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TODAY'S NEWS, February 26, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) NBC is very concerned that Rutabaga has lost Michigan. So I repeat myself, why are they concerned if they are "just going to steal it?" Answer: They ain't gonna steal it again.

2) Javier Milei and President Trump met in person and loved each other. Trump: "Make Argentina Great Again."

3) Cong. Eric Swalwell, known as "Farticus" for his on-air odiferious anal expectorations, spent $50,000 of campaign money at the Super Bowl. He should be immediately dismissed. This is far worse than anything George Santos did.

4) What a shocker! President Trump won South Carolina with 60% of the vote and took all the delegates from Nick Knack's home state. A Haley supporting congressman, Ralph Norman, stating the obvious, said "the people spoke for Trump."

5) Like there was ever any doubt: cell phone records prove Fat Fani Willis's illicit and illegal affair with her prosecutor sex-buddy.

6) President Trump is down 23 in Kolllyfornia. Horrible you say? Well, he lost in 2020 by 29, lost in 2016 by over 30. The trend is certainly his friend.

7) After getting shellacked in her own state by 20 points, "what makes Haley run?" Both TDS and money. What is clear is that this skankchop is a liar, including her lies about various policy positions and her pledge to support Trump when he wins. She is simply a liar.

8) And apparently the Koch Bros. have had enough of her burning their money. They have ended their donor support.

9) Pittsburgh, the latest American city deluged with crime, will no longer have police answer certain emergency calls. You can basically leave a message. "If you are being beaten to death, press one. If stabbed, press two. If kidnapped, please leave your new location."

10) Remember how "global warming" was supposed to be so bad for you? A lake has formed in Death Valley, one of the hottest places on earth. See people swimming and kayaking there.

11) Senator SpewMore (Chuck Schumer) is begging Speaker Mike Johnson to pass the "more money down a rathole" bill of Uke aid.

12) The New York Slimes says the CIA has 12 secret bases in Ukraine. Two things. First, they ain't secret any more, and second, isn't that how we started in Veetnam?

13) There is celebration across the land as Ronna McRomBush has announced her resignation as RNC chairman. Seldom has any party seen such incompetence and ineptitude.

14) This article makes it appear that Rutabaga was deporting millions back to Venezuela. It was a handful. He stopped all further deportations now.

15) You know President Trump is winning when Sen. John (Can't Carry a) Thune has endorsed him. The Senate Rs know Trump will beat Rutabaga.

16) The extent of the damage of Rutabaga's criminal activities will be hidden in part because the U. of Pennsylvania Biden Center deleted all visitor logs from 2017-2021. This University ought to face criminal prosecution and the president and librarian should be jailed.

17) A nice analysis of why Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb is still running by Seth Keshel, who notes in terms of the primary, "The fat lady has not only sung, but has passed out."


18) The GA murder by an illegal criminal alien of a Georgia nursing student who was out running is being spun by AP as "the dangers of being a solo athlete" instead of the criminal horror of the open borders policy.

19) ICE confirms that the illegal criminal alien who killed a Georgia college student had already been arrested in New Kabul (NYC) and released. I'm sure for "good behavior."


20) A good column here by Paul Kengor, on Black Panther leader, rapist, agitator Eldridge Cleaver, who escaped justice to North Korea, only to find Marxism was garbage and a lie. He returned to support Reagan in 1984 and ran as a conservative against Ron Dellums.


21) Nearly 75% of Brit transoid prisoners are in jail for violence or sexual offenses. But, of course, they're "normal" people.


23) Take a look at just how big NVIDIA's surge has been.

24) This could get interesting: Elon Musk says Twitter/X is creating an alternative to gmail, called Xmail. X's background is black. Might this be blackmail?

25) New York, Kollyfornia, and Illinois are experiencing record out-migration as people flee regulations, crime, taxes and overall spoogism. People are fleeing to Florida, Texas, and the Carolinas. Good. Keep them out of Arizona. We're full.

26) This is called reality: nearly half of all college grads are working "high school level jobs." That's because the notion that we had enough "college level jobs" for all graduates always was a myth.


27) I guess what smokes my stoker more than anything about the climate kooks is that no one in official circles ever calls them on their lunacy. Here is one example. A new study found that to merely reduce the earth's temperature by 1.8 degrees, it would cost world gubments (read, the US and Western Europe) $3.1 trillion in the next six years. Just for context, the entire U.S. budget---Social Security, Medicare, defense, and the two guys at the border who wave at the illegal criminal aliens as they come by---is only $2.1 trillion. So find a way to squeeze 25% out of that every year for the next six years. Idiocy, lunacy, and total dicknipplism. As if you didn't already know. Correction---in the video I think I said $31 trillion. Still a chunk of change.

29) France has a serious problem with Muslims. A recent survey showed 17% absolutely hate Jews, while nearly 40% have a "negative opinion of Jews." But Christians are not exempt: half of French Muslims want Catholics to convert and about one-third want all churches converted into mosques. You know, the "Religion of Peace" (trademark). Oh, and half of those in French prisons are Muslims.

30) "Everyday problems of the young" are now being called diseases, and "mental health issues." GROW UP!

31) You've heard of the Great Wall of China. But how about the Mongolian Arc, a 250-mile wall in Mongolia, built between 1000 and 1200 A.D. with guard houses and roads?

32) Global debt has passed $313 trillion. Not sure, but I think that's a little above my Capital One "What's in my Wallet?"

33) A runaway "ghost train" in India was finally brought to a halt after zooming through stations at over 60 miles per hour.


35) Actor Sylvester Stallone just the latest to leave Kollyfornia for Florida.

36) Oscar winner Hillary Swank said she was "blessed" to star in "Ordinary Angels," a faith-based film about a woman who pours her life into raising money for a little girl in need of a liver transplant.


37) Want a list of China Virus vax deadly effects backed by studies? Here.

38) The ChiComs report a new outbreak of China VIrus in Beijing.


39) Here are some epic cake fails. And below are some of Mrs LS's incredible successes, including a chocolate cake with coffee frosting, my favorite---her Mounds cake of chocolate with white coconut frosting with Mounds in the middle---and her 2016 election celebration cake.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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