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TODAY'S NEWS, February 21, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Gallup says that the latest economic and political indicators ain't good for Rutabaga.

2) From Richard Baris on his "Inside the Numbers" show, the RCP average for Michigan is Trump +4, right where he had it in his swing state poll. This is interesting: among those "certain to vote" Trump is up 6. This is a little shift from the previous situation that had "unregistered voters" more likely to trend Trump.

3) President Trump is prepared to put up $400 million in bond while appealing the ruling from the scatpigeon Judge Engoron (think of Enron!). To clarify, this deposit means that while on appeal, the state of New York cannot take possession of or sell any of his properties. American Thinker says he can do so without selling any assets.

4) Republican senators are demanding that Yertle hold an impeachment trial for the impeached Mayorkas.

The Demented Pervert doesn't work before 10 a.m., has regular physical therapy, slip-proof shoes, and aides terrified of disaster. No, the disaster is him still being upright. Contrast this with Clint Eastwood, who at 93 has 10% body fat, works out with weights daily, and will direct another new film soon.

5) Historian Douglas Brinkley says that the Senior Skank, Jilly, is the reason Rutabaga is running again because she "likes power." Perhaps, but don't kid yourselves: there are several cabals---not always with the same interests---pushing Rutabaga because they have a mindless chunk of fecalclay they can mold as they wish.

6) It appears Arizona Senator Kyrsten (Enema) Sinema won't be running again, which is a blow to the Kari Lake campaign, as most polls show Lake winning a three-way race, but losing a two-way race.

7) Most big U.S. cities are broke---something, supposedly, they are prohibited from being. Oh, and speaking of being broke,

8) Kollyfornia's debt is worse than first thought, now coming in at $73 billion.

9) In DemoKKKrat Civil War #1, Hamas/Pales vs. Jews/Israel, Arab discontent over Rutabaga in Michigan is growing as they demand he step down. This will absolutely factor into a Trump victory in Michigan.

10) Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, campaigning for Texas House Speaker, says being a RINO is "kind of sexy." No Rick, it's stupid and for Pete's sake, can you not ever leave politics?

11) A Seattle area bar association apologized after one of its members wrote a hate-Jews article calling for "ethnic cleansing" and annihilation of the state of Israel.

12) Groomer City (SF) has been forced to drop hundreds of petty crimes due to delays caused by its China Virus lockdowns.

13) New Kabul (NY) subway crime is up 20%. Shocked, I tell ya.


15) This is the way. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing NGOs such as Annunciation House, an arm of the Catholic Church, for their role in funneling illegal criminal aliens into the country.

16) After being hammered for saying he'd provide $10,000 debit cards to the illegal criminal aliens, Mayor Eric the Red Adams now promises he will slash the budget for the illegals by 10%. Sure ya will, ya commie crotchcruncher. 17) And in Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago), we see Civil War #2 of the illegal criminals vs. the residents surfacing again. DemoKKKrats cannot win this.


18) The non-profit behind the "He Gets Us" (meaning Jesus) ads is a main funder of transoid/homosecual and hate groups. More than that, it's irrelevant if "He gets us." The only thing that matters is if WE GET HIM!

19) Here we go again: At Harvard there is a new antisemitic cartoon posted by staff, and no one has been fired.

20) Scientists are saying that perhaps annual physicals are a waste of time. I know with mine, the doc looks at my blood, checks my pulse, and says, "You're good."


20) The share of e-commerce hit an all-time high in the 4th quarter.

21) Oops. Morgage rates back to 7%. No new housing boom.

22) Probably the future of EVs, as three Teslas crashed in Kolllyfornia.


24) Solar farms are "aging prematurely," many having only half the expected lifespan, because of the . . . sun. Also it doesn't help that many of the companies that built these monstrosities are out of business.

25) In a "chaotic" retreat, hundreds of Uke soldiers are missing or captured. This humble reporter was one of the first to tell you some time ago the Ukes had lost this war.

26) Could the ChiComs even take Taiwan, much less hold it? The assessments are it would take landing 5 million men. It's possible, but Taiwan reminds me of the story of the bear and the porcupine: the bear can eat the porcupine any time it wants, but it would be very painful.

27) Argentina's Donald Trump, Javier Milei, has delivered the nation's first surplus in a decade.

28) Polish farmers, in an FU to their globalist PM, have blockaded the nation's border with Ukraine.

29) Speaking of that great democracy, Ukraine, it has canceled its presidential elections. Pootie-poot is holding elections in Russia.

30) Just last week I reported on new "robot" wingmen for USAF aircraft. Now Australia is deploying several new "optionally crewed" (i.e., robotic) ships.

31) Speaking of aircraft, I'm sure this is what we all want to see when we fly . . . a wing coming off.


32) Here's one you don't hear every day. Two plastic surgeons are in court for murder of an "aspiring porn star" when, during surgery to give her a butt lift, instead gave her an "exploding butt." No. No pictures.

33) The Hill can't believe that people would rather watch older shows than new crap. It's cuz they weren't woke and had good stories. The most streamed show last year was spent on "Suits," which I loved for about three seasons (really with little having to do with Megxit). "Friends" and "Gilmore Girls" also were at the top, while my favorite older show is "the Mentalist," which pretty much avoids the woke brew.


34) The U.S. vax program has a ten-year backlog of claims.


35) A Michigan waitress who was left a $10,000 tip on a $30 check---and who then shared it with the other wait staff---was fired because kitchen staff complained they weren't cut in and she refused to name names of the whiners. Dear kitchen staff: theoretically you may have a case, but it was her money, her choice. You should celebrate her gain.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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