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Today's News, December 18, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Mrs. LS's "Feel-Good Story of the Day." an ex-FBI intel Chief who investigated President Trump for "muh Russia" was sentenced to four years in jail for . . . colluding with Russia.



1) DeSoros's top campaign consultant and strategist, the failed McTurdite Jeff Roe, who drove McTurd's hapless campaign into the ground and who backstabbed Sarah Palin, has quit now. He not only is the fourt major staffer to ditch DeSoros, but did so after a WashingtonCompost article appeared detailing the chaos and insanity within the campaign.

2) Another poll, another Trump lead, this time by 5. Oh, and who does RFK hurt? About three times as many 2020 Biden voters as Trump voters said they would vote for RFK, Jr.

3) This is a superb infographic from Epoch Times explaining all four court cases involving President Trump.

4) As David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of Energy, notes, when we called for more drilling, what happened in Ben Cardin's office wasn't what we had in mind.

5) President Trump has pulled ahead in Michigan because of women and union voters.

6) And this is further confirmed by one of my favorite libs, Ruy Teixeira: Rutabaga has the working-class blues. "The fall-off in Biden's working-class vote is precipitous." And all that crap the admin is spinning about how great the economy is? 60% of Michigan working class think it's worse. Not gonna get better with the two stories I had last Friday about layoffs at plants due to the goofball EV cars that no one wants. More: Trump gained 8 points with working-class voters in Georgia, who think Rutabaga has worsened the economy, Even nationally, though, and even with college-educated voters only 43% think Rutabaga has helped the economy.

In other words, Richard Baris has been right all along.

7) I've said it before and I'll say it again. Abraham Lincoln should have banned the DemoKKKrat Party as a terrorist organization. Now, in Oregon, DemoKKKrats are trying to prohibit Republican senators who walked out to stop a quorum--a time-honored political tactic---from running for office. The DemoKKKrat Party needs to be completely extinguished if our country is to survive.

8) Arizona's DemoKKKrat governor, the Hobbitt, finally caved and is sending National Guard troops to the border, blaming Rutabaga. (DemoKKKrats never take responsibility for anything.)

9) The spoogechicken Hoax Newsers at Faux must be having a mental breatkdown with their own poll showing President Trump up 4, up 12 with indies, and . . . wait for it . . . at 50%. Send either Xanax or cartons of sleeping pills to the Faux building in NY.

10) Detroit, contra Groomer City, New Calcutta, New Kabul, and Benghazi-by-the-Lake, actually cut its crime to a 60 year low by ignoring liberal crime policies, hiring more cops, and locking criminals up.

11) The evil Letitia James was caught on tape talking with the equally spoogie Judge Erdogan saying "he found Trump guilty before the trial even began." Can you say mistrial?

12) Not surprised, given the oafish refugee from the cantina scene in Star Wars, Sec Def Lloyd Austin:: the U.S. Army faces a "Tik Tok Mutiny" as young recruits whine about low pay, having to actually be physically fit, and no sleep. Boo hoo. How much sleep ya think the ChiComs are gonna give ya, ya little gruntweasels?

13) As veep, Rutabaga was using Air Force Two to fly to business meetings with Hunter..

14) Hispanic support for President Trump raises red flags for Rutabaga. Lessee, didn't some guy named Richard Baris see this coming about nine months ago?

15) Speaking of Hispanics, recall that last week I identified the dual DemoKKKrat Civil War that they cannot win.. One was the illegal criminal migrants v. inner city blacks, and the other was this one: the prog Left's love of the Muslim terrorists v. Jews. In each case, two things will happen: those groups will stay home in record numbers in 2024 and likely beyond for DemoKKKrats, and some in each group will move to Trump and the Rs. Trump must be careful not to pick a side in the Middle East, just promise peace. Each side will read into it what it wills. But this analysis is from a DemoKKKrat strategist.

16) A top CNN analyst says Count Dooku (Jack Smith) is "racing against the clock" to imprison Presidet Trump before the election. Ain't gonna happen Count. Now don't make me call pre-turned Luke.

17) Another RINO and Jim Jordan opponent has announced his retirement. That's six DemoKKKrats and four RINOs . . . but no MAGA.


18) One fourth of the churches in the Methodist Church have left over the church's policy of condoning homosexuality.

19) This constitutional lawyer argues that there is a widespread "Claudine Gay" problem that needs to be fixed at universities. I agree with the result---it does need to be fixed. But it is important to understand that this must be fixed from below---by students, parents, board members putting so much pressure on universities they absolutely cannot hire or promote such haters, then, the next step is with solid, common-sense faculty who won't hire these people with their search committees or promote them within departments. As with all things, it must be bottom up.

20) Warms my heart: Five DEI officials have quit Quinnipiac U in less than a year.

21) . . . while Harvard early admissions fell 17%. Nice, but add a zero to that.


Oregon has more homosexuals and transoids per capita than any other state in the Union.


22) Jerome Powell has destroyed the Fed. Could it prevent bad economic conditions? Not like it once could, but it might ameliorate some.

23) Rutabaga spiked homeless numbers back to the George W. Bush era.

24) Kollyfornia and Gruesome defaulted on a $20 billion loan.

25) Cuz, you know, the economy is so great: homelessness hits an all-time high under Rutabaga.

26) That's right. The Hoax News WashingtonCompost, where democracy dies in a pile of feces, actually referred to the "economic miracle of 2023." It's a miracle all right. An economy that is devastating anyone not worth over $5 million.

27) Lazy youts, used to hanging out at home and "quiet quitting," are now "coffee badging," or showing up just long enought to record their badge, get some coffee andsplit.

28) Do EVs suck in winter? Why, yes. Yes they do; the top ten EVs suffered up to 30% "range loss" due to cold.


29) Support for Hamas has grown dramatically among Palestinians after the murderous Oct. 7 attacks. What I said. Basically, "Carthage must be destroyed."

30) According to Hoax News, Ukraine had a "terrible week," but it's our fault. This after they circulated skuddlebucket lies about the Russkie army losing almost half a million men.

32) These stories are coming out a lot now: "Ukraine may lose the war by summer 2024." Again, this is after numerous sites touted "400,000 Russkie casualties."

33) And this: Ukrainian troops at Dnipro say "There are no positions. It's a suicide mission."

The question is, why are they all admitting this now?

34) Inside the biggest Hamas tunnel ever built---2.5 miles with a railroad, built by the terror chief's brother.

35) A hacking group with "ties to Israel" disabled 70% of Iran's gas facilities.

36) A zookeeper in India was killed by a hippo after entering its area for maintenance.


38) So now, if you are just browsing social media, but don't engage with "likes" or comments, you may have mental health problems.


40) Japanese researchers uncovered proof that all China Virus variants were man made. No bat soup here.

41) Another flawed "fact check" on the disastrous NZ data.


43) Scientists say they have had a 20 minute conversation with a whale. Apparently it said, "Vote Trump---MAGA forever!"

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