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TODAY'S NEWS, February 27, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) No kidding: "The Florida governor seems to be running. . . for something." Even Politico sees DeSoros's stealth campaign against Trump after he supposedly dropped out. Couldn't cut it in the real world where you have to win elections.

2) Emerson's "Swing State" polling has President Trump up in every swing state, at least by 2 (PA and MI) and as high as 6 (GA). With third party candidates, those margins for President Trump grow as high as 10 in NV, 9 in GA, and the lowest is MI at Trump +3).

3) Interactive Polls has President Trump now leading Rutabaga by 6 nationally, but more important, at 53%. The lead is 7 to 8 when third parties are thrown in.

4) Polling note from Richard Baris, Pan Atlantic has President Trump up 6 in Maine, including up in CD2. Folks, Rutabaga carried Maine by nine, so this is a FIFTEEN POINT swing. Even allowing for some error, that's a big shift.

5) I been saying it and sayin' it. Aint' I been sayin' it? (Cue Russell Case from "Independence Day") According to Politico, the House GOP has lost its "defense" against "hard-liners." Translation: a bunch of phlegm-producing squidpickle RINOs are resigning and MAGA is taking their place.

6) President Trump has appealed the New York civil fraud case. As I understand it, there are really two appeals involved, one on the "judgement" or the amount that goes to one court, another on the merits of the case, that will go to a leftist NY Appellate court. Trump will get no justice in the latter. It will take a federal court.

7) One more example of one of the DemoKKKrat "two civil wars" that they can't win. it's deeeelish. Hamas terrorist protesters occupied the NBC building in advance of Rutabaga's highly coached appearance on Seth Meyers.

8) Jeffrey Tucker states the obvious but it needs to be stated again and again. Virtually every "conspiracy theory" that people were charged with three or four years ago turned out to be true, including those associated with the China Virus vax, Patriot Day (J6), big tech collusion, and "climate change."

9) Such a liberal thing. After finding out that "reparations" were, well, ridiculously unaffordable, Groomer City (SF) has settled on an "apology" to blacks for slavery.

10) Texas AG Ken Paxton (and occasionally the AG of Missouri) understands the larger picture in the fight with the Sorosoid demonic prosecutors and judges. So far, Ron DeSantis has not shown this same awareness, namely, it's far bigger than going after Disney or a few woke curricula. It's a full court press against judges and prosecutors.

11) Yes, This is the Way. The Kentucky AG is going after a health care provider that has made payments to Rutabaga.

12) Fat Fani Willis is bracing for damaging testimony. While all this is going on, there can be no further progression of any case against President Trump.

13) Speaking of Skanktarts, Nick Knack Paddywhack is going insane, saying Michigam was GOP territory before President Trump. In what universe? Trump has been the only Republican GOP presidential candidate to win the state since 1992.

14) Nearly half of Nick Knack's South Carolina primary voters were DemoKKKrats, as they voted for Rutabaga in 2020. She has no support among Republicans.


15) GOP Attorney Generals (yes, I know proper English is "Attorneys General," but that sounds stupid) are pressing Rutabaga's evil regime to account for 85,000 illegal criminal alien kids---who have all already been trafficked. Hard to hear, but that's the truth. They lost them after the first bus transfer.



18) Rutabaga has done "lasting damage" to the U.S. economy. Agree, but the U.S. is remarkably resilient and has shown an amazing capacity to bounce back with the right leadership.

19) Commercial foreclosures have almost doubled since last year.

20) Home prices are simply unaffordable in many American counties, as seen in the Case-Shiller Home Price Index, which has risen for 11 months in a row.

21) Rutabaga has a new "ambitious" plan for the U.S. to9 make 20% of all advanced chips by 2030. Two problems: first, gubment plans for controlling the economy---any sector---fail except in war time when people are willing to play along for survival; and second, even if this were attained, President Trump would get the credit.

22) Durable goods orders fell by 6% in January due to fewer airplane sales. Is that because of fewer aircraft going to the Ukes or because people are hesitant to buy Boeings that keep having problems?

23) A court blocked Rutabaga's attempt to monitor the "energy use" of cryptocurrency miners. Note: this is not cryptocurrency minors, as in kids using crypto . . . ah, never mind.

24) Bitcoin hit a two year high of $57,000 per coin.


25) The Ukraine intel chief said Alexei Navalny died of a blood clot. Wait, did he take the China VIrus vax?

26) My favorite lib, Noah Smith, is on-again, off again. But this column is dead on. He warns liberals that they better pay attention to totalitarian China and its tech threat, and, gee, national sovereignty and borders are important too.

27) Remember a few days ago a reporter at the Blaze was arrested for participating in J6 Patriot Day events? Now a New York Slimes reporter was honored for participating in the Oct. 7 Hamas murder attacks.

28) Finland is building shooting ranges to boost citizen soldiers. Wait. We are always told an armed citizenry is a bad thing.

29) These Euro dopedippers have no clue what they are doing with Ukraine. Here the Frogs say that the use of NATO troops isn't ruled out, and here they say exactly the opposite.


30) Once again, typical. Even when they fail, libs get money. Blind Lemon Don will get $24 million from CNN because he was fired for being a pan-fried chuckleduster and overall clown.

31) Remember how touching the death scene of "Old Yeller" was? Now the new Disney series "Shogun" features beheadings, someone being boiled alive, and brutal battles.

33) Sony firing 900 related to Playstation.


34) A new study in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory shows that vax resistance is high when people knew someone who had side effects or died after receiving the vax. Gee, wonder why? Moreover, this was a 2021 study, meaning that since then, attitudes toward the China Virus vax have hardened further.


35) This lavish Indian wedding has a nine-page dress code and a three day celebration. Heck, Nick Cage has had marriages that didn't last that long. Meanwhile,. 37 years go Mrs LS and I stood in front of a justice of the peace in Miamisburg, Ohio, in his back yard with her heels sinking into the wet grass and Creedence Clearwater Revival blasting over a neighbor's radio. When we went to our big evening dinner, mold in the restaurant caused her to have ear problems and something in the food gave me gut issues. Needless to say, I'm sure the Indians won't have these problems.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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Larry, I love your column, brother. BTW, you married up. Ha Ha But hey, so did I. Go Dayton Flyers!

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