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TODAY'S NEWS, February 23, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Boo hoo. The Bill Broken Kristols, the Jonah Goldburgers and the Charles Lil Tikes Sykes of the world whine that the their ideas will end once Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb is vanquished, dishonestly tying themselves to Reagan. I wrote about Ronald Reagan. I did more research at the Reagan Library than any other biographer. These people don't have a clue who Reagan was.

2) Gallup now has Rutabaga back to a 38% approval, just one point above his all-time low.

3) Arabella Advisors is the money machine behind the DemoKKKrat hate machine.

4) The Supes will take up a Patriot Day (J6) defendant whose legal claims are much like those of President Trump.

5) Meanwhile, even former allies of Nick Knack in South Carolina say "she has abandoned us." Well of course she did, just like DeSoros abandoned Florida for a year while he launched a kamikaze attack on President Trump. All about the bengjamins.

6) Fat Fani is definitely in trouble here, as Nathan Wade stayed at her house overnight before she hired him.

7) Two investigators looked at the rural/urban divide and found that it has changed dramatically in the last 40 years to a truly national phenomena. When asked about Trump's rural appeal, they correctly note that while Trump is a wealthy Manhattanite, he doesn't try to be "authentically rural," just "authentic." He really cares about coal miners' jobs and about the loss of small town identities.

8) Again, these people are just demonic. That's all you can say. An Ohio woman left her daughter in a playpen for 10 days to go on a vacation. Now charged with murder after the child died of dehydration. Why can't we bring back torture?

9) What Rich Baris, Robert Barnes, and I have said for a while. Blue-collar employees, whom Rutabaga MUST attract, are donating to President Trump.

10) And another reason these kinds of do-good giveaways don't work. A woman who got a get-out-of-poverty $10,000 lump sum blew it on a vacay.


11) In what will become a common theme, a San Diego migrant center is closing because he has run out of money. Asylum-seekers (i.e., liars) have drained all the money: "It's a serious problem."


12) I told you at the time that the Claudine Gay plagiarism issue was just the tip of the corrupt Harvard iceberg. Now we see another DEI administrator plagiarized her dissertation.


13) Good for them. Long Island officials banned transoids from competing in women's sports. (You never see transoid women trying to compete in men's sports---cuz they'll lose).


14) The US will retire less coal capacity in 2024.

16) How GM's Ultium EV crashed. (Battery and tech problems, and GM never had the subsidy support of Tesla and by the time it hit the market people started to see the disadvantages of EVs. The article claims it wasn't from lack of buyers, but sales numbers at dealers say different.

17) You know Rutabaga's economy is bad when Wal-Marts are closing.

18) Top airlines are raking in the cash from bag fees.

19) Maine's public schools have purchased electric busses, but they are defective (as, it seems, are most electric busses.)


20) Now the evil snotguzzlers at the EU want to prevent people from fixing or repairing cars older than 15 years so they will be stuck buying the battery-exploding e-cars.

21) A giant solar flare exploded from the sun. Expect geomagnetic effects in the coming days.

22) Mercedes-Benz, in an "FU" to the EU, has delayed plans to make EVs.


23) CBS, after being blasted for taking star reporter Catherine Herridge's computer and notes, has reportedly returned them.


24) Pfizer docs show it was concerned about heart damage of the vax and secretly studied a heart-related marker.


25) This is the way: a Republican Congressional candidate in Kollyfornia bought her own razor wire to seal a gap in the state's barrier. Too bad she can't put that around the statehouse in Sacramento.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker, NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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