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Today's News, December 1, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Just the latest in the attempt to hamstring Pres. Trump, a fed court says he is not immune from lawsuits over Patriot Day, January 6 because he was a candidate, not president. Goofy legal pretzel logic.

2) Rutabaga's job approval dropped to 38% among registered voters. Even worse among adults.

3) John Leake: "Ken Paxton Leads the Charge." He certainly does. That's why they wanted him out so badly.

4) Fallout continues after Elon Musk told Twitter/X advertisers to "Go "F . . . Yourselves."

5) Sandra Day O'Connor, the first female Supe Justice named by President Ronald Reagan, died at age 93.

6) Has AI reached singularity or Skynet levels? Question for people a lot smarter than me on this issue: if AI reached singularity, would we ever know? Wouldn't it just "Matrix" us or "Skynet" us out of existence?

7) An Iranian drone made an "unsafe" pass at the U.S.S. Dwight Eisenhower, and a Houthi missile was shot down by the U.S.S. Carney (not the same incident).

8) Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, called for the expulsion of Sen. Bob Menendez, saying he's far worse than George Santos.

10) White Lizzo may miss the cut for the fourth GOP debate that no one watches.

11) A Patriot Day J6 "star witness," Cassidy Hutchinson, changed her testimony.

12) This ought to finish Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb for good: Jenny the Ugly Lyin' Red of the WashingtonCompost has endorsed her.

13) The B-2 Spirit Bomber now has new nifty bombs.

14) Meet the Patriot Day (J6) judge who sentenced a defendant because she allegedly turned him down for a date.

15) According to the Washington Examiner, DeSoros routed Gruesome in their meaningless debate last night.

16) New Jersey has dumped competency and skills requirements for teachers, caving to union demands. This is exactly what the unions are coming after the Arizona school vouchers so hard. They will be out of bidness in a minute if they allow parents a choice.

17) Mayor Eric the Red Adams of New Kabul set a %500,000 goal for his legal defense fund related to the FascistBI investigation.

18) ICE will close a Kollyfornia facility that holds 2,000 illegal criminals. Why not? No one is actually seeking to control these invaders anyway.

19) Tragic. People ought to understand, especially after Seigfried and Roy and Steve Irwin, that wild animals are wild animals: a 3 year old was killed by an Alabama family's "pet wolf."


20) New Yorkers spend 236 hours each year in traffic. Suggestion: get audio Bibles and listen.

21) Continuing their streak of hitting themselves in the head with their own baseball bats, the House Rs expelled Cong. George Santos, who didn't have a trial, let alone a conviction. Meanwhile that criminal Jamaal Bowman is still here.


22) A new transoid textbook for psychiatrists could harm millions of kids, say experts.


23) Unrealized losses at major banks exploded in the third quarter. Are you hearing this in any of the major communist news oulets?

24) Public employee unions are in trouble in the Sunshine State.

25) Investors see interest rate cuts coming, inflation or not, recession or not.

26) About that $39,000 Tesla super truck? It costs over $60,000.



27) EV sales go flat worldwide.

28) Yet this story says Hundai doing ok with EVs.

29) The definition of insanity: Germany has given VISAs to 25 Sharia judges. 

30) In Kuala Lumpur, five elephants engaged in road rage after a car hit a calf.

31) Republicans and DemoKKKrats voted to freeze Iranian funds, dealing a blow to Rutabaga's inept foreign policy.

32) Chuckleduckers at the World Bank continue to push the climate hoax.

33) Correctomundo: no amount of subsidies will ever make green solar/wind financially feasible. Francis Menton runs the numbers. In Germany alone, last year the Huns used 58 gigawatts of energy per hour. See, there is this little problem that usage doesn't coincide with availability and you can't store the power. In fact, Germany already has double the amount of solar/wind it needs, but it supplies only half of what is demanded because of that little problem of timing. Even if the Bosche built twice as many plants, they wouldn't solve this. They could have four times the gigawatts and still not have enough on cloudy, windless days.


34) Love it! Comedian Dave Chappelle snapped a selfie with Congresswomen Lauren Boebert and Anna Paulina Luna: "there's only three people who understand there are only two genders."

36) Seriously? The movie "Godzilla Minus One" is being hailed as one of the greatest action movies of the year? Well, when your competition is "The Marvels" or "Indiana Jones and the Recliner or Rest,: I guess.

37) Mackenzie Phillips said her own father raped her when she was 19.

38) You really gotta hand it to these guys. The Rolling Stones announce another tour, and said they'd play till they drop. At this rate, they'll be ushering in the next millennia.

39) Universal is making its move on Disney, opening a new theme park in Texas.




42) New York's Rockerfeller Center has unveiled a new ride, "The Beam," that allows people to sit on a steel beam recreating the iconic 1930s image of the steel workers on a beam. This will last until someone falls off.

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