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Today's News, December 13, 2023

Updated: Jan 3

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Mrs. LS requested I add a new element to "Today's News" called "Dee's Feel-Good Story of the Day." So here is the first installment: "A Chicago area suburb rejected a busload of illegal criminal migrants from Texas, not letting them off the bus." Love it. Now send that bus to the mayor of Chicago's house.



1) Morning Consult still has President Trump leading by 2, but when others are included, by 4.

2) Congress will take legal action to enforce subpoenas against Hunter Biteme.

3) A gym owner in Groomer City (SF) returned after Xi's visit to find an "unrecognizable" den of homelessness and drug abuse. And that was just the mayor's office!

4) White Lizzo declared himself a "Brian Kemp Republican." And that's supposed to be a good thing? By the way, when did Kemp eat Morocco? Not MorroCAN---the whole country?

5) Rutabaga, being his evil clodhpper, chodesprinkling self, snubbed hostage families on Hanakkah.

6) Florida's Attorney General launched an antitrust investigation against college football over the Florida State snub. Seriously? This is what your AG is spending time on?

7) . . . while Illinois' AG has backed off pursuit of the state's pro-life pregnancy centers.

8) A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced legislation to force the presidents of Harvard and MIT to resign. I would strongly oppose this. The federal government should not be involved in education---neither funding nor in telling schools who their leaders should be. This should be coming from donors, alumni and the board.

9) This is a great response by the Tuckster as to speculation he should be President Trump's veep: "God would have to yell at me very loud."

10) David Blackmon: the COP28 conference ended up saying there would be a "transition away" from fossil fuels but not a "phase out," meaning nothing happened.

11) Interesting: this paper argues that U.S. reliance on China for intermediate goods is strong but "hidden," but that Americans make most of our inputs ourselves, There are some product/industry-specific supply issues that need to be resolved.

 12) A further discussion of this is found in my favorite Lib, Noah Smith's point number 3  He argues that we still make most of our inputs ourselves. Then again, in point number 2, Smith still wants to argue that the economy is fine when working-class Americans in particular know it sucks. And it ain't just the media as he argues.

13) U.S. students do terrible in math, but "okay" in other stuff compared to the rest of the world. Now here's the bad news: the whole "rest of the world" is seeing test scores fall dramatically after the introduction of smart phones. I warned about his in my e-book (available at the called All Thumbs: How Our Obsession with Phones and Devices is Damaging our Children). Anyway, here is the data on worldwide test score collapse.

14) Love it. A CNN hostette was visibly shaken by Rutabaga's recent polling showing "non-engaged voters" preferrred Persident Trump by astounding levels: 26 points in Georgia and 40 in Michigan.

15) Harvard's attorneys protected President Claudine Gay in October after questions of her plagiarism arose. Of course they did. Why should a black woman have to worry about standards?

17) Predictably, the brainless bottleknockers at the White House got the meaning of Hanukkah totally wrong. Gee, you'd think they could at least read that usually false Wiki.

18) DeSoros blamed the satanic statue put in the Iowa statehouse not on his ally Gov. Kim Reynolds, who has control over the situation, but on President Trump. The DeSorosoids are truly deranged, far worse than the Cruzers were at this point.

20) Oregon cops made the biggest fentanyl bust in history, then released the ringleader.

21) A new Florida poll has DeSoros at an all-time low in the primary race, down to 18% in his home state, while Pres. Trump is nearly 60%.

22) DemoKKKrats staged a map-coup in New York where a court threw out the old map. This may give DemoKKKrats four more House seats in 2024.

23) Good old ERIC, that mass-voter data bank that many states are pulling out of, gave voter data to activist political groups.

24) "I been saying it and sayin' it. Ain't I been sayin' it?" ("Russell Case," Randy Quaid in "Independence Day"): libtoids are freaking out that in fact President Trump will win. The latest is from the Atlantic.

25) Good reason for the Atlantic to be worried, as Rutabaga's job approval falls into the 30s.

26) New horrific footage of a brutal beating at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school that was the scene of a mass shooting in 2018.

27) File under "Say what?" A 32-year-old Boston social worker drawing $54,000 a year instead of doing her job posed as a 13-year-old high school student at THREE different high schools.

28) A company hired by New Kabul to feed the illegal criminal migrants and paid $432 million to do so threw away some 70,000 meals worth a half-million dollars.

29) The coming war between black residents of major cities and the illegal criminals: it starts in Benghazi-by-the-Lake where the head of the Illinois NAALCP faces calls for her removal after calling the illegals "rapist savages" taking resources from blacks.

30) BINGO. Harvard has fifty billion reasons it can afford to be antisemitic, haters, and racist.


31) Florida fined a high school for letting a boy play on a girl's team. Good . . . BUT . . . this won't be solved by gubment. It must be solved by girls and by parents NOT tolerating this. Gubment is a bandaid.


32) Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, said America is going to look like Mumbai before too long. Bob, it already is in Groomer City, Benghazi-by-the-Lake, and New Kabul.

23) Rod Stewart listed his New Calcutta (LA) mansion for $80 million saying the city has a "toxic" culture. Yeah, duh. BTW, Rod, does that sale price include your amazing model railroad collection?

33) Yeah, this Rutabaga economy is just humming: JPMorgan-Chase exec says by mid-2024 most Americans will have less money in the bank than pre-pandemic. Er, dude, that was Trumptime, when the livin' was easy.

34) ..The tallest hotel in Las Vegas, the Fountainbleu, finally opens after sitting unfinished for 10 years.

35) Sports Illustrated fired its CEO after the publication used AI to produce product reviews written by fake authors. Course, putting a transoid on the cover didn't rate.


37) Israel started pumping sea water into the terror tunnels in Gaza. Good. Flush out all those murdering SOBs.

38) Remember when we didn't have medical boards and med schools? We may be heading back that way. Canada wants docs to focus less on medical expertise and more on race consciousness.


40) Ever hear of "Fireball?" This is a sort of PR crisis team that launches full "Your'e a racist/Nazi/bigot" attack if anyone criticizes any of the media critics who rightfully point out the stupidity of recent comics, streaming, or movies. Mark Millar created "Cancelpigs" to take on these pusmonkeys. YellowFlash has a good review of all of this, which is another iteration of Gamergate and Gamestop in which the people are rising up against these elite bigoted skineaters.

41) Aundre Braugher, known for his roles in "Glory," "Homicide," and many other series, dead at 61 after a "brief illness."

42) They just have trouble with history. Mind you, I think Denzel Washington is probably our greatest living American actor, but casting him as Hannibal Barca, a Phoencian white/semitic person is another Hollywood spooge.

43) Two of the four Washington, D.C. sports teams, the NBA Wizards and NHL Capitals, announced they will move to Virginia.

44) The San Diego Chargers' quarterback Justin Herbert had a season-ending finger injury.

45) The Ope, the queen of yo-yo dieting, dodged rumors she is using Ozempic as she appeared in her new, skinnier humanoid form.

46) Patti Smith (76) hospitalized on recent tour.


47) The latest pro-vax doctor blows the whistle on the soaring vax side effects.

48) Right out of the Twit-gate, Alex Jones posted a blockbuster story that the Italian health minister is under investigation for murder in his efforts to conceal the China Virus vax side effects.

49) So these weren't "side effects," but "intended effects?"


50) .Parents in New Calcutta were outraged to learn that a teacher applied "mood calming zen patches" to their kids without informing them. Yeah, they were probably upset that the teacher didn't offer them the patches first!

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