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TODAY'S NEWS, February 13, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Yeow! That's gotta hurt. Nearly 90% of Americans including over 70% of DemoKKKrats think Rutabaga is unfit to serve. Yep, but they are stuck, stuck, stuck. They cannot replace him til they boot Harris.

2) Yet the dunce Harris is warming up in the bullpen, saying "I'm ready to serve." She doesn't realize that the call from the dugout ain't never gonna come except with a hook.

3) I been sayin' it and sayin' it. Ain't I been sayin' it? Now Politico admits Rutabaga isn't going anywhere. Well, except down to a massive defeat in November.

4) Right on cue, however, Rutabaga looks baffled on stage, wanders around behind the King of Jordan, stares at the floor.

5) Meanwhile, the DemoKKKrat Senate passed another Uke/Israel aid bill of $95 billion with no border measures. Good. That means it's unlikely to pass the House, thank God. And note how they tie Israel in, or it wouldn't pass at all.

6) Fat Fani Willis in the Georgia election case against Trump may be disqualified for her horizontal mambo with the prosecutor.

7) U.S. Marshalls were forced to hand-deliver the House subpoena to Fat Fani because she refused to accept the previous one.

8) The very weird Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox is not turning out to be the uber-Prog that DemoKKKrats hoped. In fact, he's probably so far more conservative than Yertle.

9) Here is the list of RINOs who are stepping down at the end of the term. As best I can tell, only Debbie Lesko here in AZ is a MAGA person, and she has able MAGA Abe Hamedeh running for her seat.

10) And while we're in AZ, the Senate fundraising arm has endorsed Kari Lake for senate.

11) Richard Baris shared some un-weighted data that I cannot link to, but I thought you'd like this: Rutabaga is getting crushed on all the issues. President Trump is up 48-35% on "Economy and Jobs," up 48-32% on "Inflation and Jobs," up a staggering 50.7% t0 29% on the border and immigration, is up 6 on "Threats to Democracy" and . . . trails by 0.1% on "abortion" (!!) MORE: Baris's polling finds an all time high among white evangelicals for Trump---over 72%.

12) I can just see the billboards now! "Come to Colorado to die!" The state's new assisted suicide bill invites out-of-staters to come to Colorado to kick the bucket.

14) Dozen's stormed Rutabaga's Delaware campaign HQ as an advisor warned da youts won't support the Demented Pervert. "Did you say 'youts?'"

15)More damning info has surfaced on Rutabaga from the Hur report---not a pronoun---in that the Demented Pervert was keeping classified docs at his veep house, the Naval Observatory as VP. No, he did not have authority to do so.


16) The Obama-ites in Rutabaga's White House are getting antsy, as in a meeting over the illegal criminal aliens, Susan Rice called Xavier Becerra an "idiot" and a "bitch ass." Well, true, but you're a lying, conniving, demonic piece of anal flack, there Susie.

17) RFK, Jr. had to apologize for a PAC ad that ran during the Super Bowl that used images of Eunice Schriver, among others. Family members whined.


18) A new dating app requires a good credit score to join. Seems fair. I wonder if the NBA in its draft will start posting criminal histories?

19) The state of the seeker church today: Super Bowl sermons and foul-mouthed rappers.


20) We now know more about the Lake Church shooter. "He" was a transoid, angry, disturbed "she" wearing Free Palestine goofball gear. It is increasingly looking like transoidism is one of the leading predictors of being a nutjob shooter.

21) From Christopher Rufo: Transoidism is "inherently political" and anti-family. Totally Marxist. Money came from James Pritzker, nephew of Illinois Governor Porky Pritzker, who had a "takeadicfromme" and "became" Jennifer and donated millions to the transoid movement.


22) About that supposedly great jobs report for January? Full time jobs tanked.

23) Another oil giant has emerged in the Permian Basin, Diamondback Energy.

24) Squatters are taking over homes all over the country and turning them into criminal dens.

COMMENT: You know how William Wallace and the Scots were always going on and on about "lands and titles?" In my talks about the Four Pillars of American Exceptionalism---as seen in my high school curriculum or my "VIP" Master Class---Pillar #3 is "Private property with written titles and deeds." This is key because when the Articles of Confederation Congress passed what I see as the most important law in all of American history---before the Constitution---the Land Ordinance of 1785, they surveyed the land to provide titles and deeds when land was sold. But people immediately moved to unsurveyed land and so there was a conflict between this Pillar and #2, "Common Law," which said the people know best. Congress solved this through a law colloquially known as "squatter's rights," saying that if you occupy land for seven years without being thrown off, you have claim to that land. This is why the numerous Covid/China Virus moratoria on kicking out delinquent renters was a disaster. Now some of them are approaching the time that they could legally take these properties from owners.

24) Inflation comes in hotter than expected.

25) This news caused the stock market to fall 400 points.

26) In a big breakthrough for battery technology, Exxon is drilling a giant lithium mine in Arkansas. I'm still skeptical of electric, but at least this mine won't have child labor.

27) A Marine vet has won his first round against Nevada's civil forfeiture laws. The state took his life savings without charging him with a crime.

28) At least half of France's ministers are millionaires. You know, sorta like Congress.


29) Prepare for the world powerhouse of Nigeria, which will by century's end surpass Chy-na as the second most populous nation in the world behind India.

30) According to Tass, the Russkie news agency, the West plans to appoint a "viceroy" in Ukraine to begin the process of ending the war.


31) This should be interesting. I don't see how the woke mobsters can make this, but . . . Warner Bros. is going to put out a "Speedy Gonzoles" feature film. I wonder if they will show how fast he can run across the border?

32) Poor phony heiress Anna Delvay (Sorokin) complains that house arrest that prohibits her from using social media. Oh, the humanity!


33) It appears Katie Holmes has saved her daughter Suri from Scientology, and that Tom Cruise has no contact with her. Course, the Scientologists say this is all part of a master plan to bring Holmes herself back into the, ah, "organization." I dunno, let's go ask John Travolta . . . .

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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