding you lied. The latest is Rutabaga claimed he drove an 18-wheeler.

Terrible news and the end of conservative talk radio, such as it still remains.

8) The FCC voted to restore the "net neutrality" rule. Now networks will prohibit conservative shows because of demands by libs to have "equal time" where no one listens or watches.

9) Actor James Woods is 100% correct when he says that having drag queen story hours serves no purpose except to groom kids for pedophilia.

10) Some 13 banks spied on Americans for the feds.


11) The new head of NPR has been a busy little bee fomenting "color revolutions" around the world. Now she's trying to start one here.

12) You know things are bad at the Ivy League when someone like Nate Silver is urging students to "go to a state school." You know, like the University of Texas where they don't put up with intimidation of students by pro-Hamas murder protesters.


13) In Boston, middle schoolers are living in fear after being forced back into class with a transoid who threatened to kill them and had 45 of them on a "hit list."


14) U.S. job growth failed to meet expectations. Of course, the gubment will revise this downward next month. Again.

15) A Wyoming company is going to build and lease small nuke reactors. It is merely a rumor they are named "le Petit Chernobyls."

17) Commercial real estate foreclosures soar as office vacancy rates surge past 13%.

18) News of the slowdown caused a nearly 500-point drop in the stock market, putting it barely ahead of where it was when President Trump was in office during the China Virus pandemic.


19) The climate hoaxsters have a big problem, namely "net zero" is a PR loser. You know, like "global warming."

20) The U.S. secretly sent long range tactical missiles to Ukraine, which promptly used them.

21) Oh? Russia is expected to grow faster than all advanced economies this year.


22) Harvey Weinstein's rape conviction was overturned by an appeals court.

23) Didn't see this coming. Travis Kelce is now going to have a music festival featuring Taylor Swift. Trav, what happens when you two break up?


24) This Las Vegas teen says he saw a UFO and a "pissed off" 8-foot-tall demon in his back yard. I don't think Wembanyama is playing for any team in Vegas, nor do I think he would have a reason to be angry with a teen. Unless he was kicked out of the high-stakes room at Caesar's.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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