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TODAY'S NEWS, February 22, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) A very good step. A New York state appeals court struck down a law that would let non-citizens vote as unconstitutional.

2) And another potentially huge ruling saying that "selective enforcement" and prosecution of "right wing" groups but not left wing groups is "constitutionally impermissible' and dismissed charges against right-wingers who got into a fight with fascist Antifa.

3) And still yet another one! A Kollyfornia judge has blocked the state from suing makers of "abnormally dangerous guns."

4) And another very good sign: Lara Trump vows the largest ever ballot harvesting op if elected co-chair. Gotta say, I liked her choice from the get go.

5) Bring out Russell Case from "Independence Day." ("I been sayin' it and sayin' it. Ain't I been sayin' it?"): Trump beats Gruesome Newsom and Kampuchea Harris WORSE than he beats Rutabaga. Notice they don't even bother to poll Big Mike because he loses worse than they do.

7) Traitor Tuppence is amassing a fund to "fight populism" in the GOP. What an evil snotrag this dildoprocurer turned out to be.

8) Meanwhile, real Americans, the Teamsters, donated $45,000 to President Trump, the first time they have given to a GOP presidential candidate in 18 years.

9) An Arizona Senate poll shows Reuben El Pollo Gallegos leading Kari Lake by 7 in a two-way race. Looking at the presidential polling, this is extremely low for Lake. Trump has been up over 3 points in most recent polls. Still, Lake has to make up ground and must get some of the Enema voters.

10) The Cruzer Ted Cruz is right: he says the DemoKKKrats would "Prop up Biden's corpse, 'Weekend at Bernie's-style' to run him." That's because he is still polling better than Newsom, Harris, or Big Mike.

11) From the same people who brought you the mRNA China Virus vax, the "next big breakthrough" in cancer treatment is . . . a vax.

12) while we're on the subject of science, "sniffing women's tears reduces aggression in men."

13) And one more study: just being physically active is exceptionally beneficial to your health, as is having never smoked. For me, that's check, and check. Course, they didn't say that playing rock and roll takes 10 years off your life.

14) An Arizona prosecutor won't extradite an alleged killer to New Kabul, because he (rightly) suspects that Alvin Boast n' Bragg won't prosecute.


15) Ruh Roh! Looks like the natives are restless, as the New Kabul (NY) City Council is calling for an investigation into Mayor Eric the Red Adams's plan to dump debit cards worth $10,000 each into the hands of the criminal invaders. That doesn't sit well with struggling citizens.

16) Chicago residents ain't happy with the illegals "junking up our country."


17) Jeffrey Tucker says to understand the transoid craze, follow the money. It's vastly more lucrative than abortions (8x to 20x) but I maintain the driver is a demonic ideology, not cash.

18) A 6' tall bearded man playing on a "girls" team slams a young girl into the floor. When does this stop? When do females cease competing if cheating men are allowed in? When do parents say "NYET!?"

19) And another transoid killer here. Transoidism is a mental disease and is causing deaths. END IT.


20) The US is undergoing a silent recession, with real wages down 4.4% under Rutabaga. But,hey, the stock market is up, so that makes up for it, right?

21) Rivian, an EV maker, has slashed its production plans as the market for exploding batteries dwindles.

22) AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile all hit with a massive outage.


23) From my favorite lib, Noah Smith, the good news with Japan is its stock market is booming and its manufacturing is again growing, plus there is almost no inflation. The bad news? For the first time Japan had to import 1.6 million foreign employees. Now they'll start to experience the same problems as Europe and America.

25) "Desperate for soldiers," the Ukes plan to expand their draft. I just don't get it. Just a few months ago the Russkies were losing bad according to Hoax News.

26) Why China's economy is worse than you think. "A recession is hiding in plain sight."

28) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of Energy, notes the climate kooktarts are coming for your cats and dogs now.


29) According to a new interview with Michael Jackson's bodyguard, the singer had nose surgery after had had done 50 spins in a row, fell, and broke his nose.

30) There is a major contraction in acting jobs in Hollywood, due to cancellations and the strike.


31) Remember when we all talked about those adverse effects from the China Virus vax? Finally, a peer-reviewed study put it in writing. This will be just the first of many.


31) Well, this made me lose my appetite. An Italian woman was killed by her great-niece who force fed her spaghetti to acquire her $500,000 fortune. They do tell you to avoid pasta . . . .

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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