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Today's News, December 19, 2023

Updated: Jan 3

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Richard Baris's latest polling shows President Trump nationally with an almost 63% share of the GOP nomination, Nick Knack Paddywhack and DeSoros are at an insignificant 9.8% and 6.3%.

2) Texas Governor Abbott signed a law authorizing police to arrest illegal criminals. Ok, good. But what are you going to do about it when the jails are full?

3) Rutabaga's daughter Ashley owes thousands in taxes. This whole corrupt crime family is from the pit of hell.

4) A watchdog group hit the Desoros campaign with allegations it improperly coordinated its PAC with the campaign. Coordinate? Hell, the PAC ran the campaign, which was completely illegal.

5) President Trump's legal team asked the evil Fat Fani Willis to dismiss the GA case, calling it election interference. Doubt that will happen, but lays the grounds for another Supreme Court appeal slightly different from the immunity case. 6) Meanwhile, Judge Scott McAfee in the same case granted pre-trial delays to Mark Meadows and several others.

6) Meanwhile, Rutabaga finally figured out Americans don't like him and demanded aides "fix" his poll numbers. Try resigning. That will fix them.

7) A judge issued an order keeping the Confederate "unity" monument at Arlington Cemetary.

9) I guess calling Trump Hitler didn't work out so well, so the New York Slimes now says he is a moderate. Yeah, that's the secret of his appeal.

10) I hate to say it, but since he recovered from his stroke, Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, has actually been more sensible and pro-American than 90% of the GOP scatterchickens. Now he opposes the sale of a steel company to the ChiComs.

11) Young voters bailing on Rutabaga---as we knew. I don't think this article captures the blue-collar, non-college kids though. They sound totally woke. However, their comments on the Hamas murders suggest my "two civil wars" theory may affect far more than just pro-Pales and pro-Israelis for Rutabaga.

13) Four feral youts were charged with the savage beating of a high school student and of course the father of one claims he is a "victim." That claim alone ought to be good for a year in jail.

14) File under weird: two brothers died in a motorcycle crash with each other, apparently on wet roads.

15) DeSoros, as expected, brushed off the news that his PAC and his campaign were unlawfully colluding.


16) Harvard's Claudine Gay has built a full-blown DEI empire. No wonder only 7% of Harvard students are Protestants. Who wants to go to Satan U?

17) A major law firm pulled out of recruiting at Harvard. That's a start.


18) Prominent transoid advocate Kendall Stephens was arrested in Kinshasa-on-the-Delaware for raping two boys under 13. But, you know, "love is love" except when its hate.


19) Love it. A zero emissions founder is sentenced to four years in prison for fraud. Maybe cuz there is no such thing as "zero emissions?"

21) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of Energy, points out the "muscle memory" of simply gassing up a car is built in, and the unknowns of electric charging are so severe that Tesla has to have a website to help you figure out how to do it.

22) Housing starts grew in November as home prices fell.

23) Economist Harry Dent predicted the "biggest crash of our lifetime."

24) And a new CBO report confirms hard times ahead, predicting 4.4% unemployment and 7.3 million affected, with homelessness surging. None of this is shaping up well for Rutabaga.

25) Nippon Steel has announced it will acquire the iconic U.S. Steel.


27) Serbian populists claim a sweeping victory in the Parliamentary elections.

28) The latest drawback of windmills: they are interfering with North Sea radaras.

29) South Korea, on the verge of "extinction" due to low fertility, is considering admitting immigrants.


30) Jonathan Majors, who Marvel had slated to play "Kang" and anchor the next Marvel Universe series of films, was fired by Disney after a guilty verdict in his assault trial. Well, at least Disney waited until the verdict.

31) I love it. Flambouyant Food Network star Guy Fieri says he won't leave his sons any money unless they get "two degrees."

32) Jonathan Majors lost more than his role as "Kang" with his conviction this week for assault. Deals with the Texas Rangers, the U.S. Army, and others went into the multierse.


33) Oooook. This theif stole an ambulance . . . then drove it to the front door of the sheriff's office. Was this Cousin Eddie?

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