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Today's News, December 7, 2023

Updated: Jan 3

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Nearly 80% of Yale grades were "A"s. Guess the days of Professor Kingsfield are gone.

2) The great Ryan Burge notes that while Nate Cohn and the NYSlimes are right, that there has been a significant shift away from the DemoKKKrat Party by blacks (16-17%) it did not occur from 2020-23, but under President Trump, 2016-20. And white Christians are more Republican than ever.

3) Nevada "fake electors" indicted. Ok, read the next item then I'm gonna go off.

4) Wisconsin's "fake electors settle lawsuit," had under duress to say Rutabaga won

COMMENT: This is so much crap. There is no such thing as a "fake elector.." In every election all parties have slates. Get it? Parties get to draft slates: Green Party, Independent parties; Socialist Party; Libertarian Party; and so on. NONE OF THEM ARE FAKE ELECTORS. However, even if the Republicans, say, selected an approved slate and others decided to step up and call themselves the electors, they aren't fake. They are non-party approved. There is nothing whatsoever in the constitution that establishes HOW electors are chosen. It has always fallen to the parties. In Hawaii in 1960 there were three different slates of electors submitted in a confused counting process. None were "fake.." Two were simply not accepted. In 1876 (but there are more examples), Texas, Louisiana, and Florida Democrats, after counting the votes, said Samuel Tilden won and sent in electoral slates. They were not fake electors. Later Congress challenged the results, reversed all three states' decisions and the Republican slates were accepted. They were not fake electors. Gets old with these nimrods who don't understand history.

5) Failed presidential candidate Yeb ("Please clap") Bush says its time for older Americans to get off the political stage. Yeah, start with W, the Clintons, and Rutabaga.

6) President Trump responds to the WashingtonCompost "dictator" hit piece.

8) Victor Hanson argues that the universities are toast. I disagree for the following reasons: 1) sports. Many of the biggest colleges have sports funding programs that feed the beast. There is no indication whatsoever these are going away; 2) Endowments. Even if most of the major funders pulled out tomorrow, the money oceans that these institutions have is larger than the GDP of most nations; and 3) Institutions momentum for leftism. It would take two generations of specific, targeted, dedicated effort from the top (which we don't have at all) to get rid of the communist infiltration of college faculty and administrators. I see no hope but to figuratively level these places.

10) Annnnnd Rutabaga has just destroyed anything that was good about the drug industry claiming gubment can now seize patents. And yes, there is much that was good.

11) So ridiculous. Americans want all electric homes . . . as long as they can keep their gas.

 12) New Kabul, as if it didn't have enough problems, has installed "noise cameras" to fine people for "loud & honking cars." Would that include Occasional Cortex? She is the worst noise to come out of NY since Cankles.

13) Math scores have hit an all time low based on international metrics. Teachers' unions are an existential threat.

14) President Trump commented on a "very good ruling" from the state appellate commission, apparently on his civil case. No details on what the ruling entailed.

15) Rutabaga dropped to just 37%, his lowest ever in that poll.

17) Melania Trump supposedly is advocating for the Tuckster to be Trump's veep.

18) While the faux First Lady, Senior Skank Jilly Biden, is playing an "outsized role" in keeping Rutabaga on the rails.

19) Why did George Santos have to resign, but criminal Jamaal Bowman only gets "censured?"

20) RFK, Jr. sues Utah for "Unconstitutional early filing deadline."

21) Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said that the "Replacement Theory" is not a theory, that it's real. Whether it is a theory or not, one can see that white races are being replaced deliberately in Europe and America. Were this to happen to any other race, it would be called "genocide."

22) The UNLV shooter applied for a prof job & was denied. Shades of Charles Guiteau!


27) Two Kollyfornia teachers who sued a school district and won over being fired because they wouldn't use goofball made-up pronouns for kids have gone back to court to force the school to reinstate them.


28) Wolf Richter: "We need a recession." We have so much built-up excess.

29) Kollyfornia's EV truck doldrums.

30) A Puerto Rican rapper, Daddy Yankee, retired from rapping to rap the Gospel for Jesus..



31) Is Maduro's land grab in Guyana about oil? Probably.

32) As I predicted in my forthcoming book, A Patriot's History of Globalism: Its Rise and Decline, religion (i.e., pagan religions) are being enlisted in the war for "climate change." This is how badly it's going for the elites.

33) Britain's biggest home mortgage lender slashed rates again.

35) Turkey, Qatar, Hamas plan to flood north Cyprus with Palestinians. About that "replacement theory,. . . .


39) So "Aquaman 2," which was already struggling with massive Amber Heard backlash, has seen its opening week projections drop from $50 million to now $32 million. Remember that for a film to be a hit it basically has to make its production cost back on opening weekend. That means "Aquaman 2" is 90% short.

40) Elon Musk on Twitter/X has begun twerking Disney.

41) "Yellowstone" star Cole Hauser got into a fight with writer/creator Taylor Sheridan, and now they are engaged in a lawsuit over competing coffee trademarks. My solution? By Clint Black's "Cowboy Coffee." Really good.

42) This is so sad. Chevy Chase (80) arrived at the National Lampoon Christmas Vacation event in a wheelchair, then fell off the stage---not on purpose.

43) A major financial institution declared allyship with investor Nelson Pelz in his attempt to get seats on the board of Groomer Disney. Ancora is a share holder of Disney and has over $8 billion in assets.



44) Nahh. This couldn't happen. We were told it was "fake news": One-fourth of those who had the Pfizer China VIrus vax had unintended immune responses.


46) I don't know whether to cheer or weep. A new study shows that half of the Rutabaga administration's federal offices are occupied, and HUD is only at 7%. Cheer cuz the fewer of these douchenipples who are in DC, the safer we are, cry because of the amount of fraud and graft they are producing with only half staff.

Larry Schweikart

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