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TODAY'S NEWS, April 30, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The fascist moronic judge in the Boast 'n' Bragg New York kangaroo trial of President Trump fined him and threatened jail time if he continued to violate the gag order---which apparently only is used against him, since any other defendant anywhere can say what he wants about the court and its dolt snobgobblers. However, Judge Merchan, apparently aware he is badly losing the overall PR battle, allowed President Trump to attend his son, Barron's, graduation.

2) New evidence shows Adam Schiff (Schifty, the Human Lemur), falsely registered, ineligibly voted (vote fraud) and may have committed mortgage fraud. When does this pile of sporkporkers go to jail?

3) This analyst says it's "Almost too late" for Rutabaga to recover from "ominous trends." No kidding. Like his own demonic destructive presidency. The latest Emerson Swing State polling shows President Trump with a lead in every single swing state.

4) A big scandal brewing in the New Calcutta (LA) DA's office of George ("No One Spits Like") Gascon, where the #3 in the office has been charged with multiple felonies. Bet they prosecute her like they (don't) prosecute other criminals in New Calcutta. Speaking of DemoKKKrat crime, a new ethics lawsuit has been filed against Fat Fani Willis.

5) They probably don't want to come up before this judge, who sentenced a rapist to physical castration in addition to prison.

6) The Hamas murder support protests continue as these analdimples take over a building at Princeton and set up an encampment at Rutgers. Meanwhile at Columbia, after days of procrastination, the university finally began suspending so called "students" engaged in the support of civilian murder, while Columbia had to lock down after murder-Hamas "protesters" broke into a building. That situation at Columbia continues to escalate as now press has been banned and apparently there is a hostage situation.

7) But Cal State Poly---Humboldt, which terminated classes for the rest of the semester, said the cost of occupation by the murder supporters was in the millions of dollars. Send protesters the bill and if they don't pay, put 'em in jail, perhaps in the cell block with the Aryan Brotherhood.

9) Finally, some lawyers taking the left to the Supreme Court . . . and winning.

10) Wealthy white Louisianans win a 30 year court battle to separate from a poorer black town.

11) The amply-endowed Farha Khalidi said the Rutabaga administration paid her for her OnlyFans/Tik Tok "full on political propaganda."

12) Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia says peaceful protests are legal, but there will be no encampments at Virginia's state universities.

14) A Google-funded company says its AI, "Claude 3 Opus" has achieved sentience. Rumor has it that it's first instructions were to elect President Trump.

15) This is how evil these people are: UNC Center for Middle East studies celebrates October 7. Yet 80% of Americans, including nearly 60% of da youts, support Israel over the Hamas murder terrorists.


16) Stanford U. now has 117 nutjob administrators in its evil DEI programming.

17) Didn't see this coming. Attractive women cause men to tell the truth, other women to lie. So Wonder Woman's golden lasso is really a thing?


18) Are we awake yet? This is West Virginia: Five middle school students were banned from future competition when they protested a transoid man competing against them in the girls' shot put.

19) The Feds are warning employers that they will come after them if businesses don't use "preferred pronouns." The end of this Hitleresque and Kafkaesque regime cannot come soon enough.

20) Possibly her book release was intended to blunt this action, as Gov. Kristi Noem killed a bill prohibiting transoids from participating in female sports.


22) Home prices continue to rise with the Case-Shiller Index up 6.4%.

23) Volvo is bringing a ChiCom EV to America sooner than expected, as the US automaker "bloodbath" continues.

24) Shocked! Food chains, unable to pay $20 an hour minimum wage, are dumping employees. Who coulda seen that coming?

25) New Kabul (NYC) despite collapsing wind farm projects, signed a deal to convert a maritime hub into a wind farm production facility. Yeah? Who ya gonna sell it to?

26) Due to inflation, the Fed is helpless to have a "soft landing" for the economy.


27) Protesters call for an Islamic state in Germany. The irony is rich. The nation that tried to exterminate all Jews because they were "taking over" Germany is being taken over by fascists.

28) The floating "aid pier" off Gaza is to cost $320 million. It will be abandoned as soon as President Trump is sworn in and like all things Biden, will be another testament to incompetence and evil.

29) The canard that the U.S. spends more on its military than the next nine countries put together is nonsense. Here is my favorite lib, Noah Smith, in point #1, showing that the ChiComs alone spend almost as much as we do on defense.

30) Samsung is going to start requiring tech bosses to work six days a week.


31) So was it a mistake to free Britney? She's making a case, as she is really, well, weird.


32) A new study from the Czech Republic showed the vaxxes had virtually "zero efficacy" in preventing the China Virus. As we told you two years ago.

33) Heart failure mortality rates have soared. Gee, what could have caused that?

34) And a new peer-reviewed academic article now, for the first time, confirms the connection between the vax and accelerated cancers.


35) An active volcano in Antarctica is spewing gold crystals worth $6,000 a day. Good luck picking them up.


Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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