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Today's News, December 15, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Mrs. LS's "Feel-Good Story of the Day." A Christian former military officer beheaded the statue of satan in the Iowa statehouse. Props! This is a hero. Too bad you can't do the same to the people who put it up.



1) More bad polling news from Rutabaga. Pew has him at only 33% approval. I think this is the all-time low for Pew.

2) Who are the top donors for Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb? DemoKKKrats and Silicon Valley Billionaires.

4) I love Missouri and its attorney generals. First Eric Schmitt went after Rutabaga's censorship, now Anderw Bailey is going after Media Matters.

This is the way.

5) Speaking of Nick Knack, she has gone all butch now trying to court MAGA by saying we should get out of the WHO (not the Who) and defund the UN. Won't work Nick Knack. You've already shown your true colors and besides President Trujmp has called for this many times.

6) Whistleblowers were unable to verify the so-called "loans" Rutabaga made to family members or vice versa---cuz, you know, they weren't loans. They were bribes.

7) Rutabaga's evil Department of INJustice will charge a Blaze journalist for reporting on Patriot Day (J6).

8) While a study found that "Newsguard," a taxpayer funded group supposedly rating the "reliability" of news outlets, is totally biased toward libtoid fecalwrappers. Shocked.

9) North Carolina DemoKKKrat Wiley Nickel will resign at the end of the term to seek a senate seat, citing redistricting. This is DemoKKKrat #6, plus 3 RINOs who will leave . . . but who'se counting?

10) The top five states for loss of learning due to the China Virus? Oklahoma, Delaware, West Virginia, New York, and Maryland. All states locked down hard. However, even Georgia, which relaxed its lockdowns early, was in the top half of loss of learning, and Florida was in the top 2/3s.

11) An airplane made a forced landing on I-26 in North Carolina. Yes but was it going the speed limit?

12) Prosecutors say the mayor of Harvey, IL. was paid by a strip club to permit prostitution. Why not? Seems to work for Hunter Biteme?

13) The family of a drunk Illinois woman who got locked in a hotel freezer and died there received a $10 million settlement and an ice pick.

14) A second lopsided Hawkeye state poll .has President Trump winning Iowa by 37.

15) Meanwhile, DeSoros has fallen to 4th in NH, hovering just above 5th.

16) And this poll says support for an impeachment inquiry of Rutabaga has grown with a notable amount of DemoKKKrat support.

17) Lawmakers in Benghazi-by-the-Lake are slammed for not putting the "sanctuary city" status of Chicago on the ballot after being innundated with illegal criminals.

18) In yet another piece of evidence that they know Trump is going to win, both houses of Congress passed a bill saying the U.S. cannot pull out of NATO. Small problem: a) it's not a treaty, and likely a court would rule as much; b) "pull out" is irrelevant if you do what Germany and France did in Afghanistan, which WAS a NATO war---they refused to participate.

19) A DemoKKKrat bill in Washington state would jail people for using gas leaf blowers. I think every single Idahoan should go right to the border of Washington and blow every damn leaf into that skittlechicken state.

20) Boston's mayor Michelle Wu defended her racially discriminatory "Wu Klux Klan" party. That's it. I'm introducing a new term: "Protected People of Pigment," PPP.


22) The coming wave of freshman failure with grade inflation and declining standards spells trouble. No, it spells disaster.

23) The decline in art in Western Civilization mirrors the decline of everything else. Architechture is totally stulfified. I like chrome and glass, but ENOUGH.



25) Naturally. Elon is getting perilously close to freedom. An FCC commissioner said Rutabaga gave federal agencies the go-ahead to go after Elon Musk.

26) General Motors will lay off 1,300 employees. Guess what they make? That's right, EVs. These Yugos are not selling.

28) The Empire State index falls to "contraction" level.


29) There was never any doubt it would come to this. Breathing is bad for the climate. Obviously, because so many globalists have been on a depopulationist kick for 50 years.

32) Scientists drilled through 500 meters of ice in Greenland only to discover it had all melted before, as in a previous warming period. Which is perhaps why it was called "GREENland" in the first place.

33) Wait! We had one story that said Russia lost almost 400,000 casualties in Ukraine, now "an emboldened, confident" Pootie-poot says that there will be no peace with Ukraine til the Russkies meet their objectives.

34) Bus service in Oslo, Norway was cancelled because the electric busses won't work in the cold.

35) Looks like AI is already sick of humans, with ChatGPT refusing to answer questions from users now.


37) Inside the exciting world of the Excel competitions. Yeah. Excel as in spreadsheet

competitions. Snooooore. "Carry that one! Carry that one! Fas-ter, fas-ter!"

38) New Calcutta (LA) has a news station that will begin to use AI news anchors. Dunno? Does AI lie as much as humans?


39) A Groomer City nurse is a star witness in the prosecution of China Virus hoaxsters. She among other things provides direct witness testimony that hospitals concealed deaths related to the China Virus, refused to provide Cortiosteriods to China Virus patients even though that was protocol, and fraudul

ently misrepresented the number of China Virus patients in hospitals to terrify the population.

40) Steve Kirsh: the New Zealand data is clear and the China VIrus vax is deadly.



41) The ex-husband of the woman Tom Cruise is dating warned she burned through $15 million in clothes and shoes. Dunno, is that permitted in Scientology? Is this . . . Mission Impossible?

Larry Schweikart

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