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TODAY'S NEWS, February 14, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Yesterday was a pretty darn good day. First, the House impeached Alejandro Mayorkas, head (supposedly) of DHS and the first cabinet member to ever be impeached.

3) Maybe all it took was voters seeing a demented pervert who hates America in action vs. a patriot like President Trump. Now by a 2:1 margin they "respect" President Trump. Cankles is at the very bottom of the respect pole.

4) Jesse Watters claims the DoINjust ice has a five-hour blackmail tape on Rutabaga re: ChiComs and that it will be "leveraged." Sorry, Jesse, but you apparently haven't looked at the consequences, I.e., a Harris presidency. They won't use it.

5) Prosecutors met with Rutabaga admin officials every time before they launched their "indictfare" cases against President Trump. Seems like DeSoros wasn't the only one counting on "Indictfare" taking out President Trump.

6) This is being touted as "breaking" information, but for some time people such as Brian Cates, Techno-Fog, Tracey Beanz, Greg Jarrett, and many others have known and reported this: the CIA put foreign allies up to spying on Trump so that Hoax News media could report it and get a Special Counsel.

7) This won't end well. The U.S. Air Force is going to rely on "robotic wingmen" in the struggle against Chy=na. "I'm sorry, Hal. I can't let you blow up another human. I have locked your missiles."

8) Dearborn, Michigan has now essentially become a terrorist state promoting jihad.

9) The New York Slimes interviewed 13 voters about the upcoming election. Eleven said they'd vote for Trump based on the economy. But, people: the economy is so damn good. What's the issue?

10) Nella Dominici, daughter of a long-standing Republican NM senator, is the likely candidate for the NM senate seat in November.

11) No evil is beyond this demonic administration, as it now diverts VA money and resources to the illegal criminal aliens.

12) Good news for President Trump, as his son-in-law, Jared Kushner announces he will not be a part of Trump Part Deux administration. Don't get me wrong, this guy was KEY to financing the 2016 run and Trump couldn't have won without him, but his China Virus views were a disaster for the President.

13) DemoKKKrats won back the George Santos seat in NY3 after the idiot Rs kicked him out and ran a milquetoast non-MAGA. To quote the great "Four Tops," "Same Old Song."

14) A more serious development, though, as DemoKKKrats won the Pennsylvania statehouse in the special eletion there.


15) The U.S. and UN are handing out "cash in envelopes" to the illegal criminal invaders.


16) A new study shows "diversity training" actually increases prejudice and bigotry. Gee, why am I not surprised?

17) Gen-Zers are facing a "sexual apocalypse" as boys pretend to be "woke" and "dating right now is like walking on eggshells." This only ends when we get men back into full-time meaningful jobs, get them back to a majority in colleges, and make marriage/family more important than polar bears.


18) Ford plans for even bigger losses in its EV division. Psst, Ford. I have a solution. STOP MAKING STUPID EVs.


20) The slavish and lying media in Europe continually blames "right wing" or neo-Nazis for antisemitic attacks. But we all know the truth. These are overwhelmingly committed by Muslims and leftists. For example, because Al-Quds have "Nazi-style" salute, they get thrown in as Nazis!

21) A Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit had to turn back after maggots fell out of an overhead compartment. No, bugs. Real maggots, not DemoKKKrats, although I understand the confusion.

22) Shades of Alderaan: Dubai will have "Flying taxis" in operation next year. I imagine a tip for one of those trips would probably be a house payment for most Americans.


25) One of the best, most honest reporters in the country, Catherine Herridge, was laid off along with hundreds of others just after she reported on the Biden documents. Hmm. Was this a case of hiding an "assassination" in a mass firing event?

26) This is hysterical. Screen shots of theaters for "Madam Web" show this is an enormous bomb, with theaters showing only two to (at night) 20 seats filled. It also has a "Rotten Tomatoes" score only one point better than "Morbius," one of Marvel's biggest flops. Yeah, but how do the critics feel? Rolling Stone calls it a "Chernobyl-level disaster," "the 'Showgirls' of cinema," and "'Cats': the Movie" of superhero movies.

27) Paramount to cut 800 jobs after boasting about its Super Bowl viewership.


28) Here's one you don't hear every day: In Sweden a water park burst into flames. Slides literally were exploding. Did they suddenly run out of water and use gasoline?

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