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Today's News, December 5, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) I had a request from a sight impaired person to increase the font. Your wish is my command.

2) As Byron York showed, the leftoids have moved from seeking to stop President Trump from running, to imprisoning him, to stopping him from getting on ballots, to, "Well, we can still beat him," to now, "OMG, he's going to be president and arrest all of us!!"

3) The biggest schism in America today is between those involved in the "knowledge economy" and everyone else.

6) Turmoil at DeSoros superPAC a bad omen at a critical moment. Well, actually, it was predictable. I said in March his campaign was doomed.

7) Douglass Mackey ("Rickey Vaughn" on Twitter) won a stay of his prison sentence from a federal judge.

8) Younger people doomsday stockpiling in anticipation of the 2024 election.


9) Yet another sign that the DemoKKKrats are really concerted about Rutabaga.

10) The comms director of "Never Back Down" PAC has bailed the losing campaign. Maybe time to change the name to "Never Back Out?"

11) Millennials traded child raising for travel and entertainment. Now they are whining they have no kids to take care of them.

12) Will 2024 be riot season again? What can conservatives do? Christopher Rufo suggests sending in the national guards---but that only works if you have a Republican governor---and it can't be a squish RINO---and an "air war" via all GOP blaming the libs. Also, infiltrate leftist groups. That won't happen as long as the Department of INJustice thinks "white nationalists" are the problem. In short, buckle up.

13) The ChiComs are using climate to subvert the U.S.. They absolutely are. The great Rush Limbaugh knew this was a communist movement from the get-go back in the early 1990s.

14) Here is a good explanation of why debating committed whackadoodle leftists is a hopeless cause: they are "Transfixed."

15) Kollyfornia has instituted fines for stores that do not have a "gender neutral" toy section. Fine. Have a bunch of balls and Legos. Next, ya chuckleduckers?

16) Another 22-year old athlete dies of a heart attack but, I'm sure (all the brilliant spoogies will tell us) the vax didn't play a role at all.

17) Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb wants to "reform" Social Security and Medicare. "Donors are paying attention." Yeah, so are seniors. Now: shock---I actually support reforming both of these, but I know it is a losing short-term political position. Only someone in his second uninterrupted term with massive support could do it in the first year of a second term. .

18) RINO Congressman Patrick McHenry will not seek reelection. Maaaahhhvelous. That's now five DemoKKKrats and two RINOS out by 2024. The R/D math isn't great, but the MAGA math is fantastic.

19) Now they want Eric the Red Adams of New Kabul to wage a campaign against diabetes. With or without illegal aliens?

20) LIz "Clusterbomb" Cheney continues to think she's all that. Now she is "considering" running for president to stop President Trump. Good luck. The more RINO/leftists on the ticket, the bigger Trump's final margin.

21) New audio challenges the establishment's Patriot Day (J6) lies.

22) Oxford U. Press named "rizz" word of the year. I'm so disappointed, I thought my "Chuckleduster" might be in the running.

23) Senators warn that Rutabaga's ESG plans could allow universities to weaponize Americans' retirement plans and expand anti-semitism on campuses. Yep.

24) President Trump trolled the WashingtonCompost with its screeching headline about him becoming a "dictator" if reelected. Gotta love this guy.


25) Outrage as two transoids take first and second place in the Illinois women's cycling championship.


26) Remington firearms quit New York and headed for a red state.

28) .Tri-power is closing its Arizona and Colorado coal plants early to invest in "renewables" just as China and India are building coal plants faster than Deron Bland can intercept passes.

29) We have been back and forth on manufacturing, which supposedly is rising, and manufacturing orders, which are falling. Most recently, unfilled orders are at very high levels. What's going on? One analysis by Wolf Richter is that orders for defense items (aircraft, especially) had soared, but orders for non-defense stuff has fallen, particularly aircraft parts and transportation. In short, this seems that the manufacturing surge was likely entirely driven by the military trying to restock over giving away the store to Ukraine.

30) Some $350 billion in new central bank capital is behind the market "rally."

31) CVS will slash the cost of prescription drugs in its new business model.



33) This poor woman in England, suffering from dementia, was trapped under a staircase and died because the staff who were foreigners couldn't speak English well enough to get her out.

34) Faced with a looming election defeat, the Tories in England figured out that, gee, they can control their borders.

36) A Pentagon chief warns that Israel might lose in Gaza. Well, only if they stop, have "bombing pauses" and "cease fires."

37) The head of the big climate change confab says that no science suggests opposing fossil fuels.

38) Aww. So touching. Kim Jung Un called for women to have more young-uns as he cries in a speech. I guess they're running short on slave labor in Norkland.

39) Insider traders who got word of the Hamas murder attack on Israelis made a fortune.


40) Michael B. Jordan ("Kang"), already looking at charges for assault, slammed his Ferrari into a Kia. No one hurt.

41) Disney is now ceasing to report international figures for "The Marvels," as they are so terrible.

42) The board of Florida's new Reedy Creek District has accused Disney of paying bribes to former board members in the form of park tickets, hotel discounts, and Mouse swag.



43) A scientist intimately involved in Dr. Fallacy's coverup says he assisted Dr. Fallacy in trying to suppress the Wuhan lab leak theory.


44) The world's "sexiest tennis influencer" said she had to have surgery to replace a disc in her neck. So, wait. Two questions. First, there is such a thing as a "tennis influencer?" What do you influence? The spin of the ball? Second, what makes her so sexy? Am I to guess it's her, ah, raquets?

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