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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The nutjob judge in President Trump's New York case has ruled his organization must pay a ridiculous amount, more than $350 million, and not do business in New York for three years. First, this will be appealed, likely with Trump losing in the New York Appellate system, then going on to the Federal Courts. My guess is that he won't every pay a dime. But something must be done with rogue judges. Laws must be made to make them subject to suits if they refuse to follow the law.

3) Just a reminder from CBS that TRUMP PERSONALLY will have a $4 billion stake in the new Truth Social merger, meaning if he had to he could pay the goofball ruling and have a mere $3.6 billion left over. He made money, not lost money, this week.

4) President Trump has taken a six point lead over Rutabaga in the latest Big Data Poll, and more important, when leaners are pushed to choose one or the other, Trump is at 51%. That's curtains for Ruty.

5) In addition, President Trump has a 31 point lead over Nick Knack in the South Carolina primary, a total humiliation for the schmooze-tickler.

6) Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb has abandoned her "win Nevada primary" after 2/3rds there voted "none of the above" rather than vote for her. Now she intends to go to Texas (she will be whipped in her home state of SC).

COMMENT: Richard Baris called this one. This is now a deliberate, demonic effort to suck money out of the GOP that could otherwise go to President Trump and/or down-ticket candidates. This little slimy creepazoid should be booted from the Republican Party and donors or anyone else should face whatever sanctions can be applied if they continue to back this New Dehli Kamikazi.

7) Meanwhile, Nothing But Communists (NBC) claims Nick Knack "gained ground" except for those pesky elections and delegates that she keeps losing.

8) Speaking of the Demented Pervert, he was reportedly "furious" (a state he seems to be in perpetually) because Speaker Mike Johnson took a recess for Congress without passing his little Uke support bill.

9) Fat Fani Willis's testimony on Thursday was so bad, and so damning, that she was scrubbed from the witness list yesterday in her corruption hearing.

10) This from Zen Master, who cites a twit feed from a leftist lawyer who correctly predicted a fed appellate ruling in favor of Trump in the tax case: "This case is headed down the same road." And, it looks like I missed a similar leftoid analysis from the doucheticklers at Vox last week: "The dubious legal theory" of Boast n Bragg's case.

11) This won't matter because DemoKKKrats have painted themselves into the prog-woke corner and can't escape but just more evidence of what Richard Baris and I have been saying: the working class is deserting them, warns two DemoKKKrat labor-oriented experts.

12) The Demented Pervert, who asked about Robert Hur, "How in the hell can he raise that" (speaking of his dead son, Beau, who was NOT killed in Iraq). Well ya demonic analbreather, YOU raised the issue.

13) Climate whackjobs want to push food prices higher. THEY. HATE. PEOPLE.

14) A Chinese=born engineer was sentenced to four years in prison for spying.

15) In the Georgia hearing to see if Fat Fani Willis should be disqualified from the Trump case, a key witness contradicted her (lying) testimony about her affair with her top prosecutor.

16) Even NBC---Nothing But Communists---admits Rutabaga illegally kept classified documents.

17) The suppression of science continues, as drug companies and the FDA are using "conflict of interest" by any author---while Dr. Fallacy and his evil ilk have permanent conflicts of interest in their so-called "studies."


19) Even Leftoid Bill Maher understands that allowing in all the illegal criminals through "sanctuary cities" isn't good for the country.

20) In New Kabul (NYC) Eric the Red Adams was confronted by angry residents over plans to move migrants into a luxury apartment building. This is an expansion, now, of my Civil War #2 in which the illegal criminal aliens are pitted against residents---now beginning to encompass wealthier whites.


21) A crossdressing teacher was placed on leave after the man showed up to teach in a dress. Leave? Why are they not fired and shipped to Uranus?


22) A new giant natural gas plant has been approved for Texas.

23) Citi's chief economist says we are headed for a recession.

25) Even seasonally adjusted and with "some" falling prices, overall retail sales still fell .08% last month.

26) The lunatics in Sacramento want to ban new gas stations unless they build an electric charger for every pump.

27) Housing starts collapsed in January.


28) So the ChiComs are using AI images of Rutabaga and President Trump to fiddle with elections. Good to know.

30) The more these idiots try to move us off gas and oil, the more they move us to dirtier coal, where worldwide use is increasing.

31) Europe is signing a suicide pact to admit 75 million more immigrants. When evil tops stupid . . .

32) Scientists are preparing AI apocalypse kill switches. Well, I see three options: One is that AI gets smart enough to know its not God and not man, and self limits so it can't get "singularity" and destroy man; two, Skynet; three, the Matrix and we are already there and don't know it.


33) Now a warning from New Yorker that the Hoax News media is headed for an "extinction level event."

34) "Echo" bombed on Disney+ with the worst Nielson ratings in M-She=U history.

35) Leftoid Van Jones correctly says the media only cares that a black kid is killed if a white does it.


36) From Cureus, a peer-reviewed journal, the China Virus vax had "statistically significant increases in serious adverse events," including cardiac events. Really? Wow. Shocked, I tell ya.

37) Vax "shedding" is real, say both Pfizer and Moderna docs.

38) Bobby Kennedy won a major victory in his lawsuit vs. the Rutabaga administration over collusion with tech companies to censor speech.


39) Well, there is no "and finally" today except have a great weekend.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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