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Today's News, December 12, 2023

Updated: Jan 3

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Dunno, but this sounds like desperation to me on the part of Count Dooku, Prosecutor Jack Smith. He filed a writ directly to the Supes for them to rule on President Trump's immunity from prosecution, and the Supes gave President Trump's team 10 days to respond. Robert Barnes in his podcast suggested this looked pretty good for Trump. I ran this by my court guru, Zen Master, and he agreed: either the Supes could rule Trump has immunity; they could agree that the trial not be accelerated, meaning it would occur during or after the election, which would make it meaningless. Of course, as Barnes warned, courts can go rogue and in this day and age they can do dumb things. We'll see, but I think it looks pretty good for Trump that Dooku decided he couldn't trust an appellate court decision and/or that would itself delay the proceedings.

2) The same day, the Supes declined to take on Robert F. Kennedy's add-on case to the Missouri v. Biden vax case. Reasoning unclear, except perhaps thinking that if they rule on the one, no reason to worry about the other.

3) At Harvard, surprise, surprise, the Board refused to fire the murder-encouraging, slickgiggler Hamas-loving president (who was also a plagiarist) Claudine Gay. As former Vanderbilt Prof. Carol Swaim noted, "A white man would probably already be gone."

4) Is there any end to the vile that is Count Dooku? He now wants to use Trump's cell phone data against him.

5) One-off, but I think you'll see this on a mass scale. A former Dinobernie advisor and Rutabaga fundraiser is switching parties.

6) The House pulled both of the expanded FISA bills after backlash. More backlash!

8) These evil disgusting people just cannot stay off the gubment teat. Sheila Jackson ("Men landed on Mars") Lee, having lost the Houston mayor's race, has filed to run again for Congress.

9) The Hill: President Trump "approaches uncatchable" in Iowa. Psst. Hill, you boogersnorters: he always was uncatchable in IA.

10) Forty-six traitorous Deep State operatives urged Congress to pass the FISA reauthorization. Edward Snowden opposed it. Snowden is a lowlife, but he is right in this case. When the Clap is for anything, you should be against it.

11) ChiCom-affiliated hackers infiltrated critical U.S. infrastructure, including a Hawaiian water utility and at least one oil and gas pipeline. Gee, Imagine how many of these we could find if most of the FascistBI weren't going after patriotic Americans?

 12) "Demokkkrat Dollars cloud the Nikki Haley campaign." Wow, they likened her to the Mailman, "John Kasich of 2024."

13) Told ya they are freaking out in DemoKKKrat spoogeland. Now CNN is warining Rutabaga will lose the electoral college.

14) The fine head of the Benghazi-by-the-Lake Teachers Union owes the city over $5,000 for utilities.

15) What a smash in the face to DeSoros: the irrelevant NH gov Chris Snooze-nu-nu is endorsing Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb.

16) Kollyfornia, never satisfied they have damaged ordinary citizens enough, now is considering "toilet to tap" water reuse. Yum!

17) Well, there is this threat: an employee at a psychiatric hospital was threatened with incarceration as a nutjob when she refused to cover up payroll errors.

18) Oh that's what it's called now. "Preferences." A Groomer City tech CEO kept an assistant as a "sex slave" and is upset he was outed for having "preferences."


19) My favorite lib, Noah Smith, nails it. You shouldn't put your money in elite universities. That leads to admitting more rich kids. My addendum: don't give ANY college money. They all need to be razed and start again.


20) A transoid male cyclist competing in a female race placed #1 in a national cycling contest after previously placing 44th in the all-male contest.


21) "I'm not quite dead yet." Inflation ticked back up in November.

22) We discussed this a day or so ago, but the Treasurer of South Carolina, who pulled $105 million in funds out of Disney, called the company's leftward curve a "tremendous loss to America."

25) .The Fed is about to start cutting rates, just as inflation is ticking up.

26) Google lost an anti-trust suit brought by Epic Games.

27) Ernst and Young announced layoffs before the holidays of 30 partners and 100 consultants.


28) This is how insane the green chortleducks have gotten: in Canada the energy minister proposed a "cow burp and fart trading system."

29) Now that the Uke war is ending, the Poles are trying to start a new one, demanding "full mobilization" of the West. Sorry, Pleczewski, ain't gonna happen. I love you guys, but your often irrational hatred of the Russkies cannot be a basis for foreign policy.

36) Contrary to what some of the chattering classes are saying, average Americans are facing real financial stuggles due to Rutabaga.

31) Not to laugh but, . . . this Turkish MP suffered a heart attack moments after saying Israel would suffer "The Wrath of Allah."

32) These poor passengers were trapped on a plane from Amsterdam to Detroit for 20 hours. At least there weren't snakes.

33) Green Screen Zelensky is back on Capitol Hill to get $61 billion in goodies. He spends as much time in the US as DeSoros spends in Iowa.


34) Shocked I tell ya! Zero's new Netflix movie wans that white people cannot be trusted in the apocalypse. Well, toadstool, you certainly couldn't trust this white person to walk across the road to give you a drink in the apocalypse cuz you likely were the one who brought it on.

35) A useless, Limey spudchuckle has the temerity to call Alex Jones a "vile disgusting piece of work."

36) Tom Cruise was seen "canoodling" with the ex-wife of a Russki oligarch. Note: In America we call them "DemoKKKrats" but if they are Russkies they are "oligarchs."


37) Steve Kirsch: Medicare death data proves without a doubt vaxxes are killing people.


38) .In the search for Mr. Big, a Thai prisoner is on the loose after escaping during a penis enlargement surgery. They pay for that in Thailand? Asking for a friend.


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