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Today's News, December 28, 2023

Updated: Jan 3

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb got in the briar patch about the causes of the Civil War and didn't have the right answer---it was about DemoKKKrats wanting to hold other people as slaves. She did this obviously to hang on to a lot of the "South Shall Rise Again" folks in her state, but she showed herself to be ignorant and wishy washy.

2) Conservatives Majorie Taylor Greene and Jack Posobiec were "swatted" on Christmas. With Greene, it's becoming such a common occurrence she and the SWAT teams know each other.

3) Rutabaga has denied Bobby Kennedy, Jr. Secret Service protection for a third time. Quite simply, Rutabaga hopes Bobby is taken out.

4) Taxpayers are on the hook for a whole new round of expensive sports stadiums. Just say no.

5) More trouble for Harvard Pres Claudine Gay, first confirmed that she was a plagiarist, and now accused of withholding her research data to other scholars who can confirm her work.

PREDICTION: Gay won't last much longer. They will find some reason to terminate her, because standards being set here will prohibit them from ever firing a conservative, ever.

6) A federal judge in West Virginia rejected a move to keep President Trump off the ballot there.

7) More trouble in New Kabul (NYC) as Mayor Eric the Red Adams is concerned about Black Looters Matter connecting with Hamas.

8) The Michigan Supes said President Trump stays on the ballot there.

9) Fed employees will see their largest pay hike since the 1980s. I don't think that's a good thing.

10) Gen Z is an utter waste. 20% think Osama bin Laden was a force for good. They need to spend time in Taliban camps.

11) Groomer City's stupid ban of cars in the Market Street district has destroyed business there. A horrible idea.

13) Predictably, the clown mayor of Benghazi-by-the-Lake claims that reparations money would help stop crime in his hellhole.


15) The great Ryan Burge makes two good points with the latest 2022 church data: the "nones" have retreated for the first time in years, if only by a little, and the future of American Christianity is non-denominational.

16) Oh, for Pete's sake. Stop this. A U of Wisconsin chancellor was dismissed for filming online porn with his wife.


17) In a reversal of policy, St. Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana will not allow transoid men to be admitted as women. Wow. This must have been an incredibly tough decision, gut wrenching to conclude that someone with testicles isn't a woman.

18) The fascist Southern Poverty Law Center now is after anyone who affirms biology.


20) Almost 60% of non-American citizens are on welfare. This is the final act in the Cloward-Piven strategy, only it's backfiring bigly on blue cities, which are bearing most of the burden. Many citizens escaped.

21) Half of Ford and Buick dealers are balking at taking any more EVs, as they cost a ton and don't sell.

22) A federal judge sided with the Osage nation against climate-kooks and demanded the removal of 84 wind turbines. Could we all just claim now, a la Elizabeth Warren (ComanChe) that we are injuns?

23) Ruh roh. Trouble brewing in paradise as the largest deposit of lithium for electric batteries was discovered underneath Kollyfornia's Salton Sea. So . . . will the environmental whackos allow drilling there?

24) It took 36,000 gallons of water to put out one EV fire.

25) Speaking of useless EVs, Minny cities went all-in on EV busses, which couldn't handle the cold and rarely worked.

26) This could be a game changer. A Canadian insurer will not insure an EV after battery failure due to extraordinary high cost of lithium batteries.

27) Rutabaga demanded that the media start reporting "good economic news," despite the fact that President Trump's economy added MORE jobs post China Virus than did Rutabaga's.

28) This is tortured and convoluted logic from the usually reliable lib (on border/wage issues) Mickey Kaus. The upshot: he thinks the "right" border deal could help Rutabaga if "timed" correctly. I don't. People are way beyond looking at anything short of absolute total border shutdown and deportations from inner cities. I don't think Kaus grasps the DemoKKkrats' "civil war" over this issue.

29) The Market Strikes Back! Pizza Hut fires 1,200 drivers after Kollyfornia raises its minimum wage to $20. The moron is strong with this state.

30) Not good: Banks continue to lose deposits (21 straight weeks of credit shrinkage).

31) From my favorite lib, Noah Smith, look at his #5, which suggests homelessness is largely a Kollyfornia problem. When you take Kollyfornia out, homelessness has dropped a tad.


32) One of my favorite movies is "While You Were Sleeping" with Sandra Bullock. Well, while you were sleeping over Christmas, the ChiComs are in heap big trouble. Back on Christmas Day, the Shanghai Composite Index fell under 2900 or 15% from April.

33) . . . while 38 ChiCom bank officials have been investigated, leading to many heart attacks and at least one suicide. The island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands tried to go all "renewables." 

34) The U.S. Navy just deployed a diesel-powered (!) mini-sub called an Orca that is designed to fight drone swarms. There was no discussion of how this worked. However, recall that Ronald Reagan overcame a massive Soviet ICBM edge with a single technology, "Star Wars," and it struck me this is the same approach: launch electronic jamming (or worse) aerial devices that would take out thousands of drones. Respond with your own swarms of cheap underwater and aerial drones. Gigantic ChiCom fleet advantage? Poof.

35) An island tried to go Full Green. Ya never go Full Green. Their power grid only worked 14% of the time, about par. And it's going in the wrong direction. The percent of energy produced by renewables was 14% in 2018, 13.5% in 2018, and 10% in 2020.

36) Shocked! Not. Maps from NGOs show the mass-illegal invasion blueprint was entirely deliberate and planned by globalists.

37) The murder of Christians continues in Nigeria, with 140 killed in a Christmas rampage.

38) The U.S. Navy has been busy shooting down Yemeni/Houothi drones and missiles.

38) Belarus says it has received tactical nukes from the Russkies.

40) This is where the environmental whackos go next: flying planes on poop. As the Rush Limbaugh of Energy warns, the future could be massive feces transportation and regulation, including where, and how much, you, er, excavate.

41) The Korean actor from the Oscar winning movie "Parasite" was found dead.

42) Really? We were told otherwise. Even NPR admits the Russkie economy is humming.



43) "Aquaman 2" pretty much a bomb, doing about $120 million worldwide in its first weekend against a budget of $205 million plus $70 million marketing. Meaning it is currently in the hole about $210 million. Unlikely it can hold enough to make that number back. Overall the Christmas box office was down 7% from 2022. "Wonka" looking somewhat better.

44) Tom Smothers of the legendary Smothers Brothers, dead at age 86.

45) "Reacher" star Alan Richson actually does live, more or less, like Jack Reacher, in hotels, AirBNBs, and homeschools their children.


45) False-positives of the China Virus are now associated with the vax.

46) This is a great review of the top 10 China Virus events of the last year.


47) And this is a headline you don't see every day: Mexico's "weed nuns," the Sisters of the Valley are taking on the cartels and boosting a $500,000 a year salve and ointment business. Yeah, that'll put the fear of Dios Mio! into the narcos.

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