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Today's News, December 8, 2023

Updated: Jan 3

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


2) After announcing it would have an $18 billion surplus, the state of Minnesota, with its beautirul New Mogadishu capital, will have a deficit of $2.3 billion. Guess that's what you call a rounding error.

3) Mimicking other polls, the new Emerson poll has President Trump beating Rutabaga by 4 head to head, but if other candidates (West, RFK, Jr.) are involved that lead jumps to 6. Two references: in 2020 President Trump didn't lead in any national poll for more than a blip if that. Second, if he is indeed up by 6 in the popular vote, not only would he win the popular vote (as I thought he actually did in 2020) but would win the Electoral College by a number just short of a landslide, taking ME, NM, NV, PA, MI, WI, and probably VA and/or MN.

4) Flopping Aces says the Hunter Biteme indictment means Rutabaga's being shown the door. Fine and dandy but so far no one has been able to make him walk through it, and don't forget, he has pardon power. Why would he worry?

5) More Americans are optimistic about the future of Social Security. Guess they can't read the birth rate tables.

7) More on James Yoo who bliew himself up---or did he? His company, Global Crossing was an espionage front org whose founder just "died." Big names, such as William Cohen (Clinton's SecDef) were on the board. This may go deep.

8) This from that earlier mentioned Emerson Poll: young voters, according to Richard Baris's analysis of the poll, are a "gold mine for him."

9) The U. of Pennsylvania lost a $100 million donation due to antisemitism. Fine, but as I pointed out yesterday, these institutions have endowments in the billions. Won't matter til you add another zero.

11) Pledges of support to the Ukes is down 90%.

 12) I am told by someone who knows this better than I that this Dem is a shoe-in to take Santos's seat due to redistricting.

13) New Mexico sues Meta ("Meta" means death in Hebrew) over online dangers to minors.

14) So, a) it's Alex Jones, b) the Tuckster confirms. Now, understand, 10 years ago more than half the stuff Alex Jones was reporting actually turned out to be true. Anyway, they both say that Rutabaga is on drugs, Jones says he "wanders the White House at night naked" and doesn't know who he is, and when they have a morning and evening event, the staff has real problems. Now, this is third hand. I had dinner with someone who was friends with a former SS agent. He confirms all of this as well. But, it's just a news report, no different than the New York Slimes.

16) .The HuffPo is seriously concerned as the GOP senators have resigned themselves to a Trump nomination. BWAHAHAHA. You couldn't stop him, could ya, ya slimy diddlepickers. Now resign yourself to his REELECTION.

19) Holy cow. Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, may be undergoing the biggest TRANS ever recorded: an elected Dem moving sharply to the right on numerous issues. He has attacked Hamas, called for border control, come out for Israel's right to self defense, called for the expulsion of Menendez.

21) Despite government incentives, young people are not starting families.

22) A Wisconsin court rejected an 1859 feticide law as applicable to abortion.


23) Rutabaga is spending $2 trillion a year on useless and phenomenally costly green energy.

24) The House overturned Rutabaga's EV mandate. Don't know where this goes from here.



26) The ChiComs are likely using DNA collection for trans-national "repression," i.e., using it to go after people in other countries. The ChiComs are reverting to their Maoist evil self.

27) The Ukes have cracked down on draft dodging as they run out of men.

28) The UN spoogies discussing "climate change" eat gourmet burgers as they try to tell the rest of us not to eat meat.


29) The last GOP debate only drew 4 million viewers. Seems like people have made up their mind.


30) File this under, "If you're so smart, why are you stupid?" I mean, literally this is akin to the Ph.D. Nazis cheering on the death camps. Two Nobel laureates reaffirm their confidence in the China Virus vaxxes.

31) Wow. A court allows a Nuremberg claims case to proceed, says it is not frivolous.


32) I used to love Will Smith but he has gotten on the coocoo train. Not only, apparently, is he being cucked by Jada Pinkett Smith and some pool boy, but Will now has a girl friend who looks like . . . Jada Pinkett Smith. Stop the sickness.

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