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TODAY'S NEWS, February 28, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) President Trump scored his 6th straight primary win, and it wasn't close. Some final numbers here: Trump got 140,000 more votes than Rutabaga did (a terrifying sign for DemoKKKrats), won by about 40, and won all 83 counties. If this isn't a slap upside da haid to skankchop, I don't know what is.

2) The inevitable collapse of the leftist hellholes.

3) Actually, a very big deal. AG Ken Paxton, who by far is the most active Constitutional AG in the country, won a case challenging the $1.7 trillion federal spending bill that was passed without a quorum of representatives being physically present.

4) This is significant, and good for America. Marianne Williamson, who had "suspended" her campaign, now has "unsuspended it" after "uncommitted" took a large share of the Michigan primary DemoKKKrat vote last night.

5) The Fat Fani Willis story gets seedier and seedier, with her sex-toy Nathan Wade possessing a garage door opener to her garage and having sex with her in her office long before she was DA. This trial is so icky they need to use a blue light in the courtroom when they are done.

6) Kentucky's prison system is in chaos after more than 30 penal employees were caught having sex with prisoners, including anal rape, and smuggling meth for cash.

7) Ronna McRomsBush actually finally resigned.

8) Rutabaga won Michigan--no surprise---but had 13.5% "uncommitted" DemoKKKrats who voted for someone else.

9) Data distrust surges as Americans increasingly refuse to answer questionnaires. We have learned to no trust the science.

10) Yertle announced he will step down in November but we'd be stuck with John "Can't Carry a" Thune.

11) Now we learn that not one, not two, but THREE of the cameras covering the so-called "pipe bombs" on Patriot Day, J6, were deliberately turned away. Folks, when this is fully revealed we will see that Nancy Pelosi---good old Botoxic---had orchestrated a backup plan to have "pipe bombs" go off and blame protesters for "endangering" Kampuchea Harris's life. Of course, Harris's SUV was parked right next to one when the guy who planted it came up and talked to the passengers in both the cop car and Harris's SUV.


12) Jamie Glazov reports that one hotel in Bengahzi-by-the-Lake has 1,800 illegal criminal aliens living in it. Another reporter went to one of these club feds and found illegals all over the place, and was banned by security from staying around with a camera.


15) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of energy, looks at the great solar panel scam. After growing strong through 2022, the hoax industry that is based almost entirely on hidden financing with mob-level interest rates, has fallen by half.

16) The U.S. is adding $2.5 dollars in debt for every $1 of GDP growth.

17) The Consumer Board Confidence level fell in January. I can't imagine why. The economy is just so good. At least that's what the ferret Paul Krugman says.

18) A feel-good story here as leftist "Check My Ads," founded by DemoKKKrats to throttle conservative news, itself is going under.

19) Google struggles with "unacceptable" Gemini AI as the programs changed images of historical figures to fit DEI. No, this is not a joke story. I'm sure this AI is doing precisely what its programmers wanted. That's the scary part.

20) JPMorgan Chase sends an investor letter warning investors to prepare for 1970s style "Stagflation." Yep. And we know how that ended up.

21) Macy's is shuttering 150 stores nationally including the location in Groomer City's Union Square. Will the last one out of SF please turn out the lights. Mrs LS, a regular at Macy's, notes that over the past few years the store has shifted away from its normal clientele (upper middle class women) and tried to appeal more to teens.

22) This street reporter shows that every store is closed on Mission Street in Groomer City.

23) The office market is so bleak this Canadian company sold its share in a New Kabul (NYC) skyscraper for a dollar.


24) Maravatio, Mexico, two mayoral candidates have been gunned down. The author of the article says these deaths "raise concerns" about the cartels trying to control elections. Ya think? Kind of ironic.

25) The Russians claim to have destroyed, for the first time, an M1A1 Abrams battle tank in Ukraine.

26) Venezuela's homicide rate is the lowest in years, as they ship all the gangs to los Estados Unidos.


28) In sad news, Gary Sinese's son McCanna "Mac" Sinese died at age 33 of a rare form of cancer.

29) Well, maybe my favorite lib Noah Smith is partly right, that AI may be a positive thing. AI is generating subtitles and causing woke local subtitle writers who are changing subtitles to transoid and other story lines to be fired.


30) Another blow for freedom as a federal court dismissed a case against Iowa governor Kim Reynolds who prohibited public schools there from imposing maskie mandates.


I guess we all have skills. This guy can roll up a cast iron frying pan with his hands. Well, I was a dang good drumstick twirler.

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