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Today's News, December 14, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Mrs. LS's "Feel-Good Story of the Day." The University of Oklahoma has eliminated its DEI offices.



1) Polls, polls, polls---you know, those things DeSorosoids say aren't real? First, we have Bloomberg: "Trump now leads Rutabaga across all seven swing states." Some of these are pretty big--4 in AZ, MI, and WI, 7 in GA.

2) But wait! When you add RFK, Jr. to this same poll, almost all of the numbers get even better for President Trump except AZ.---WI goes to 6, NV to 5. Only AZ falls, by one, but guess what? RFK can't get on the AZ ballot!

3) . . . while Rasmussen, who has been all over the map in the last two polls (Trump +8, Rutabaga +4) is now back to Trump +10.

4) A federal appeals court issued an order for both parties to turn in briefs on President Trump's claim of immunity by 12/23/2023.

5) Meanwhile, the evil Judge Chodekun (Chutkin) paused President Trump's "election interference" case in Georgia until the Supes rule on President Trump's immunity. My court guru Zen Master thinks this won't happen til June 2024. Recall leftoids thought this trial would start in March and have Trump convicted by election day. Nope.

6) There is now a whistleblower complaint against Count Dooku, Jack Smith.

7) A traffic stop in North Carolina led to seizure of enough fentanyl to kill 27 million people.

8) Kollyfornia, which just a couple of years ago was touting buget surpluses, now braces for one of the "Biggest buget shortfalls in state history" and will freeze spending at all state agencies. Wait, what about reparations? No reparations?

9) Well, this is probably pretty depressing. Based on "likes" on Tindr and other dating sites, the bottom 78% of men compete for the bottom 22% of women, while the top 79% of women compete for the top 20% of men. "The highly unequal social structures of the prehistoric savanna homo sapiens are reasserting themselves."

Thank God I'm in that top group of men!

10) This story says Hunter Biteme will flee the U.S. when President Trump is reelected and that Rutabaga is "consumed" by the toadstool's scandal.

11) The Senior Skank posted a White House Christmas video that is so bizarre it has people referring to the "United States of Bananas."

12) The thoroughly woke Pentagon is trying to remove the memorial to Confederate dead at Arlington.

13) Shocked, I tell ya. The ex-diversity head of Fascistbook ("Meta"---"meta" means death in Hebrew) pled guilty to stealing $4 million to fund her lifestyle. That's a helluva lifestyle.

15) Baltimore now wants legislative action because of rising juvenile crime rates. Asking for a friend---do you think having schools that "graduate" people who can't read, write, or do math may have something to do with that?

17) Gotta give em credit for creativity. Colorado shoplifters argued they should get lighter sentences cuz the stuff they stole was on sale.


18) "The rapid spread of educational freedom is unprecedented," and may be the only thing saving our education system.

19) The great Ryan Burge's analysis of which Christian schools are growing and which are not shows Cambellsville University in Kentucky grew at a shocking 542%! Others show similar, but not quite as spectacular growth: Colorado Christian ad 519%, Ohio Christian at 413% Southeastern at 460% and on down to Arizona Christian at 285%. and over a dozen others. Southern Wesleyan and Regent U. are declining. One key factor in growth seems to be . . . shocked! prices. Schools with higher tuitions drive off students.

21) Senior white men recruited to work at an insurance company had to first be vetted by black spoogie female CEO. Vetted for what? Being white?

22) The U. of Wisconsin agreed to diversity cuts to get $800 million from the state.


22) The Fed did not cut rates as some expected, suggesting there will be three rate cuts in 2024 as they try to bail out Rutabaga. Won't happen. 1) The Fed no longer has the power, and 2) inflation looks like it's about to take off again.

23) I really don't get this. Idaho burger lovers wait hours for the state's first In-N-Out, which I think is medocre in the vein of Whataburger.

24) Governor Witless Protection in Michigan introduced a $2,500 tax subsidy to buy an EV. The state is already 1.9 million short of its 2030 goal, and would have to sell 23,000 EVs a month to make it.

25) A ritzy Colorado ski resort town is buckling under the weight of illegal criminal immigrants, sleeping up to five in a car, who heard there were jobs there. Question: Where did illegal cirminals get the money to buy a car?


26_ It was the oil producers who saved the COP28 confab from destroying the world.

27) Oh? So international oil demand will rise again next year. Who'da thunkit?

28) Some 70 Hamas terrorists, fighting from . . . wait for it . . . a hospital surrendered to the IDF.


;29) Well, that's gotta hurt. Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill, who got married last week, was hit with two paternity suits.

30) Unlike Rutabaga, Pres. Pootie-poot of Russia actually apologized for a government failure, in this case, the price of eggs.

31) Mikey Mouse will become public property on Jan. 1 after 95 years of copyrights expired.


33) I guess this belongs in entertainment news. A Texas church is slammed for a Christmas Pageant with a 1,000 strong cast, flying angels and three live camels. Well, the "wise men" were not even in Bethlehem. They came to Joseph's "home" in Nazareth . . . 2 years later. And no matter how you counted, I don't think 1,000 people could fit in the birthing room! But hey, our place of worship does this. I call it Church du Soliel!

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