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TODAY'S NEWS, February 6, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Pigs are flying, as Yertle turned against the border bill and asked Republicans to block it. This would be the AIU bill (Amnesty, Invasion, and Ukraine).

2) Perhaps Rutabaga is channeling Cankles, who said she used to speak to ghosts in the White House, as he claimed to have spoken recently with Francois Mitterand---who died 30 years ago.

3) The Tuckster, who is rapidly becoming a variation of today's Rush Limbaugh, was in Moscow.

5) Most suspect for an interview with Pootie-poot, which is driving the neocons crazy. Dinobernie Sanders admits most employees are living paycheck to paycheck but says Rutabaga should win because the economy is doing really well. Yeah, Dino? For who, the 1%ers?

6) Another canary in the election coal mine for Rutabaga and the DemoKKKrats: Turnout in the SC primary was 131,000. That's less than what President Trump got in NEW HAMPSHIRE by over 40,000! Overall DemoKKKrat turnout was 4%. That's right, 4%. Last one was 16% and hundreds of thousands. They are in deep trouble, folks, and they can't escape. "Nowhere to run to ba-=by, nowhere to hide."

7) President Trump met with Ronna McRomBush and suggested changes in GOP charimanship may be en route.

8) As expected, the corrupt DC appeals court ruled against President Trump in his immunity case. This was a foregone conclusion. Now to the Supes.


10) Good news! Snapchat's parent will lay off 10% of its global workforce. Course, I guess that's bad news for India.

11) Rutabaga's goal of 2/3 electric cars by 2032 is cracksmoke.

12) Actually, the January fake jobs report was still the weakest in history, and we now have delinquencies at 10%


13) The UN says melting arctic ice is a sign of climate change or, as they used to say before it was proven wrong, "global warming." Except it ain't melting.

14) Last week we learned that EV tires last 1/4 to 1/10th as long as those on regular cars; that Canada was going to have to install all new guardrails for heavier EVs; and now we learn from the UK that insurance premiums on EVs are double that of gas-powered cars. All these little "added costs" will soon make these things utterly un-driveable.

15) Argentina's new president Javier Milei arrived in Israel renewing a pledge to move the Argentinian embassy to Jerusalem.

16) Rutabaga's officials have reversed course in the Middle East, signaling another failure of the Demented Pervert's regime.

17) Hysterical. Chile sent an all female SWAT team to international competition and, well, they looked like utter fools.

18) Oh? South Korea's EV sales are faltering due to fears of battery fires. Wait til all the other negatives are well known. The age of the EV is over. The age of Hydrogen is upon us.

19) The Limeys are experiencing "long term sick," with 2.8 million being out of the workforce thanks to the China Virus and the vaxxes.

21) Saudi Arabia is starting construction on a 75-mile long construction project for skyscrapers and shopping called "The Line."


22) Really good news here, as Japanese investors are dumping ESG funds.

23) Country star Toby Keith, dead at 62 after a battle with stomach cancer.


25) Mainstream science "mulls" a moratorium on China Virus vaxxes as cancers rise and people reject the poison. Course, no mention of heart issues yet. And you know how I feel about "mull."

26) The great Steve Kirsch: a large geriatric practice says its deaths rose three-fold after the vax was instituted.


27) Two iconic photos, but I think one is a fake. At any rate, I couldn't even fit ONE bass drum onto Ringo's drum riser.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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