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TODAY'S NEWS, February 7, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Now that's funny right there, I don't care who you are: Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb lost the Nevada Republican primary by 32 points . . . to NONE OF THE ABOVE. President Trump was not on the ballot because in NV the primary awards no delegates. He will take all in the upcoming caucus. By the way, two idiot reporters, one from Axios and one from Red State just the day before had all but prophesied a Nick Knack victory, with the Red State reporter saying she had "already banked 50,000 ballots in early voting." Wow, that's odd because she was barely at 20,000 with all votes counted. Red State wouldn't be lying because they hate Trump, ya think?

2) President Trump leads Rutabaga by 9 in Texas (he only won by 6 in 2020), in line with virtually all polling showing President Trump has gained between 5-10 points in every state.

4) Usually Karl Tokyo Rove is full of it, but he says rumors that Big Mike Obama will replace Rutabaga are "fantasy." Agree.

6) Struggling to stay relevant, DeSoros continues to make nationally-oriented speeches while ignoring Florida. I started, a year and a half ago, thinking he was a good governor. Then I was neutral, and thought maybe he was stupid. Now I'm convinced he is truly an evil force.

7) Congressman Michael Waltz (R-FL) says the U.S. Navy lacks the warships for a confrontation with Chy=na. True. However, the next naval engagement, as with Midway, will be decided in the air first. The Navy has begun introducing drone killing subs, which will be the new dive bombers.

8) GOP Senators have called for Yertle to step down from leadership. Fine, just so long as we don't get iThunes.

9) A series of papers has now confirmed that the laser fusion breakthrough in 2020 was genuine.

10) Good. An Oklahoma newspaper must pay $25 million from a man it slandered as a racist.

11) Menopausal Ann Coulter---what a catch!---said the best thing President Trump could do is die. You know, Meno, they said that about a guy named William Wallace. Didn't work out well for them.

12) Gallup says the DemoKKKrats are losing ground with blacks and Hispanics. True, but only Trump is gaining, not the GOP because they cannot be trusted.

13) For once it's not the vax. Sadly, a 29 year old Michigan chef caught a rare fungal disease from his food that ate giant holes in his lungs. He did not survive.

14) This is what happens when you don't have Peter Weller. New Kabul (NYC)'s "robocop" is out of action now after only four months.


16) Senator James Langford (RINO-OK) who spearheaded the Senate R side of the illegal alien bill, once said 13 year olds could consent to sex.

COMMENT: Let's dive into this a little bit. First, it's way too late to "fix" this before the election. I would argue the "fix" will take a decade, at minimum, provided you have a dedicated "fixer" like President Trump. Second, the fact that the Hill is putting this out suggests it, as the DemoKKKrat strategic mouthpiece, knows they are in for a shellacking, especially on this issue. Third, they can't fix it. Not one city or state has repealed its "sanctuary" status. Benghazi-by-the-Lake wouldn't even allow a vote on the status. They are totally wedded to this because it was a LONG RUN STRATEGY for them. Now it has become their second civil war, behind the Israel=Hamas split.

18) And right on cue, Mayor Eric the Red Adams of New Kabul blamed the sanctuary city/illegal criminal alien problems on race and compared himself to Jesus. Told ya. They can't change.


19) My favorite lib, Noah Smith, argues that the data on the gender "divide" among da youts isn't nearly as sharp as some claim, especially in the U.S.

20) The Ivy League has reinstated standardized tests as a mechanism for admitting students.

21) The University of Indiana is facing a federal probe into it's lack of response to anti-semitism on campus. But no such probe of Harvard or other hate-spewing Ivy League schools has occurred.


22) Typical of Rutabaga's lying administration: Over 1 million jobs were reported in 2023 that never existed.

23) Morgan Stanley says 10% is the market ceiling for EVs, or a little better than golf carts.

24) America's consumer credit card debt has hit $1.3 trillion. This is not the way.

25) You know the economy is terrible. Taylor Swift had to sell off one of her $40 million jets. She's keeping the other one, though.


26) Former Chilean President Sebastian Pinera died in a helicopter crash.

27) A South African political candidate has called for white genocide. Yah, that spirit of Mandela sure is strong there.


28) Nice. Gina Carano is suing Disney for wrongrul termination with "The Mandalorean" and Ol' Elon is funding the suit! This is the way.

29) Clearly the Tuckster is a genuine journalist, unlike the scabpickers who inhabit the Hoax News. By interviewing Vlad Pootie-poot, he now faces sanctions from the EU.

30) Meanwhile, Elon, who is doing more to take down the Rat (Groomer DIsney) published the racist hiring practices on Twit!

31) Now they are blaming comedian and actor Rowan ("Mr. Bean") Atkinson for slow EV sales. Can't make this up.

32) But Light is hoping its $7 million new "genie" ad featuring Peyton Manning will sell beer. Isn't this cute?


34) Oh? The Rutabaga White House pressured Amazon to censor books about the China Virus that didn't support the Regime's stupid little messaging.


35) This is the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest comedy movies ever made, Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles," a hysterical film that could not be made today.

Gene Wilder (holds out hand).

Cleavon Little: "Steady as a rock"

Wilder: "Yeah but I shoot with this hand" 9which is shaking like a leaf).

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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