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TODAY'S NEWS, February 15, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) No surprise here. A 44-year old immigrant---status undetermined---and three teens were arrested in the Super Bowl celebration parade in Kansas City for the football team, the Swifts, that left one dead and 22 injured. Gee, he sure doesn't look like a "white nationalist."

2) In testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Tony Bobulinski ripped DemoKKKrat Jamie Raskin a new one over Rutabaga's criminal role in the family bidness.

3) In a new poll out of MI, President Trump has a 2 point lead there. When he won in 2016 (course he won in 2020 as well, but it wasn't counted), he only ha a .01% lead.

4) Nice. There is a call for an inquiry into House R Mike Turner of OH over his "reckless disregard" for truth in calling for declassifying docs over the "Muh Russia Space Nukes" claims.

5) The House delayed a vote on re-authorizing FISA. Let's hope they realize they are being played by the CIA.

6) Joe Machin-on-a-Hill floats the idea of the failed Minion Romney as a presidential running mate. Go for it Joe! Sewing two dead horses together might make Secretariat yet!

7) Governor Larry (Bulk) Hogan of MD leads all DemoKKKrats in the US Senate race there.

10) Former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy says President Trump is going to "mop the floor" with Rutabaga. Yep.

11) As the House nixxed the Uke aid bill and is voting on reautorization of FISA and other intel budget, surprise, surprise, the CIA rolled out info that the Russkies are putting nukes in space. This would be the same country that they say can't defeat Ukraine.


12) Cities are at the "breaking point" in the illegal criminal invasion. Too bad, so sad. Shouldn't have been "Sanctuary Cities" and shouldn't have voted for Rutabaga.

13) Oh? So Kollyfornia thinks a border wall is now a good idea? Kollyfornia is building a new border wall with "anti-climbing" features. Ought to put a moat of alligators in front and behind it, supported by a minefield.

14) This falls under illegal criminal invasion, right? 80% of Americans test positive for a chemical found in Cheerios and Quaker Oats that may cause infertility and delayed puberty.


14) While the salaries and lifestyles of pastors such as T.D.. Jakes and Joel Osteen make headlines, the great Ryan Burge notes that the median salary for a pastor in the United States is $55,000. But this excludes one of the larger denominations in America, the Latter-Day Saints, who have unpaid lay ministers. School teachers make a heckuva lot more money, and evidence is that pastors' salaries barely rose in the last quarter century except in a few states (including Kollyfornia.)


15) An ex-CEO warns that inflation and mass layoffs point to a "tremendous shift" in the economy---I'd say, for the worse.

16) President Trump's Truth Social is on a tear, rising 20% today.

17) Retail sales plunged in January.

19) Industrial production decreased in January.

20) Yet DemoKKKrat Cong. Mike Quigley says the economy is peachy. This is good. We want these people insulting everyday working Americans by telling them they don't know how much money they aren't making.

21) George Soros is seeking to gain control of some 220 radio stations. Well, weren't we constantly told that radio is dead? My son (35) knows no one who listens to radio anymore. Don't think this is the coup Soros thinks it is.


22) Pootie-poot says he prefers Rutabaga over President Trump because the Demented Pervert is more "predictable and experienced," i.e., "Malleable" and better for Russia. OK< where is the "Muh Russia" collusions investigation of Rutabaga now?

23) The moronic squidpimples running Canada admitted they stopped investing in roads so they could foist public transportation off on people.


24) Looks like "Madam Web" is sucking, at a $6 million open on a $300 million budget.

25) Too weird for words. A Canadian Rapper named Tom MacDonald joined forces with Little Benji Shapiro on violin to reach #1 on the Billboard charts with a rap song called "Facts."


26) In my new book, A Patriot's History of Globalism Its Decline and Fall, I have argued that the globalists are in retreat. Here is just another sign: they have given up on future lockdowns.


27) "Circus, Circus" has been labeled the "rankest" hotel on the Vegas strip for bedbugs, dirty sheets, and falling tiles. Well, where did you think they kept the elephants?

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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