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TODAY'S NEWS, February 8, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) From the Washington Examiner, "The public humiliation of Nikki Haley continues." You really have to wonder what she has been promised or how she has been threatened to continue this farce.

2) Having DELIBERATELY chosen a strategy of trying to "win" the primary---where no delegates were awarded---Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb is throwing a temper tantrum that she lost to "none of the above" by a whopping 33 points, or 2:1.

3) You know how I feel about "poised to," "intends," "prepared to" and other condition kinds of "news," but all indicators are from oral arguments---which, I must state, are NO absolute indicators---that the USSC will back President Trump in the Colorado ballot access case.

4) Meanwhile, Judge Cannon has bitchslapped Count Dooku (Jack Smith) again by ruling against his attempt to conceal the names of gubment witnesses in the Trump docs case. That's cuz they are feds.

5) WHAT. DID. I. TELL. YOU? If you follow this show you will know that I constantly look at what libtoids say. No, not the paid chowdersmugglers, but the real campaign analysts such as Ruy Teixeira, James Carville, Mark Penn, Stan Greenberg, and this guy, Matthew Yglesias. These are devout libs but they are honest because they want to win. Yglesias now admits Rutabaga "is losing the election."

6) Now, I've about had it with the doomspooges who dismiss any real evidence that Trump is winning with "Yeah but they'll steal it." This article does not sound like people who think they are going to steal an election. They are planning a Trump win.

7) The Tuckster says he is interviewing Pootie-poot because "most Americans are not informed." Correctomundo.

8) The House says it can and will impeach the evil Alejandro Mayorkas, the head of DHS, noting the vote failed because Cong. Steve Scalise was undergoing a blood treatment. Yet the vote failed by 2, so we'll see where the other 2 votes come from (4 GOP analchickens voted no).

8) A few days ago Rutabaga thought he had just talked to the dead Francois Mitterand (given his demonic possession, probably not all that unlikely). Then he said he had spoken to another former leader, Germany's Helmut Kohl, mistaking Kohl for the current chancellor of Germany. Now he forgets the name of Hamas, probably because he funds so many terrorist organizations.

9) Actually, Rutabaga may have spoken with the dead, as in Michigan you can see the gravestones of people who are still listed on the voter rolls. And you better bet they "voted."

10) Maine must disclose its voter rolls to an election integrity group. 11) Justice Clarence Thomas is sitting for the oral arguments on the Trump immunity case, despite DemoKKKrat whines for him to recuse. Nope. But I'll make this prediction: there is a better than 50/50 chance Sotomayor resigns after Trump's election due to health.

12) While the Feds go after Indiana U over antisemitism, Harvard obstructs an investigation.

13) The Morons in Hawaii still haven't figured out their stupid little decisions don't matter once the Supreme Court has ruled. In this case, it's guns.

14) A study shows that President Trump would have won the vast majority of mail-in ballot scenarios in 2020. In other words, despite "harvesting" and "mules," to the tune of "81 million votes," they still barely won the EC by 44,000 votes. Not a second time.


15) A new Illegal criminal spike has hit the AZ border with 2,000 per day crossing.

16) According to a report from the Customs & Border Patrol, up to 30,000 illegal criminal aliens are possible terrorists. Yeah, well that's just the ones they know about.


17) Idaho universities saw their budgets triple due to DEI and inclusion of "white fragility" and "toxic masculinity" courses. The only toxic man I know of is Lia Thomas, who keeps pretending he is a woman.


18) The Rush Limbaugh of energy, David Blackmon, notes that the elites are getting battered in their war against traditional energy, and that coal exports shot up despite Rutabaga's war on coal.

19) Wolf Richter: a "historic plunge" in prices of used cars.

20) In the real world---not that of Rutabaga or Janet Screamin' & Yellin---the tech sector is losing jobs big time.

21) A breakthrough in carbon-neutral jet fuel may be on the horizon.


23) The more they lose, the more ridiculous and fascist they get. Now a Canadian MP wants to imprison anyone who says anything positive about fossil fuels. How about this you scabmagnet? You are fossil, and let's hope you become worm fuel soon.

25) The new, likely illegitimate leftoid regime in Brazil is going after former populist president Jair Bolsonaro, taking his passports and raiding his home. Hmm. Sound familiar?

26) Arctic sea ice continues its recovery. Climate scabwhistles deeply disappointed.

27) Green Screen Zelensky fired his top general. Guess the war ain't goin so well.


28) In its earnings call, Disney admitted they have killed the "Star Wars" franchise---toys and gear are not selling, and Disney+ subscriptions are down 125 million (I'm one)---but Spider-Man still sold (no other Marvel titles did, and "Marvels" was a giant money bonfire. Still, the Mouse is making money due to increased prices at theme parks.

29) In the land of the fecal-brained PETA, it is animal abuse to have merry-go-rounds where you ride animals. This should tell you all you need to know about the People for Eating Tasty Animals---they have run out of real instances of animal abuse.

The perpetually angry and offended Stephen A. Smith is now angry at Rutabaga because he is going to get President Trump re-elected through his border invasion policies.


Not really worried cuz we have Kate Beckinsale.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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