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Today's News, December 21, 2023

Updated: Jan 3

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Programming note: First, I will be on Steve Bannon's War Room on Christmas Eve, for at least one, and maybe both hours. Second, I will be taking Christmas week off, returning on Tues. Jan. 2, 2024. Last, please tune in tomorrow and stay til the end. I am going to do something new (for me) and I think, if I pull it off, you will love it.


1) Now Kollyfornia and Maine want to revisit getting President Trump off the ballot. This is "Colorado Contagion" and the Supes MUST step in quickly.

2) A newspaper editor admits he was wrong about the George Floyd death after watching all the evidence in "The Fall of Minneapolis."

3) Delta and American Airlines are flying illegal criminals from Arizona processing centers to the interior of the country. The vile stench of this demonic administration gets worse by the day.

4) While a new report says that three out of five illegal criminal aliens are being supported by welfare. Well of course they are. You didn't think they'd have jobs, did you?

5) And this story: Eagle Pass is full, with illegal cirminal migrants "passing out" due to crowded conditions. This is a firestorm in the making for Rutabaga.

6) Julian Assange's team confirmed that Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails to Wiki.

7) Really good news. Sleeping longer over the weekend may prevent heart attacks! I knew I was doing something right.

8) A New York bill would attempt to force Chick-Fil-A locations to be open on Sunday. Wow, that would mean Kanye would have to change his lyrics. ("Closed on Sunday. You're my Chick-Fil-A").

9) Typical. An Austin lib who defunded police now wants patrols at his home.

10) There is a direct line from Rutabaga's Deep State to the Colorado Trump decision. Yeah, duh. Who ever thought there wasn't except DeSoros, who thinks Trump and the DemoKKKrats are working together to deny him the nomination?

11) Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb supposedly is down only 14 points to President Trump in New Hampshire. Certainly she has picked up support from the DeSorosoids, because Rob has dropped to just 5% there, or, ZERO delegates.

12) A new Florida law requires small-town officials to disclose their finances, causing significant numbers of resignations.

13) Justice Jumpin' Jackson Brown is hit with ethics complaints over financial disclosures. Could be a warning shot---try to remove Thomas, we remove Brown. Not a fair trade. How about we give you Roberts instead?

15) Remember when Cong. Madison Cawthorne played down his partying by saying what he was doing was nothing compared to what went on in the rest of Congress? After the sex tape from Sen. Ben Cardin's (now-resigned) staffer, another sex tape scandal from R Congressman Dan Newhouse's office has surfaced.

16) Hey, remember the other President removed from a ballot? That would be Abraham Lincoln, removed from Southern ballots in 1860.



18) Rutabaga's oil lease sale is a drop in the oil bucket.

19) Consumer spending drove the U.S. economy to a 4.3% growth rate in the third quarter. So where are people getting all this money?


20) Just how bad are EVs in Canada?

21) The Frogs, belatedly, have had enough, passing stricter immigration laws. Barn, meet horse.

23) Multiple people dead at a mass shooting at a university in Prague.

24) Brit mortgage rates dipped below 4%.



25) It looks as though "Aquaman 2" is being projected to do worse than "the Marvels." The movie is on track for a worst box office opening than the "Marvels" on Christmas weekend ($40 million). But "Wonka" pulled in $150 million worldwide.

26) Good for the Hulkster. At age 70, Hulk Hogan came to Jesus and was baptized, calling it the "greatest day of my life."

27) Meet the Brit 16-year-old darts champion. Wait, has he played this guy yet?


28) An Australian academic paper states that "Neither risk nor cost can justify these [China Virus vaccines].."

29) Imagine that. A paper was published in Wuhan about the China Virus with spike protein in 2018. But you know, the China Virus was due to bat soup or something.


30) Travel experts reveal five items in your suitcase that could get you in trouble at an airport. Like, a Colt .45, a Magnum .44, a Winchester'73, a Glock 19, and a nude picture of Cankles. The last is considered a WMD in most countries.

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