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TODAY'S NEWS, February 12, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The Tuckster's interview with Pootie-poot scored more views than the Super Bowl---by at least 9 million!

2) The week Rutabaga lost the New York Slimes as it ran back to back editorials on the doddering demented dicknipple.

3) I keep sayin' it and sayin' it. Ain't I been sayin' it? (Cue Russell Case in "Independence Day"): Rutabaga is in huge trouble. When "The Forehead," Paul Begala, starts squawking---joining Carville, Penn, Greenberg, and Ruy Texieira---you know it's deep trouble. Begala said Rutabaga's post-Special Counsel report was a disaster. Two CNN anchors asked the Forehead "How much DemoKKKrat bedwetting will there be?" At least Begala has a sense of humor. He said, "I'm a Biden supporter and I slept like a baby last night. I woke up crying every two hours and wet the bed."

4) This is how worried they are. Newsweak is warning President Trump could be the first R in 20 years to win the popular vote. Let that sink in. First, Trump likely did win the popular vote in 2020. Second, do these stories sound anything at all like people convinced they can just "steal the election?" Nope.

5) Shocked, I tell ya! Anti-Trump billionaires are the only ones funding Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb. Seth Meyers joked that she asked for Secret Service protection so there would be at least two people at her rallies.

6) Name that person: he already dropped out of the race, not getting a single delegate in New Hampshire, and his home state just endorsed President Trump. (Hint: think Sunshine State.)

7) Another RINO to retire, Cathy McMorrris Rogers.

8) And another, Mike Gallagher (WI), one of the few Rs to vote against impeaching Mayorkas, will leave.

10) In four races (two primaries, two cauci) President Trump has scored record breaking victories.

11)) Meanwhile, DemoKKKrats are worried about the special election to replace George Santos in NY. CNN says "they should be."

12) J. D. Vance is a great senator, and no doubt the RINO chatterpockets inside Congress are trying to use Uke funding against President Trump, but he is overly negative. People see Trump as a peacemaker and this won't have a negative effect.

13) Is political advertising obsolete? Getting there. A majority say such ads have "no influence at all."

14) From Carpe Diem: "Joe Biden's Presidency is Over." Too bad we couldn't have written this before November 2020.

15) How the Senior Skank, Jilly, and her staff insulate the Rutabaga from questions about his mental unfitness. She apparently is irate that they keep putting this pedophilic prostate humper in front of the American people.

16) Meanwhile, Rutabaga appears to be making Grand Moff Garland the fall guy for the Special Counsel report on his criminality.

17) Legendary screenwriter David Mamet ("Wag the Dog," "The Spanish Prisoner," and "Glengarry Glen Ross") calls President Trump "one of our greatest presidents and "the best president since Lincoln."

18) I keep saying you need to pay attention to long-time DemoKKKrat election pros like James Carville. They are partisan, but they can read the writing on the wall. Carville says it's a "sign of weakness" that Rutabaga isn't appearing at the Super Bowl halftime.

19) Kollyfornia's ammunition infringements are back in place . . . for now. The Supes have been consistent in applying Bruen against these states.

20) The House passed a resolution removing Illicit Mullah Omar from the Foreign Relations committee. She really needs to be removed from the USA and shipped to Gaza.

21) Fat Fani Willis lied about the timeline of her affair, says a witness.

22) A would-be shooter at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church was stopped by a good guy with a gun.


23) So, both Richard Baris and I have been telling you that regardless of the illegality of the criminal aliens coming across, this is NOT a winning issue for DemoKKKrats as even Hispanics oppose the open border, and many of those crossing would vote R because they come from repressive states, that is, from states like those run by DemoKKKrats.

24) Now they're gonna claim illegal criminal aliens "boost the economy" by $7 trillion. Only if you view gubment money supporting them as a "boost."

25) Axios, the DemoKKKrat mouthpiece, is already screeching about deporting the poor little illegal criminal aliens.


28) The great Ryan Burge notes that Christians will continue to outnumber "nones" even into 2070 even without no revivals; but one group is missing: the nonexistent white Christian DemoKKKrat.

29) I guess the old little red schoolhouse was right: handwriting increases brain connectivity.


31) Jerome Powell, of the Federal Reserve, says "Bidenomics" is not sustainable and can't be fixed. Sorta like Rutabaga himself.

32) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of energy, notes that hydrogen fuel is further away than electric for cars. I might have a slight quibble, based on my experience with the National AeroSpace Plane, which was designed to fly on slush H2. Hydrogen production, storage, pumping, and burning was one of the real bright spots in that cancelled program. Obviously not a commercial vehicle, but still it showed promise.

33) Kollyfornians brace for more rate increases, especially as new income-based rates kick in. This is literally the State of Insanity..

34) Then there are the doodlesprocket electric busses that are always broken.

35) Citi's Jamie Dimon says the debt bomb is the "most predictable" disaster in our history and could cost Americans their homes and savings. It went without saying that it could cost Citi possibly its entire existence.


36) After the HMS Queen Elizabeth had to be replaced due to mechanical issues in the NATO drills, its replacement, the HMS Prince of Wales also had to be withdrawn: "I hope it hasn't broken down again!" said one official.

37) Finland takes a step back to the 1800s by electing a globalist PM.

38) Remember we had a story about the Chernobyl mutant wolves last week? Well, it now appears they are resistant to cancer.

39) Clothes mountains---discarded clothing in piles so big you can see them from space.

40) Former Brit PM Boris Johnson had a meltdown after it was revealed he torpedoed Russkie'Uke peace talks.

41) Having utterly failed to terrify the world of "global warming" for the last 30 years, now the libtoid bucketdusters are back to "global freezing."


42) Well, well: The Tuckster met with Tara Reade, who accused Rutabaga of rape back when he was still a potted plant, and Edward Snowden while in Moscow..

43) The Kansas City Swifts won another Super Bowl.

44) A new film shows how the moronic "net zero" is killing America's power grid.


45) In England, a beauty therapist whose boss called her "sexy legs" and sent her porn was awarded over $20,000. So, am I to take it that "hotknockers" is also out? Asking for a friend.

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