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Today's News, December 4, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Just the latest in the attempt to hamstring Pres. Trump, a fed court says he is not immune from lawsuits over Patriot Day, January 6 because he was a candidate, not president. Goofy legal pretzel logic.

2) Did I not say it and say it? Rutabaga will be the DemoKKKrat nominee. Florida DemoKKKrats just cancelled their primary to hand him the state's primary votes

3) Rutabaga continues to sink. TIPP has him at 33% approval, only 21% (!!!) with indies.

5) DemoKKKrats have a real crime problem. It's a BIG issue with voters and growing: increasingly people in cities say they are afraid to walk the streets at night. And DemoKKKrats, being the party of slavery, death, and crime just keep turning loose more criminals.

6) Illegal criminal invaders landed on a beach near the homes of Hollywood stars. Good. The Hollyweirds should put them up for the next three decades.

7) The Ohio GOP endorsed Donald Trump. Gee, he's only leading there over Rutabaga by 13 points!

8) For all the quitters out there, Robert Barnes has a final piece in his Friday "Barnes Brief" about the usefulness of resisting, even if it appears hopeless, a position I have also held.


9) Another gun victory, as the courts strike down a Maryland gun law.

10) .House Rs have demanded all of Jack Smith's communications with the DOJ about President Trump. Since they can't force him to give this up without the DoINJustice, good luck.

11) Something we already knew: An NPR poll says the home of antisemitism in America is in the DemoKKKrat Party. Well, why wouldn't it be? That's the home of lynching, of the KKK, of "Segregation Yesterday, Segregation Today, Segregation Tomorrow."

12) Another deeeeserter from DeSoros, as Adam Laxalt, superPAC chairman, jumped ship.

13) While just nine days after the chairman of the DeSoros superpac quit . . . his replacement quit.

14) The man who stabbed Derek Chauvin, the cop convicted of "killing" George (Fentanyl) Floyd, was an informant for the FascistBI. Seems they do NOT want this case coming back.

15) More Arizona coverup as a judge blocked Kari Lake's request to examine ballot envelopes on grounds of "privacy," even though the signatures are written on the outside of the envelopes.

16) This is interesting only because it came from MSN: "Rutabaga refuses to accept responsibility for the economy."

17) Not a good week for DeSoros. Not only did Laxalt bail but one of his chief supporters in Florida is being investigated for assault after a threesome.

18) Then this: DeSoros gave the ChiComs tax subsidies despite denying it.

19) Rutabaga's green graft fund and its parasites.

20) The evil and anti-Trump Bulwark bends over backwards to try to deny the deliberate/accidental release of the China Virus from the Wuhan lab, which has been all but 100% confirmed in Congressional testimony. But one nugget of truth is in this article, which confirmed my suspicions: Mike Pence's team was responsible for misleading President Trump.

21) Cong. Clay Higgins says 200 FascistBI agents were embedded on Patriot Day (J6). Of course they were. The goal was to create an "insurrection" and that's why Botoxic had her cameras there.

22) Friday I had a story about drunk and sleeping air traffic controllers---all due to the resignations/firings from the China Virus coming home to work by over-taxing the remaining controllers. Now, John Leake has a story about an "Aviation Disaster in the Making" due to the incapacitation of pilots. Gee, was a vax involved?

23) Pretty clear that Hoax News has received its marching orders to dump DeSoros and tout Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb, saying she has a "path" to the nomination. No she doesn't. Even if she got a couple of delegates from IA, NH, SC (like, 5) she will be stomped in OH, PA, WI, MI, TX, AL, MS, FL, TN . . . virtually everywhere else.

24) Well, after the big Gruesome/DeSoros debate, nothing changed. President Trump at 56%, DeSoros at 16% and Nick Knack at 16%.

26) The latest polling has President Trump up 2 over Rutabaga (who is at a shocking 37%) but Trump increases his lead to five with other candidates in the race.

27) . . . while another pollster has President Trump at 61% in the primary, Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb has taken over second, and DeSoros is in single digits.

28) Another reason to ban teachers' unions. In Maryland, a teacher's union rep made a list of wealthy Jews in the area, calling them "gluttons" and "thieves."

29) In beautiful and tranquil San Bernadino, Kollyfornia, a gang member and convicted felon out on parole kills three.

30) Chris Christie may not even get on the Maine ballot. Wait, Maine is a big whaling state, right?


20) A study has found a link between song preferences and moral compass. I am guessing any Slim Whitman, Yoko Ono, or Billy Ray Cyrus afficionados are on the "mass murderer" spectrum.

21) The University of Boston dropped its DEI requirements in a victory for free speech.

22) The great Ryan Burge shows that at Harvard, just 6% (!!!) of the students identify as Protestants. That's barely larger than Buddhists (1.5%).


23) Shortages of air traffic controllers (remember the China VIrus vax mandates?) left many asleep and drunk on the job. Well, that's reassuring.

24) Supposedly there is an "eye popping" construction boom going on.

25) .The U.S. has opened a probe into 73,000 Chevy Volt cars after they lost power. Rutabaga loses power every day. No one is investigating him.

26) Rutabaga's Department of INJustice has fined a Tennessee trucking company $700,000 because it required employees to disclose their legal status here. 180 degrees off.

27) Alaskan Airlines bought Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9 billion.

28) Homeowners are losing $200 a day; highest losses in Memphis and Groomer City.

 29) . . . as factory orders reversed and plunged over 3.6% in October.



31) What energy transition? Robert Bryce offers nearly a dozen slides showing the "transition" is anywhere but toward "green."

33) A Polish trucker protest on the Uke border has shut down transportation and commerce between the two countries.

34) Russia moving the right way on abortion. Tell me why these guys are so bad again?

37) Police raided Moscow's homosexual bars after a Russian Supreme Court labeled the homosexual/transoid movement "extremist," which it is.

38) Chy-na leads the world in harvesting DNA from pregnant women.

39) Leipzig soccer star Agyemang Diawusie dead at 25 of, ahem, "natural causes." Did those natural causes have a vax in there?

40) Cryptos and gold soared after purchasing power of the dollar falls.

41) Eight of the nine men who gang raped a girl in Germany got no prison time. Most were immigrants. Shocked I tell ya.


43) "The Marvels" ended its box office run, losing a couple of hundred million dollars for Disney. The reason I harp on this particular movie is that it is a canary in the coal mine for Disney, which is the tip of the spear (having defeated Bud Light) in the anti-woke revolution.

44) And Marvel's salvation just went out the window, as Kevin Feige says Robert Downey, Jr., won't return in the Avengers "Iron Man" role. Not a total denial that in an "alternate universe" a version of Iron Man won't be there, but still . . . .

45) .While an independent audit of Disney's Reedy Creek Improvement District in Florida showed that it tried to pull a "bait and switch" with the state.

47) McCauley Caulkin razzed for his voice when accepting his star on the Walk of Fame.

49) Coach Prime, Deion Sanders, whose Colorado Buffalos have lost eight straight games, has now lost his fiancee.

50) This ain't good. A video shows Jamie Foxx "dry-humping" a girl at a disco.



51) China Virus vax rates in the U.S. are "slumping," and there is little anyone can do to boost them. ("Dammit, why won't they take this poison??")


53) You don't see this every day. A Paraguayan official resigned after signing a treaty with a fictional country. I'm surprised Rutabaga hasn't done that yet. I'm sure he thinks Alderaan is a real planet and Xanadu a real city.

Larry Schweikart

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