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TODAY'S NEWS, February 1, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Thee Bloomberg swing state poll has President Trump leading in all seven swing states, often by a lot.

2) The Director of the FascistBI, Smarmy Christopher Wray, told Congress the ChiComs are the #1 threat, and that the U.S. has dismantled a lot of malaware from the house of the dragon. Really? So why is there a single agent assigned to J6 and/or "white supremacists?"

3) Faux Republican/mostly DemoKKKrat "megadonor" Ken (Soros) Griffen has now shifted his money from DeSoros to Nick Knack (Haley), $5 million of it.

5) Republican lawsuits challenging mail-in ballot deadlines in two states could seriously wound the practice nationwide.

6) Just ewwwwwwww. A 79--year old woman was charged with sending inappropriate snapchats to underage boys. Look at your own peril.

7) Again, these meatscabs simply do not understand either how Trump works or how the American people think. They argue that Trump's legal fees are "setting money on fire." No, no, no. People see this as money well spent, it is a major form of marketing that keeps his persecution front and center, and elicits a sympathy response, particularly in the black community.

8) Fat Fani Willis may not be off the hook yet, as she has been countersued and will be subpoenaed and forced to testify about her improper relationships. I wonder if that will also include her improper relationships with bags of Lay's Potato Chips?

9) An SEC director and her wealthy lawyer husband are suing Google after its maps sent them down a notorious South African road where they were attacked by robbers. Yeah, like this doesn't happen to a lot of people using Google maps.


10) Every day we are seeing this second civil war, of the illegal criminal aliens vs. the mostly black inner city residents. Now Boston, where the city seized a rec center in an inner city black neighborhood for the criminal aliens. 11) While New York gov Hock-a-Lugie now backtracks on her bail reform and wants to deport illegal criminal alien gang members who beat cops.


12) There are massive problems with universities---which I don't think can be fixed. I don't think this fellow does, either.

13) Ryan Burge: non-denominationals are not just "Southern Baptists without the baggage." They are a lot less likely to believe that the Bible is God's actual word, for example.

14) Well of course they would, because the elitist chatterpatters have to eliminate all merit, everywhere---else they would be in trouble: Now the American Psychological Association (you know, the mentally insane) say hiring the young and most qualified is "unfair."


15) Roll Call admits that voters have long memories when it comes to inflation, but its own memory is apparently short because yesterday Janet Screamin' & Yellin said "high prices are here to stay."

16) A server says tipping is out of control, and that most don't deserve 20%. Good to know.

17) The popular lib media outlet, The Messenger abruptly shut down.

18) Rutabaga is now going to stuff $2.1 billion into the New Calcutta (LA) to Sin City (Vegas) train. Why not? His ridiculous government backs every other loser.

19) In the latest crime closure, Denny's in Oakland shuts down due to crime.

20) U.S. banks are planning on closing hundreds of branches per year.


21) These idiot chedderpokers never even considered these kinds of issues when "saving the planet" through electric cars: it appears the heavier weight of these tanks now means that all the guardrails along Canadian highways are insufficient to restrain the cars, costing billions of dollars to replace.

22) A Brit MP will resign because of Muslim threats against him. You know, "The Religion of Peace" (trademark).

23) The ChiComs have rolled out new property relief policies to dampen the spreading problems associated with the Evergrande collapse.

25) The EU has caved to the farmers and agreed to eliminate the red tape burdens they have been working under. Good start. Now how about if all you people in Brussels sprout some wings & fly to Uranus?

26) Inside China's mobile execution vans that outstrip capital punishment executions for the rest of the world combined!! Shades of the Einsatzgruppen!


27) Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Swifts is a good QB. He is absolutely NOT the greatest player in NFL history. You can start that list with Jim Brown and Tom Brady.

28) While it is not quite "Chernobyl," Netflix's "The Days" is an excellent look at the Fukushima nuke disaster. The Nipponese bureaucracy looks surprisingly like the incompetent and corrupt Soviet bureaucrats. No one has any answers, and certainly no one wants to make any estimates (good or bad) that would prove to be wrong. I guess the most surprising thing is that after such a big earthquake, no one warned the plant that a tsunami was almost certainly en route. Recommended.

29) Meanwhile, "Argylle" has been branded one of the worst spy flicks ever made by critics. This is a $200-budget picture, meaning it's a $300-million total cost picture. Good luck recovering that money.


30) Brownstone argues there is a "medical-industrial complex" every bit as dangerous as the military-industrial complex.


31) This won't end well. Elon Musk takes his creepy terminator looking robot "Optimus" for a walk around his factory. Just wait for, "I can't let you make $55 billion, Elon."

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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