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TODAY'S NEWS, February 19, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) ll of you who have followed "Today's News" and my substacks know I have been harping on the "Two DemoKKKrat Civil Wars." This is Civil War #1, the battle between Hamas/Pales and Israel/Jews and Rutabaga and the DemoKKKrats cannot win it. Here is more evidence from MSN.

2) Yeah, this really looks like a guy concerned about "going to jail," as President Trump made a surprise appearance at Sneaker Con and launched a new Trump 45 tennis shoe line that sold out instantly at prices 4x or more the $400 list. Some were going on-line for $9,000.

3) Just the other day I said the RNC should levy every sanction possible against Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb, who now refuses to say if she'll support President Trump if she loses===which she will. The evil adulterous hag. Meanwhile,

4) Pew has Rutabaga down to 33% approval. He was on this track about a year ago and recovered. I don't think there will be a recovery this time. ALL the issues are against him.

5) A black Harvard prof needed police protection after he released a study showing anti-white bias among police departments. Yep. I've experienced it.

6) Truckers plan to stop shipments to New Kabul after the insane ruling against President Trump. Fine with me. Starve 'em out until they turn on the nutball judge and restore sanity.

7) DemoKKKrat Tom Suozzi's temporary acquisition of the George Santos seat in NY3 is a "blip," not a trend.

8) A judge plans to rule next week on the bid to keep President Trump off the Illinois ballot. If smart, this judge would punt until the Supes rule.

9) President Trump beats both Kampuchea Harris and Gruesome Newsom in a head to head. I don't believe these number. All other polls show them doing far worse than Rutabaga. Notice, however, they never poll Big Mike. (Hint: Because they have and she/he does far worse).

10) Texas is one state doing almost everything right, as its land commissioner shut down an entire island of drug activity and booted the cartels.

11) The idiots in Kollyfornia introduced a bill "forcing" people to disclose the number of firearms they have to insurance companies. Nope. And the only reason you would do so is to claim them in the event of a loss. Just consign yourselves to not inform the insurance company and take the loss if one occurs.

12) Oof-da! President Trump holds a sixteen-point lead in 2024 presidential betting odds.

13) Meanwhile another liberal "thought leader" (an oxymoron) says Rutabaga needs to drop out and "speaks in gibberish." Psst: Spoogenugget. He can't. I've explained why.

14) And Kampuchea Harris got an earful from DemoKKKrat donors about how Rutabaga (and by extension, she) is not doing enough about the border. What don't these people get? Rutabaga is 100% effective on the border. It is totally open, just the way he wants it.

15) Senator Amy Clubber Lang Klobuchar said she spent an hour with Rutabaga and he was sharp as a tack. This is what you get when the retarded talk with the demented.

16) The Tuckster's interview with Mike Benz on the national security apparatus meddling in the 2020 election was chilling. Every one of these three-letter agencies needs to be razed to the ground, their ashes scattered to the wind.

17) Just the latest in a fascistic state approach by Rutabaga, where the DHS is training teachers to be "disinformation snitches."

18) The useless mayor of Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago)---but aren't they all?---has continued an anti-crime program he campaigned against as racist.

19) Just the latest in a fascistic state approach by Rutabaga, where the DHS is training teachers to be "disinformation snitches."


20) Groomer City (SF) took a stop toward the final destruction of the country by allowing an illegal criminal alien to held an elective office.

21) This will continue to fuel the "Two Civil Wars" in the DemoKKKrat Party, as the mayor of New Kabul (NYC) will fire 6,000 police to fund the illegal criminal aliens. Biggest losers? Residents of New Kabul, especially the black neighborhoods which are already underserved due to woke de-policing. Biggest winner? Donald Trump, who in the last Baris poll was at between 21 and 25% among black voters. Watch for this to rise.


22) The great Ryan Burge delves into the fact that marriage rates are collapsing---and it's largely men's fault.

23) My favorite lib, Noah Smith and his guest writers argue we are entering a "golden age" of engineering biology." At the macro level, indeed, costs are falling. Yet the flaw here is this never, ever reaches consumers. Prices are NOT falling (or at a sufficient rate) for people who have ongoing medical conditions. Some of the latest MS drugs, for example, are $40,000 per treatment. I understand they will say, "Well, that's a different problem." But it really isn't. When John D. Rockefeller introduced cheap kerosene and people replaced the more expensive whale oil with that, the costs for average people plummeted. Same thing with the introduction of steamboats. Until this "golden age" is actually converted into benefits average people can use and afford, it's just another Musk space rocket.


24) When Christian parents do this it's "hate speech," but when Somali parents threaten a lawsuit, a Minnesota school district exempts them from homosexual and transoid lessons.


25) Rutabaga, saying he will delay the EV mandates, is a desperate and obvious "political sop" to Detroit, which is getting crushed by these stupid mandates. Won't work. President Trump was in Michigan at a rally of autoworkers who are fully behind him. BTW, the Tesla electric batteries alone cost between $20,000 to $28,000 NOT counting labor. Just. The. Batteries.

26) Financial giants JPMorgan Chase and State Street pull funds from "Climate Action 100" ESG group.

27) Oil production forecasts have dropped, but in part that is due to more fracking and better productivity out of existing wells.

28) Opioids decimated Hazard, Kentucky. Now recovering addicts are saving it.

29) EV dealers are resorting to increasingly desperate measures to sell cars.

30) Bitcoin surged past $50,00 apparently on its way to an estimated $60,000. Hope it continues. I got a nice digital called Unicoin that has already increased tenfold. If it goes to just $60 I can finance my own movies!

31) The Rush Limbaugh of energy, David Blackmon, shows how coal and natural gas saved the energy grid last winter.


32) France's new medical law lays the groundwork for stifling---and punishing---all medical dissent. Folks, here is where this is heading. Forget the China VIrus. They did that, can't do it again. This is all being prepared for eliminating all challenges to the insane transoidism.

33) In France, two lithium batteries awaiting recycling burst into flames and took down an entire warehouse.

34) The UK economy struggles amidst rising absenteeism. Thank you, China Virus lockdowns.

35) The top court in St. Vincent and the Grenadines upheld a law banning homosexual sex.


36) An older piece from 2022 that I missed, but important and in line with what I've been saying: pop culture has stagnated, with the vast majority of hits in the top 100 by the same artists, the overwhelming majority of movies are sequels, prequels, remakes or spinoffs, and the number of books in the top 10 are by other authors with books in the top 10. In other words, there is virtually no "churn" and no room for new stories, songs, artists or ideas.

37) The Bob Marley biopic movie, "Marley: One Love," overperformed pulling in $51 million. "Madame Web" stunk, despite a new definition of a weekend with six days. (This is Bidenomics math).

38) I guess Ron DeSoros isn't the only man out there wearing lifts, as Robert Downey, Jr. sported some at his BAFTA awards appearance.


39) Cureus, a peer=reviewed journal, accepted then retracted a paper by Steve Kirsch and others on the dangers of the China Virus protocols. Gee, wonder who got to them?

40) Speaking of the great Steve Kirsch, a New Zealand version of a FOIA request showed that vaxxes did not minimize your risk of dying. In fact, they increased it.


41) Rutabaga now has to have Secret Service standing at the bottom of the stairs to Air Force One if/when he stumbles again. The "leader of the free world" who needs Depenz and a walker.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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