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Today's News, December 22, 2023

Updated: Jan 3

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Programming note: First, I will be on Steve Bannon's War Room on Christmas Eve, for an hour. Second, I will be taking Christmas week off, returning on Tues. Jan. 2, 2024.


1) President Trump maintains a 30 point lead in New Hampshire over #2, Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb. DeSoros now barely close enough to get one delegate.

2) Told ya. DemoKKkrat panic is setting in over Rutabaga. It's not just that he's losing to Trump---sometimes big---in almost every poll, but his "net negatives" are horrible, nearly double what Trump's were. "It's even worse than it looks," (but to be honest, although Redstate quoted that, I didn't find the quote in any of their links---but it's true.

3) The Maine Board of Environmental Lunacy---or some name like that---postponed a vote on more electric cars after a winter storm knocked out power lines across the state. That little thing called nature keeps screwing with these people who want to "save nature."

4) Prof. Carol Swain, whom Harvard Pres Claudine Gay stole from in her plagiarized work, called on Harvard to fire the toad.

5) A new Supreme Court case challenges whether Count Dooku (Jack Smith) was legally appointed.

6) A federal judge has blocked a Kollyfornia law that would prohibit carrying firearms in most public places.

7) This is rich. Rutabaga is sending Winken, Blinken, and Nod and Majorkas to Mexico to "fix" the illegal criminal invasion. Mexico will say "Si," then pass the next train of invaders through. All Rutabaga had to do was follow Trump's policies. But noooooooo!

8) Speaking of illegal criminal migrants, Texas is now going to fly them to Benghazi-by-the-Lake after Chicago found ways to halt the bussing.

9) Mayor Eric the Red Adams will blame anyone and anything except his policies for the exodus from New Kabul. Now he blames the rats. Well, he's partially right: it's the DemoKKKrats.

10) Rutabaga admitted "there is probably more we can do" referring to the illegal invasion of the border. Ya think, ya rectal turnip? Like maybe STOP INVITING THEM.

10) The trifecta---first Sen. Ben Cardin's homosexual staffer caught on tape, then a house Republican's staffer forced out for a similar scandal, now the Senior Skank's office had to boot her press secretary after he tried to take homosexual dates up to a secure room in a hotel where Rutabaga was staying. These people are degenerates.

11) Colon cancer is on the rise among young adults but no one knows why? Well, da youts are far more willing to engage in homosexuality. Maybe placing certain, er, instruments where they don't belong could be a cause?

12) Truly a sad story as "America's Mayor" after 9/11, Rudy Guiliani, had to file for bankruptcy after the hideous judgment against him in a defamation case.

13) A DemoKKKrat was slammed for wearing an Army uniform at a Veterans Day event even though he never served.

14) Law professor Jonathan Turley says the Supreme Court should rule 9-0 against Colorado. My court guru, Zen Master, didn't give a number but said it would be an easy vote.

15) Everything about this evil administration is straight out of Joe Stalin. The founder of the Oathkeepers, Stewart Rhodes, says that Patriot Day (J6) prisoners are being shuffled off to mental institutions to keep them quiet.

16) Sick and unacceptable. Christian colleges increased funding for abortions and birth control after Dobbs. Jesus is not going to be happy with some of these demonic guzzlegizzards.

17) Not a good look. RFK, Jr. couldn't come up with a name of a person he would put on the U.S. Supreme Court.


18) College swimmer Riley Gaines has become a prominent voice against transoids invading women's sports.


19_ A key feature of Bidenomics is regulatory overreach. Yeah, and the courts need to step up. We discussed this the other day. The Supes can do a lot more work, take many times the number of cases they currently are taking.

20) GM bought out nearly half the Buick dealers who opted against selling EVs.


21) Angola has quit OPEC over lower production quotas.

22) I guess this can't hurt. Ukraine has legalized marijuana.



23) Marvel/Disney, thumbing its nose at fans once again, has planned a "Young Avengers" movie that will be all females. Yep. Ms. Marvel, Hawekeye chicklette, and two or three other meainingless, completely uninteresting characters that no one wants. I guess losing about $200 million on "The Marvels" wasn't painful enough.

24) This question actually came up at dinner: Just how rich were the McAlisters of "Home Alone" that they could afford that massive mansion? They would have needed about $305,000 in 1990 (or an annual income of $715,000 today.

25) After taking on Disney with their "Panderverse" episode, South Park now is going after "OnlyFans" and on-line sex.


26) Something different for this Christmas episode.

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