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Today's News, December 6, 2023

Updated: Jan 3

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The New York Slimes is screaming that Rutabaga is gonna get crushed. Note especially he trails President Trump in key areas where they have been trying to hurt Trump, namely "opposing extremism" (+3), getting beyond chaos (+6), and protecting the Constitution (+8). "This is grim" says one DemoKKKrat pollster.


2) Lawmakers questioned Harvard, Penn, MIT presidents about antisemitism. What can they say? Yes, their institutions hate Jews and love them some Muslims.

3) The Supes are considering a case limiting the IRS (pretty specific clause, so don't get too excited.)

4) This author gets it right: Jews are merely the tip of the anti-West spear that stokes campus antisemitism.

5) President Trump, at a townhall, blasted Lurch (John Kerry) for his climate activism that is destroying our country.

6) The creepy story behind James Yoo, the guy from Arlington who supposedly blew up his own home---a pro-Hamas guy who thought his neighbors were FBI agents.

7) In Portland, the teacher's strike was ended with an agreement that in part puts in place "restorative justice" for students, i..e., different punishments according to race.

8) Speaker Mike Johnson said the faces of some of the Patriot Day/J6 participants have to be blurred to protect them from the Department of INJustice, hence delaying the release of footage.

9) The evil dicknipple spoogenozzle maskie-wearing clown of a defense secretary warned that if the new aid package to the Ukes isn't passed, U.S. troops could be deployed.

10) Detroit's "reparations task force" in chaos after two members resigned and a third died in less than a year after it was established.

11) File this under "Remember what they told you a few years ago about how x is good for your health?" A new study shows exercise may lead to aging. I'm reminded of the Woody Allen movie "Sleeper" where he wakes up in the future and they give him a plate of greasy bacon and cigarettes and say "We've found this is actually the best thing you can put in your body."

 12) As I predicted, an Arizona court dismissed a 14th Amendment suit aimed at keeping President Trump off the ballot.

13) Speaker Mike Johnson said the GOP Rutabaga impeachment inquiry vote will occur next week.

14) More DeSorosoids jumping ship.

15) Wow. President Trump is growing his lead over Rutabaga to 6 in the latest Harris poll, is up 75-25% over DeSoros.

16) Jim Jordan launched an investigation into Fat Fani Willis over colluding with the Patriot Day/J6 committee.

17) Well, slap me silly and call me a toadstool. A special counsel investigating Hunter Biteme says he won't subpoena Trump---"wrong administration," he said.

18) South Carolina's Treasurer put Disney on the "do not invest" list.

19) We could pass this off as dementia, but I think Rutabaga slipped when he said "I have to run" in 2024, meaning, there is no one else. Harris is utterly unelectable as is Gruesome.

20) An ethics complaint has been filed against Enema over finances. Whew. For a minute I thought they were going to go after her miniskirts.

21) Yikes. RFK, Jr. admitted to flying on Jeffrey (He Didn't Kill Himself) Epstein's private jet many times & said his wife & Ghislaine Maxwell were good friends.

22) RINO former speaker Kevin McCarthy has announced he will leave congress after his year, and not finish his term. That makes 3 RINOs and 5 DemoKKKrats announcing their resignation so far. Notice who is missing? Any MAGA resignations.

23) Kamupchea Harris set a record for the most tie-breaking votes.


24) I guess one of the top trenders on TikTok is men obsessing over the Roman Empire.

25) Taylor Swift named Time's woman of the year. Whew. At least she's a real woman.

26) What did she do with her elevated Time interview slot? Bash Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Not a good look there, Swiftie.


27) A Massachusetts teacher filed a $10 million suit against the Ludlow school district after telling parents that the school was pushing a transoid agenda on their child.


29) . . . while Rutabaga continues to burn money, awarding $3 billion to the catastrophic Kollyfornia high speed rail project. 

30) .ADP jobs estimate disappoints. Manufacturing loses.



31) The WHO (World Health Organization, not the Who) calls for taxes on sugary drinks and alcohol. You'd never see the Who call for that.

32) Italy's Giorgia Meloni has caved to immigration pressures.

33) The full horror of the Hamas murder attacks are revealed. Stuff we really don't want to read but it's necessary to know the extent of these animals' depravity.

34). The spread of "gang" violence wrecks Sweden's once-peaceful image. What word is missing here? Muslim "gang" violence.

35) Juanita Castro, sister of commie dictator Fidel and anti-communist, dead at 90.

36) The director of Nicaragua's Miss Universe pageant was accused of trying to overthrow the gubment there. With bikinis?

37) Oh? So there are limits that even the Belgians won't go to? Belgium canceled a woke black female Santa Claus due to blowback.

38) .Moody's has downgraded ChiCom credit from stable to negative.


39) Norman Lear, creator of "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons," dead at 101. 

41) Eddie Murphy made a resounding return in the Christmas comedy "Candy Cane Lane," which has been a hit for Amazon.

Shocked, I tell ya.



43) The Illinois house passed a bill requiring donated blood to be screened for mRNA vaxxes. Gee, why? I mean they were so safe.

44) Military vets are suing the gubment for billions in back pay due to the China Virus vax mandate.


45) England has an interactive map showing where movies were filmed. My hometown, Higley, AZ, has not had a movie filmed in it that I know of. But in my childhood, the ranch where my father was a foreman was rented out to the television show "Have Gun, Will Travel," featuring Richard Boone. Dad took me to the filming of a fight scene in his barn. When the scene was over, Boone came over, shook my hand, and gave me one of his "Have Gun, Will Travel, Wire Paladin, San Francisco" autographed business cards. Quite a thing for a kid.

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