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TODAY'S NEWS, April 29, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) For all those who said he won't leave when he loses, Rutabaga is planning a transition to the next president. That would be Trump, Rutabaga. Meanwhile, a desperate Rutabaga is rolling out Zero, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts (has beens who haven't been relevant in years) to excite the Hollywood Mafia. But former Trump manager Kellyanne Conway knows what's going on. She says Trump is putting New York in play: "He can command a crowd. Biden can't." Hell, Biden can't command his own bowels. But his aides apparently thought getting rid of his brainless vacuous press secretary would help.

2) But President Trump CAN command the polls. In the latest CNN poll he has a 6-point national lead. That would translate into about 320-340 EVs and a popular vote majority, while in Pennsylvania, GOP voter registration exceeded that of DemoKKKrats in all 67 counties for the first time in recent memory. And if you think the insiders aren't worried, look at this rant by the Ragin' Cajun James (Serpent Head) Carville). Here is the latest Harvard poll with Trump up comfortably. Push the "leaners," he's likely over 50%.

3) Justice Gorsuch said of the immunity case, "We're writing one for the ages" and it looks as though they'll get it right.

4) In New Calcutta (LA), violence on public transit has forced the city to declare a public safety emergency.

5) Republican Cong. Bill Posey of FL announced his retirement, bringing the total of Rs to 20, Ds around 15 so far.

6) Green Party Candidate (and former loser) Jill Stein arrested in an anti-Israel rally in D.C. Especially interesting given her name.

7) For some unknown reason, in her new book, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem wrote a passage in which she described shooting a mal-performing hunting dog.This likely sank any chance she had of being veep---which I think was minimal, given the allegations of her assignation with Corey Lewandowski.

8) Soros-funded, commie/fascist-inspired Hamas murder protests spread across the U.S,. At Cal Poly Humbolt, school administrators just gave up and closed the campus for the rest of the semester, while at Arizona State U., a "Gaza camp" was cleared and 69 arrested---most not students or faculty. Thus, this writer asks "How long before they chant 'Gas the Jews?'" Not long, and it will be followed by "Gas the whites." As I wrote in my substack "New Whine in Old Skins" last week, their real goal is the total extermination of Israel, then all Jews, then all the West. Or, as this writer notes, now swastikas are woke on the left. This was inevitable. You shouldn't be surprised. Fascism WAS socialist/leftist in Hugo Boss.

9) Once again, the only senator known to speak up about this violence on campus was the suddenly reformed Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox. I like what he says, but I'll wait on a vote just the same.

10) Good for him. The ex-Cassidy Hutchinson lawyer, who represented her at the Patriot Day (J6) hearings, is demanding a summary judgment against the committee for tarnishing his reputation and violating his due process rights. ALL the Patriot Day (J6) committee should be behind bars.

11) The US Air Force will rely increasingly on Collaborative Combat Aircraft, robotic force enhancers.

12) Judge Cannon unredacted the search warrant in the Mar-a-Lago raid, showing that the FascistBI shifted the case from being about documents to espionage.

13) When you think they can't get any more ridiculous, the lefttoid climategizzards at Cornell have set up a cow fart measuring system.

14) Certainly no surprise here, as Rutabaga's phenomenally corrupt crime family is linked to Qatar, a terrorist-supporting nation. It is beginning to look like Rutabaga's crime syndicate is worse even than that of the Clintons. Meanwhile, the latest lie out of the lying Rutabaga is that he got arrested during the Civil Rights movement.

15) Wow. Could this rescue Groomer City (SF)? Some of this tech guru's plan are exactly what is needed. But are they willing to cleanse the homosexual/transoid infestation that is killing San Francisco's actual status as a city? You need families, and you need kids. Singles ain't gonna do it.

16) Not good. Josh Stein widening the gap with Mark Robinson for the NC governor race.

17) U.S. birth rates fell to an all-time low---and even at that, the U.S. is slated to become a younger nation than China in just six years.

18) President Trump met with DeSoros in Florida. I doubt it was to discuss the veep-ship.


19) In very real terms, this is what Civil War #2 in the DemoKKKrat Party means: a New York fireman had a heart attack and died days after being canned so the City could support illegal criminals. His family now has nothing.


20) Ryan Burge looks at those who say they don't attend church but that religion is "very important." What's going on? Is it that churches are no longer feeding people spiritual food, but instead self-help remedies such as dealing with "dating" or "anxiety?"


21) More analysis on the "Cass Effect" of the landmark report by England's Dr. Hillary Cass on transoidism and the evil and insanity of foisting it on kids.


22) With more than half the market share, Tesla's troubles show the whole EV facade is crumbling.

23) Savings crashes to a near-2010 low as gubment "saving" in bonds replaces personal savings.

24) Bureaucrats in Kollyfornia's Napa Valley have descended like "locusts" on the wine producers there. Inevitable: they will sooner or later come for every legit Kollyfornia citizen.


25) Ukraine's farm minister was detained, the latest in a string of arrests/investigations into "corruption." Green Screen Zelensky is trying to make it look like he didn't know anything about all this and by God, he is going to clean it up.

26) Are the ChiComs rethinking a Taiwan invasion? They better. In light of the ease with which the U.S. and Israelis shot down 300 drones and missiles with nary a leak, the ChiCom strategy, which I believe relies very heavily on drone swarms to disable the 7th Fleet, came apart.

28) In England, a group of 25 immigrants were charged with a grotesque and brutal rape and trafficking of eight young girls.

29) Dublin, Ireland now has a tent city around its processing center of immigrants coming from Northern Ireland. Sooner or later, laws MUST be enforced, immigrants denied entry, and illegals shipped back.

30) The International Energy Agency confirms that there is not nearly enough battery storage, nor can enough even remotely be manufactured, by 2030. Psst: if your EV goals and alternative energy goals increase, the watt dearth also increases. 31) Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of the UK actually challenges "the dole."


34) First, Rebel Wilson, now this writer reveal the super secret "Sanctum" sex party in Hollywood thrown by a distant member of the Royals.

COMMENT: If you haven't seen it, AppleTV's "Masters of the Air" is simply the best series since the "Breaking Bad"/"Sons of Anarchy"/"Shield"/"Wire" years. Following the 100th Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force in WW II from 1943 on, the series is awash in realism and devoid of woke turdism. Austin Butler as "Buck" steals the series, but the cast overall is superb and no one overacts. And, it's all true. This was the deadliest job of all in WW II---flying in a B-17 over Europe---and this series captures it all.


35) Astra Zeneca admitted in a court document for the first time that its vax can cause a rare side effect.


36) This village in England has such a gross smell people can't go outside; they are getting nosebleeds. Wait, I thought Karl Marx was buried in Higate Cemetery.

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