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TODAY'S NEWS, February 5, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) In the Nothing But Communists (NBC) "stunning" poll, President Trump now leads Rutabaga by 6 nationally; leads on "every issue voters care about," and leads by a shocking 20 on the economy and a mind-boggling 35 on the border! Rutabaga is at 37%, NINE points lower than where Trump was in 2020; far lower than any president in recent memory, especially when it is considered that Rutabaga is running for reelection, unlike, say W. BUT WAIT! Trump beats Rutabaga on "necessary mental health" (duh) by 23 and on "competent and effective" by 25% (where he trailed in 2020!) The only way to describe this poll is an up yours to Quinnipiac. MORE: Rutabaga is only getting 26% approval on the Israel/Hamas war. I told you told you told you! He cannot win this issue--this is Civil War in the DemoKKKrats #1. MORE: Trump leads among indies by 19, TIED with da youts. This is interesting, though. Trump LEADS with HIspanics by 1, and trails Rutabaga among blacks by 59%. Now, you go, "Wow!" Yeah, wow but not what you think: in 2020 Trump lost black voters by 84 points!!!! That's a gain of 25 points for President Trump.

2) Like EVERY other issue, energy is working against Rutabaga, where more voters favor "Drill, baby, drill" than green-weenie-ism.

3) More good news for President Trump, as North Carolina is now only D +2.4%. In 2020 it was D+5.3%. Total registration advantage fell from 391,000 to 178,000.

4) More good news for President Trump, as Hispanics in Texas favor him over Rutabaga by 6. This is a 7-point shift from 2020.

5) A good argument for why money doesn't matter as much as is thought in elections. Two political scientists found that in only two elections did money truly affect the outcome, but, of course, they could only find Republicans that it helped.

6) Ok, the special counsel report on the classified docs case looks like it will be bad. Oh, wait. This is the SC for the RUTABAGA's classified docs case, and Axios is warning it's not good.

7) Shocked, I tell ya. A Georgia DemoKKKrat is threatening violence if officials don't allow them to cheat.

9) Firms that are churning out fake papers are now bribing editors to publish them.

10) Striking Massachusetts teachers hosted a "pub crawl" while schools remained closed.

11) A city has been branded America's jihad capital---and it's not New Mogadishu (Minneapolis)!

12) The Senate unveiled its so-called "border security" bill which is Uke funding and a couple of bandaids, wrapped around amnesty. The House, thankfully (so far) just said no.

13) A Florida appeals court has halted the state's ban on ChiComs buying land there.

15) American Greatness asks if Rutabaga is malicious or incompetent. Both, but he is demonically influenced and has been---for his agenda---the most successful president since Washington. His goal is to destroy America, and he is succeeding beyond his wildest demented dreams.

16) Warning signs for Rutabaga among blacks in South Carolina's primary.

17) Senator SpewMore (Chuck Schumer) said he would send troops to Ukraine if the border bill wasn't passed. Hmm, when was he made president?

18) Wait, I thought this was a slam dunk for the DemoKKKrat, who now raises concerns about winning George Santos (former R-NY) seat in a special election.


19) The useless toadnipple that poses as the secretary of DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas, in the midst of the most massive invasion of American borders ever, actually said we need more illegal criminal aliens.

20) Utter insanity, and President Trump can make huge inroads on this: New Kabul (NYC) is giving illegal criminal aliens pre-paid debit cards in a program totaling $53 million.

21) The useless mayor of Benghazi-by-the-Lake responds to a reporter's question about what he is going to do about the illegal criminal aliens by noting he has kids who go to soccer games.


22) Shocked! Ryan Burge shows that student groups least likely to get funded are those on the right of the political spectrum; that those identifying by race are the most likely; and that Christian groups are much more likely to support funding non-Christians than vice versa. THAT SHOULD STOP.

23) Oh? Dartmouth has just re-introduced a standardized test for new applicants.

24) Santa Barbara, Kollyfornia's Museum of Art just cancelled a show and fired the director for "lack of diversity?" Dear spoogenipples: what if the diverse crowd had crap art?

25) Don't see this every day. The Idaho Attorney General Raul Labrador defeated Satan. That is, he beat the Satanic Church in a suit about child sacrifice. Dunno, this kinda looks like a combo of Rutabaga and Taylor Swift.


26) How's that "climate change" workin' for ya? Exxon-Mobile & Chevron posted big profits.

27) Part of that is that the two wrote off Kollyfornia losses as they disengage from the State of Insanity.

28) Wolf Richter says there is an "eyepopping" factory construction boom in America. Guess they are employing all illegal criminals. It ain't showing up in native-born jobs.

29) Even the LA Slimes admits Rutabaga's 22 million acre solar farm "sounds scary," because it is. And stupid beyond belief. I can only hope that Kollyfornia dries up like a prune, forces everyone out, that the gubment collapses, and that real, honest, godly government is put in its place.

30) Counties prohibiting wind and solar outnumber those employing it.


31) As I discuss in the last chapter of A Patriot's History of Globalism: Its Rise & Decline, the elites are having trouble pushing their agenda now ANYWHERE. Now the WHO (not the Who) complaining that people just don't want their crappy medical totalitarianism.

32) Supposedly Iran was behind the attack on Tower 22 and the death of three U.S. service men and women. So the U.S. attacked 85 targets in Syria and Iraq. What am I missing?

34) A continuing list of ineptitude, debacles, and problems with U.S./Western weapons as now the H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier cannot deploy on maneuvers.

35) France has now caved to farmers, with Ireland next up. So far, it's farmers 2, climateweenies,

36) My favorite lib, Noah Smith notes that the ChiComs are using an "export glut" to postpone their economic collapse, but that "Tariffs are coming." I hope so. With President Trump, sooner rather than later.

37) And like clockwork, President Trump announces he would impose 50% tariffs on the ChiComs. Gee, that low President Trump?

38) Nevertheless, China's markets crashed after this. Think THEY don't know who will be president soon?

39) horrifying reality of socialized medicine, as people wait in line six hours just to sign up. for dental surgery. And that doesn't count the time actually fixing their teeth. No wonder the Brits have such terrible teeth.


40) The ubiquitous Taylor Swift won the "best album" at the Grammys, the fourth time she has done so. This is a record. No, not a record album. Well, I mean it is but . . . never mind.

41) Apple's badly-panned spy movie, "Argylle" bombed with a $35 million international opening and only $18 million domestic.

42) Pure Flix has a series called "Going Home," where instead of trying to save the dying, they prepare them for the inevitable at a hospice. It is a faith-based series that actually deals with faith in serious ways.

43) Rapper "Killer Mike," after winning his Grammy, was arrested Probably should have done that to Taylor Swift.


44) Don't know about you, but I am soooo glad I never got a single China Virus vax. Now they are linked to mad cow disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Good God. It's almost as if they put every conceivable disease known to man in these vaxxes. Hmmm.

45) A 45 year old referee died of the "suddenlies" on a court. I'm sure the vax played no part.


46) "Cobra Kai," one of my favorite series, has kicked off its sixth and final season. What they have done with the "Johnny" character is a masterpiece.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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