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Today's News, December 30, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Even as Colorado put President Trump back on the ballot, Maine now has removed him with the same 14th Amendment garbage. 

2) Then the SecState immediately suspended her decision as did Colorado, but see the story below on printing the ballots..

3) Apparently Maniacs have had it with this suckerbumper Sec State and there are growing calls for her removal.

4) I don't disagree with any of this. Shipwreckedcrew argues that the Supes are killing all the cases against President Trump without "leaving fingerprints," i.e., by so delaying through pre-trial motions that nothing will happen til after the election, and if Trump wins, its all moot. This may be effective in the short run but cowardly and blind in the long run, as a position must be taken against "lawfare" and it must be crushed as an election interference method.

6) Even the Floridian is saying the end is nigh for DeSoros.

7) And as the post-mortems roll in, perhaps the DeSoros campaign spending more on private jets than ads wasn't a very bright move.

8) Black Lives Matter leader Douglas Fisher says President Trump speaks directly to the needs of black people. That is because President Trump speaks directly to the needs of all people.

10) An appeals court has refused President Trump's appeal to delay the Jean Carroll defamation case.

12) White Lizzo assured all 12 of his voters he wouldn't drop out of the New Hampshire primary. In a way this is good. If somehow he dropped out from too great a height . . . "Deep Impact."

13) I love the war going on between James "The Ragin' Cajun" Carville and Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox. Carville, otherwise known as "ol' serpent head," admitted his reptilian nature when he said that "gnats" (a bad reference to the monstrous Ox) shouldn't mess with "cottonmouths."

14) After supporting "sanctuary city" policies, the mayors of Benghazi-by-the-Lake, New Kabul, and Denver ("Leningrad-on-the-Rockies") are begging Rutabaga for help with the illegal criminals they invited in. This is Civil War #2.

15) Paul Ingrassia: Why President Trujmp is right about the presidential immunity issue.

16) ChiCom nationals are flooding across our southern border, nearly double than in the previous two years combined.

17) Kollyfornia will become the first state to offer health care to illegal criminal invaders. This state cannot go bankrupt or fall into the sea fast enough.

18) Voters favor a Rutabaga impeachment inquiry by 12 points.

19) The Army's first-ever lead special trial counsel got fired for telling his subordinates not to be influenced by politics---i.e., for behaving ethically.

20) Maine's megamoron SecState says she won't print ballots until the Supes clear up the election issues suggesting there won't be enough time to put Trump on the ballot. Folks, this is another reason I disagree with Shipwreckedcrew. I don't think the Supes can run out the clock on this.

21) Since August, there are more illegal criminal aliens arriving each month than are born to American mothers. This is the replacement theory in action.

 22) The USAF conducted a successful test in which a tanker aircraft was itself refueled mid-air from a C=5 Super Galaxy, opening the possibility for much longer on-station times and more fueling aircraft.

23) It's amazing to watch what happened to those who stabbed President Trump in the back. Now turncoat lawyer Michael Cohen is hit with charges of generating phony AI law cases in his paperwork.


The perpetual loser governor of Ohio, Mike DeWeenie, vetoed a ban on transoids in women's sports.

USA Boxing will allow transoids to compete against female boxers. Well, this will pretty much end female boxing.


Yikes! The Fed's bank bailout fund lost $130 billion as banks fail.

Beer sales are set to plunge to the lowest levels in 20 years thanks to Bud Light's woke goof.

Intel's CEO says Moore's Law (which says transistors per square inch of a processor board will double every 2 years) isn't dead, but has slowed to three years.


There are 10 big elections next year, five of them on the Indian subcontinent/southeast Asia.

Rutabaga's chuckledusters are quietly "changing" strategy with Ukraine, admitting the Ukes won't win and trying to set the stage for negotiations. Ya analdippers! You could have saved us billions of dollars and saved them countless lives if you did this a year ago.

Well, Russki textbooks may be more accurate than ours, saying President Trump lost a rigged election. Indeed.

Record global gas consumption defies the EV hype.

Korean researchers developed a potential replacement for lithium batteries.



Well, if you followed this news column and @Yelloflashguy2 over at Twit, you would already have known this, but Warner Bros. is in talks with Paramount.

Adam Driver is done with any future "Star Wars," thank God.

Although supposedly the box office is up 14% over 2022, movies are slated to lose $1 billion in 2024, and of 30 major "tentpoles," virtually no new stories: all remakes or sequels.

Paula Abdul has sued the "American Idol" producer for sexual assault. Probably a good thing I was never an "American Idol" producer. I kinda had a thing for Paula.

Wrestler Audre the Giant, dead at age 76.


A new Harvard study shows that under half of Americans think the China Virus vaxxes are effective.


A crewman in the U.S.S. Hunley reported something going faster than the speed of sound . . . underwater. This guy? Totally understandable. He was trying to get away from Amber Heard.

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