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Today's News, December 11, 2023

Updated: Jan 3

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Well, the RNC threw in the towel on the meaningless, useless debates, abandoning any further sponsorship.

2) A massacre of history in Colorado as a new, politically correct Sand Creek Massacre exhibit omits all nuances to portray the Indians as 100% innocent, whites as 100% guilty. The author of the article is a brave prot at Portland State. We'll see how long he keeps his job. Regardless, three separate inquiries condemned the militia an assigned them most of the blame.

3) Now the Wall Street Journal follows CNN in showing Rutabaga at the lowest level of his presidency, losing to President Trump by 4 head to head, but by 6 with third parties. It's very clear that Cornhole West, RFK, Jr., and other assorted hackeysacks help President Trump, possibly enough to get an electoral landslide.

4) This is terrifying. Carbon Passports are the new lefty looney totalitarian idea they are pushing.

5) The Texas Supes have halted a pro-abort order by a lower court.

6) Oh joy. Gene-editing cures have been approved by the FDA. Not long til we get centaurs, folks.

7) The porcine slimeballs at CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) celebrated the Hamas murderers "breaking the siege" by slaughtering babies and raping women. Despicable. Anyone flying a Pale flag should be deported as fast as anyone flying a Nazi flag.

8) Tyler Durden gets this right. "We're starting to learn what's beneath the veneer of civilization we've all been taking for granted."

9) Slashings and stabbings in New Kabul rose in 2023. Shocked, I tell ya.

10) Algore says global mental health is declining because da youts are worried about the climate. No, ya evil snickerpicker, they are worried about imbeciles like you..

11) The U of Pennsylvania President and board Chairman have both resigned after failing to condemn the Hamas murder-rapers.

 12) Cue Russell Case (Randy Quaid in "Independence Day"), "I been sayin' it and sayin' it. Ain't I been sayin' it?" Cankles now is stumping for Rutabaga, in yet another indicator Rutabaga ain't goin' nowhere.

13) A crackhead indicted 9 times in Kollyfornia  (Hunter Biteme) says Elon Musk, a guy who invented real electric cars and pioneered private space travel, is the "world's dumbest smart person."

14) A business owner in New Calcutta (LA) whines that the cops took 2 hours to answer a 9/11 call when a mob raided his warehouse and says he voted for Gruesome & Mayor Bass. And there ya go . . . . Oh, and the mob? They used vehicles stolen from the police impound lot.

15) A new Rumble channel has been established by Congress on which to release the Patriot Day (J6) footage.

16) Elon Musk has restored Alex Jones to Twit.

17) Outrageous. An EXPANDED FISA bill has now passed congress. This needs to be broken, shredded, and ended.

19) Former Congresswoman and Mayor of Houston, Sheila Jackson Lee---who thought men landed on Mars---lost her relection race to a while male DemoKKKrat. It wasn't close.

21) A black woman who was elected as a DemoKKKrat to the state legislature in GA defected to the Rs. She says blacks have been taken for granted (true) and that Rutabaga's vote is collapsing (also true).

22) The small X-37B spaceplane is set to launch again.

23) I keep saying this along with Rich Baris. Now here is a leading DemoKKKrat strategist saying it: Trump is making BIG inroads with youts, Hispanics, and blacks.

24) Meanwhile, the "gold standard" of Iowa polling has President Trump up 32. DeSoros managed to get back to 2nd over Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb.

26) I don't buy this, as it's way too high, but CNN has Trump +10 in . . . . Michigan.


27) Do blue areas give more to charity? No. Some estimates badly ignore the fact that for people making under $50,000, the tax code incentivizes you NOT to itemize, hence most church/charity giving is not included for lower and middle-lower-income people. The great Ryan Burge re-calculated based on this dynamic and found that Arkansas LEADS the nation at 6.7% of gross adjusted income given to charity, Utah second.


28) The U. of Michigan buying index for homes fell to 44, despite declining mortgage rates.

29) A Kollylfornia moving company, "Meathead Movers," is in trouble with the Rutabaga admin for "discrimination" for touting a young, buff male group of movers. Yeah, that's right: everyone who contacts movers expects wheelchair-bound transoids to show up.

30) Rutabaga blames corporations for not bringing prices down, a position so inane that even a U. of Michigan prof---a Trump voter I'm sure---called it "incorherent and unhelpful."

31) In a signal a default cycle may be starting, a large Texas apartment syndicator has defaulted.

32) ."Just the beginning." In an effort to curb theft, Groomer City Tar-gay and Safeway stores have ended self-checkout.

33) Republicans, in an effort to "escape liberal hell" are fleeing Seattle. But how many whackadoodle libs are joining them so they can spawn their evil seed in Idaho?


34) The devil is in the details about this ridiculous cultist obsession with reducing carbon.


35) One of the reasons the leftoids are screeching about "carbon passports" is that tourist travel has substantially recovered from the China Virus years.

36) What happens when China's massive real-estate scam company, Evergrande, liquidates? The liquidation has been delayed for 2 years but apparently is at the end, and 1.6 million home buyers ain't gonna get houses, among other problems.

37) Seriously. A new "age estimation software" may be involved in a requirement that Brits take a selfie and submit it before watching porn. Wait, maybe we could require DemoKKKrats to do the same thing?

38) This is why Israel must flood the tunnels. Eliminate and exterminate Hamas from the earth. Hamas leader: "Our goal is a global caliphate, not just the liberation of Palestine."

39) A group of UN scientists want more control over nations. This is nothing new. See my forthcoming book, A Patriot's History of Globalism, chapter 4, wherein immediately after WW II, scientists such as Leo Szilard, Albert Einstein, and others argued that only scientitsts sould control atomic energy, hence they were the only ones capable of controlling governments

40) The Lord works in mysterious ways. A Canadian vaxiopath who championed vax passports, dead of unknown causes at age 33.

42) How terrorists exploit the humanitarian "Dev Bus" organizations.

43) Yet another EV company claims the "Holy Grail" of performance: 150 miles on a 6 minute recharge. Ok, so, I get say 30 mpg with my gas car, and I have a 15 gallon tank. I pump about 6 minutes. Meaning I'm getting double the milage or he's getting twice the charge time.

44) Thank God. The idiots at the COP28 anti-energy conference copped out on anything substantitive about fossile fuels.


45) Ryan O'Neal, best known for his grieving husband role in "Love Story" (but who was perfect in "What's Up, Doc?") dead at 82.

46) Free agnent pitcher Shohei Othani signed an eye-popping $700 million 10-year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

47) Actor Keanu Reeves' home was burglarized and thieves stole his firearms. John Wick may be coming for you.

48) Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott used al-Qaeda and 9/11 as an example of good teamwork. Maybe that's why they suck this year?

49) Angelina Jolie said stress from her divorce from Brad Pitt gave her Bell's Palsey. Or, you know, could be the vax. Jes sayin'.

50) Disney's latest bomb "Wish" crawled over $100 million worldwide. Has now been out three weeks, and is $175 million in the hole based on a $200 million production budget and another $70 million ad budget. Meanwhile, "Godzilla Minus One" crossed $51 million---but is already profitable because they only spent $15 million. (The director said actually less).


51) Japanese doctors are finally noting vax-related deaths.


52) The Cavender Twins were posting pics from the field at AT&T (Cowboys) Stadium after Dallas beat the E-girls badly. The story says one of them may be dating Cowboy star TE Jake Ferguson. Say it ain't so, Jake. Not another celebrity Taylor Swift curse on a star TE.

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