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TODAY'S NEWS, February 20, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

First, in Mrs LS's "Feel good story of the day," CNN is being forced to slash hosts' salaries starting immediately. Let me know when these turdbots' pay is zero.


1) As you know, I have consistently argued that Rutabaga will be the candidate come November. Just another piece of evidence to that fact is that he plans to use the State of the Union as a campaign "reset." There would be no reset if he wasn't serious.

2) In the latest Suffolk/USA TODAY poll on South Carolina, President Trump squashes the skank-tart Nick Knack by almost 30 and pastes her among military families by 32%. I guess military families don't like the multi-ho routine going on back home while the hubby is on deployment abroad.

3) While Emerson says President Trump is up in Pennsylvania by 2. That's right at the margin of fraud.

4) The latest Rasmussen has President Trump up 6 with or without third party candidates.

5) As Zeohedge notes, the only thing more pathetic than her campaign is her social media team. No. It's time for a different assessment because we saw this with DeSoros. The social media is a direct reflection of the candidate and encompasses her incompetence and inept personnel choices.

6) Meanwhile Nick Knack announced a presser on the "state of the race" stirring rumors she is about to drop out. Because,. well, there IS no race.

7) When you've lost Nate Silver . . . Well, now ol' Nate says the script flipped last summer and now Rutabaga "is losing and "there's no plan to fix the problem." That's not quite accurate, lil' Nate. It doesn't matter if there's a "plan." Rutabaga, as you yourself show in your commentary, he cannot "fix it." Moreover, these policies of destruction are by design. It's what he was (in his demented dark mind) elected to do!

8) Pay attention to how this is phrased from the New York Slimes: "Anti-Trump Burnout: The Resistance says it's Exhausted." TRANSLATION: "We figured out that Trump was a pretty darn good president and that eating is actually necessary to life."

9) George Washington U. law prof Jeffrey Rosen says the Supreme Court is about to put a "stake in the heart" of Count Dooku, Special Counsel Jack Smith. (The Court is too late to save White Lizzo, who already put a steak in his own heart).

10) Trucking companies are already starting to cancel shipping to New Kabul (NYC).

12) More on that ChiCom biolab they found in Kollyfornia, run by a PRC citizen who is a Canuck. Can't trust any country whose main game is ice hockey.

13) Shocked, I tell ya. Nevada was besieged with contacts about people who "did not participate" in the presidential primary there (but apparently voted), and official say they will fix the "irregularities." Uh huh. Same people who fixed the irregularities in 2020?

15) A Kollyfornia library has shut down due to drug use and public sex between the bookshelves. I dunno, sounds kinda exciting---a good lay and a good read!

17) Slowly unfolding that the "pipe bombs" left at GOP and DNC headquarters on Patriot's Day (J6) were fakes. As we knew once the footage surfaced.

18) File under "Autoworkers for Trump," as autoworkers say "it's scary Right Now" due to Rutabaga's idiotic green EV mandates that will cost thousands of auto jobs.

19) Feral scatterchickens robbed a Gucci store of $51,000 in merchandise in New Kabul. Nothing to see here, folks, just the continued collapse of one of America's once-great cities.


20) More Civil War #2 within the DemoKKKrat Party as Boston residents are outraged when the city kicked black kids out of a community center to house the illegal criminal aliens.

21) Now the state of Michigan is asking for volunteers to house the illegal criminals. All DemoKKKrat voters first.

22) Kabul (NYC) is giving the illegal criminal aliens $10,000 debit cards with no ID required. Do you see now how this is going to result in President Trump getting a post-Depression high of black votes this November?


23) Have we returned to a "progressive barbarism?" While I agree with the author that we have, I disagree with him about some of the progressives' goals. For example, they do not think that all humans can be perfected---only those they deem important enough to their own beneficence to be perfected.


24) Capital One Bank is acquiring Discover credit card services.

25) Is AI quietly laying off staff at Google, which has still more personnel cuts? Would you know it if it was happening? If you're in the Matrix, you wouldn't.

26) More backlash against New York as billion dollar investor Grant Cardone says he won't invest in New York due to the decision against President Trump.


27) What happens when a large Australian coal plant goes offline? Victoria goes dark.

28) Jobless migrants and foreign students could cost the UK 36 billion pound sterling since 2020. But who cares. Brit citizens and taxpayers are not important. No, only wokism do-gooder feelings count.


29) This is funny; Based on poor early reviews, customers for "Madam Web" are demanding refunds, leading Digital Trends to ask, "Who wants a Spiderverse wtihout Spider-Man?"

30) But this is so good it deserves a second story because it will be the harbinger for other trends especially at Disney: Hollywood Reporter: "Inside Sony's 'Madam Web' collapse." "You could actually watch sales decline on line" as people started to get refunds. It marks the worst performance yet in a post "Endgame" superhero movie. Important to note, however, that it's not that there is "superhero fatigue" but that none of the movies post-"Endgame" have been even remotely close to those leading up to "Endgame," even including "Guardians of the Galaxy 3" which did make money.


32) The UK has called for a moratorium on further China Virus boosters. Gee, why? I mean, they were so good at producing blood clots?


35) NASA has a new alert system to tell us when an asteroid is about to destroy the earth. If it's anything like the Ohio police when we had a tornado incoming, well . . . they got to our house 15 minutes after the tornado passed by.

Larry Schweikart

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