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Today's News, December 20, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) In a Dred Scott level 200 page judicial ruling, the Colorado state Supreme Court threw President Trump off the primary ballot---but then said they would stay their own case if he appealed to the U.S. Supes. According to my court genius, Zen Master, but also to lawyer David Freiheit, this would be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court. "This one is easy," said Zen Master. So what in the hell were these mini-Roger Taney's doing? All four libs voted in the 4-3 majority, apparently begging the Supes to overturn their ruling. In other words, pure politics.

COMMENT: This overreach in part seems to be the result of a growing realization the part of DemoKKKrats that they not only might lose the election (badly) but lose the cultural underpinnings as well. Andrew Breitbart: "politics is downstream of culture." This is reflected in the "Two DemoKKKrat Civil Wars" I'm seeing. The first is the Muslim/Palestinian v Jewish/Israeli civil war. DemoKKKrats cannot win this. Rutabaga is under fire from both sides. He cannot go Full Pale (ya never go Full Pale) because he needs the shrinking Jewish vote; but he cannot go full Zion because he would lose Michigan and possibly even Minnesota. The second civil war is the illegal criminal invaders v. inner city (mostly) black residents. The DemoKKKrats have already ensconced as policy "sanctuary cities." So mayors can't get out of that. (Note that recently Chicago refused to put the "sanctuary city" issue on the ballot!) The brilliant efforts of Gov. Greg Abbott and even DeSoros have turned the screws further by saying, "your rules, your people." President Trump reportedly has scheduled a meeting with residents of Bengahzi-by-the-Lake. The thing with Trump is, he is already on record as opposing this, so he doesn't have to lie! DemoKKKrats cannot win either of these civil wars, which now will continually grow worse. Hence, more crazed and idiotic court rulings and Rutabaga policies in the next year as they try to stem the tide.

2) More evidence the DemoKKKrats are losing. They have almost already lost the W VA Senate seat vacated by Manchin-on-a-Hill. Now they will likely lose AZ in a 3-way race with Kari Lake winning against a split Dem ticket of Gallegos and Enema.

 2) The ChiComs tried to influence the 2022 election with election interference. Not the Russkies. In other words, they guys who bribed Rutabaga.

3) One day after spoogie GOPe-er Ryan GIrdusky goes on Clay and Buck's irrelevant show to tout the only recent poll showing Rutabaga up---Monmouth (not a Trump friendly poll) comes out with a new poll showing Rutabaga at a record low of 34%.

4) Vivek Ramaswamy did what EVERY other candidate, including RFK, Jr., should do: announced he would leave the Colorado primary if President Trump is kept off the ballot. This should not be a political issue. It is an issue of criminal lawfare. Good for you, Swami!

5) The goofball hack of a bilgespurging judge in President Trump's civil case rejected an expert witness cuz his fee was too much. This guy is a total load of fecal polyps.

7) The American Reapportionment Project estimates that red states will gain 14 seats in the next apportionment, DemoKKKrat states will lose 14. Hang on. We have time to make that 30 losses for the DemoKKKrats. Keep leavin' those tyrannical blue states.

8) Rutabaga freed the "financial brain" of the narco-terrorists. Of course he did, the evil snotdragon.

12) Here's the main reason they can't get rid of Rutabaga. Kampuchea Harris is polling eight points below him.

13) This is why nothing this tin-snipping rectal-pouch says should be taken seriously. Mayor Eric the Red Adams, who knows that Rutabaga is to blame for New Kabul's illegal criminal migrant crisis, says he'll support Rutabaga in 2024.

14) If they succeed in keeping President Trump off the Colorado primary ballot, the Colorado GOP has said it will immediately drop out of the primary system and use a caucus system---which Trump will win.

16) Folks, DeSoros has allowed himself to be thoroughly McTurdized by his wife and bozo staffers. He now says the Colorado ruling was a "stunt" to "solidify support" for President Trump. Get it? The DemoKKKrats and all the rest of the GOP got together in a smoke-filled room to perpetrate this on poor Rob.


16) Mortgage purchase demand fell to 1995 levels.

17) Are foreign holders finally bailing out of U.S. debt?

19) When homeless were given $750, according to this article they spent the money well. Except they spent 20% (!!) on "shelter." How do you do that if you are homeless? Do cardboard boxes cost $150?


20) How do you say Fukushima in Icelandic? We have a power plant near the recent eruption path of the volcano in Iceland.

21) So, about those 170 names unsealed in the Jeffrey (He-Didn't-Kill-Himself) Epstein case., it turns out over 100 were already out there; that 6 are permanently sealed; that 6 or so more were "victims"; meaning about 40 "new" names will be unveiled.

22) German tractors and farmers amassed to protest Germany's "War on Industry.." Well, they tried that before. What did it get them? You must absolutely paralyze Berlin, Bonn, and a half-dozen other big cities---I'm talking people hunting rats in the streets---before they will listen.

23) Off again on again, a massive North Sea wind turbine project is now slated to move forward. Can "power 3 million homes." When the wind is blowing. None when it isn't.



24) Warner Bros. and Paramount in talks to merge.


25) The China Virus vax worsens the burden of "long-Covid."


26) Seriously, an English woman won a $50,000 judgment after being fired for a math position because she couldn't do math. Her excuse? She claimed to have a condition that made math "very hard.' It's called Barbie-itis. So, do I have a suit against the NBA because I have a condition that prohibits me from dunking? We'll call it Jordanitis.

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