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TODAY'S NEWS, February 2, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Oregon has ruled that 10 Republicans cannot run for reelection because they violated a new law that said senators and reps can't miss more than a certain number of days. The Senators had walked out to avoid a quorum, a little trick DemoKKKrats pull all the time.

2) A brutal poll for Rutabaga in Georgia, where 1) President Trump beats him by EIGHT, 2) President Trump is over 50 (51%), and 3) President Trump wins indies by 20. All from Faux News, no fan of President Trump.

3) President Trump met with the leaders of the Teamsters Union in Washington, supporting the view that he has strong support among unions.

4) Arsonists set fires in Minnesota's conservative organizations.

5) Count Dooku (Jack Smith) has lost again, as the "obstruction" case has been removed from the court docket indicating it ain't gonna happen this year..

6) And speaking of cases falling apart, Fat Fani Willis has now been subpoenaed by a House committee over her misuse of fed funds.

7) The Capitol Hill police won't seek charges against the staffer who filmed a homosexual sex act in the Senate chamber. Of course not. But they'll gladly put away a grandmother taking a selfie on Patriot Day (J6).

8) Twenty-five reasons President Trump won't pay a dime to E. Jean Carroll. I'd add #26, namely this ugly hag will die before anything is ever settled.

9) Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb Haley sounds surprisingly like DeSoros just before he quit: "I'm in it through Super Tuesday." She's about to get crushed in SC and NV.

10) Newark, New Jersey, held a housing lottery where it sold houses for $1 to "eligible applicants" who had to commit to living in Jersey for 10 years. I dunno, that seems like a pretty big pound of flesh for a mere house.

11) And, as I predicted, Judge Chutkin, helpless with the Supes taking the immunity appeal, has vacated the Mar. 4 Trump trial. Will reschedule after the appeal, unless Smith loses. Then it will be tossed.


12) This is what passes for a pastor and a man of God today, as Mike Todd pours syrup and whipped cream over a Bible. Truly demonic influences in the church today.

13) Meanwhile, the heathen and woke United Church of Christ lost 286,000 members and closed 550 churches in the last decade. Gee, ya think maybe people want to know what GOD THINKS when they go to church?


15) A New Jersey dad sued a local school district for "transitioning" his daughter without his knowledge or permission. Hope he bankrupts them.


17) Smart aleck economists who tout the great economy still don't get it: two-thirds of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

18) ADP reports only an increase of 107,000 private j0bs in January, contrasted with the over 400,000 needed for a "growing" economy.

19) Yet the BLS says there were 353,000 jobs created in January. Of course, this will be revised downward by 200k in a month.

20) Meanwhile Intel delayed a $20 billion Ohio chip plant due to slow sales.

21) Rapper "Lil' Pump" unveiled a new tattoo: calling President Trump the "Greatest President of all Time." That's gotta hurt the Swiftoids.

22) More evidence the demonic Rutabaga's brain roots are not connected as he demands grocery stores cut food prices. Fine, ya fecalbrain. Cut energy costs by pumping more oil. That's a start.

23) This is both shocking and outrageous: all job growth in the last four years has been foreign born. There has been zero native-born job growth.

24) The rising cost of housing is forcing Millennials to live in vans for years. This is contrary to what people like Noah Smith say about the great shape Millennials are in.


25) Volvo ceased funding of its EV venture Polestar.

27) In Brussels, police fired rubber bullets at farmer protesters. They better watch out. There is a European tradition of executing elites who refuse to listen.

28) These people must simply be exiled from all working elements of society. This senior BBC official called white people a "parasitical deviant breed." Now, I don't care if they are removed to Angola or Antarctica, but they cannot be allowed to remain in civilized society.

29) Hungary's Viktor Orban says "Peace has a name" and that President Trump is the only leader strong enough to bring the war in Ukraine to an end.

30) The Insane climatoids now want to deploy a giant parasol in outer space for "climate change." They won't be happy til they provoke a giant climate catastrophe themselves only to prove their point.

31) The Huns' army is shrinking despite a recruitment drive. Given their history, not sure this is a bad thing.


33) Carl Weathers, "Apollo Creed" in the "Rocky" movies, dead at age 76.

35) "Marvels" ends its run as the lowest grossing MCU movie in history. Now the main topic of discussion is which movie will "save" Marvel. Answer: none.


35) Amsterdam is building a five story mega-brothel., proving the Pilgrims were right to bail from that place in the early 1600s.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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