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TODAY'S NEWS, Februry 29, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) President Trump won a full victory and a partial victory in court rulings, with the Supreme Court agreeing to hear his immunity case on the week of April 22. There is no set time the Court has to release its ruling, delaying the Jack Smith and Georgia cases for at least two more months. Meanwhile an appellate court delayed some of the penalties against President Trump and associates personally, while refusing to change or delay payment of the $355 million deposit. However, President Trump can apply for loans during this period, so he can borrow the remainder to put down for a deposit.

2) The whining and moaning from the left about the Supreme Court hearing is incredibly satisfying. The LA Slimes says the "Supreme Court handed Trump a victory without even ruling." Bwa hahaha. Too bad, so sad you lawfare spoogeadillos couldn't pull this off. Andrew Weissman said Count Dooku's DC case was on "life support."

3) So, even if a tad high, it looks like all the polling is consistent: President Trump leads in all swing states, often by a lot, in a new Morning Consul poll: 6 in AZ, GA, NV, PA (!), 2 in MI (exactly where I have it) and massive in NC, which isn't even competitive now.:

4) Speaker Mike Johnson is holding firm on border security NOW before any other money is spent. No, this won't help Rutabaga cuz those who are doing damage are already here.

5) So, Zen Master reminded me of this article, which at the time he said meant that Jack Smith (Count Dooku) and his little charade were over.

6) Guess what BIG restaurant chain is exempt from Kollyfornia's new minimum wage laws? Panera Bread---whose CEO was a schoolmate of Grusome Newsom. Convenient, no?

7) It seems no state GOP can get it together. In New York, the U.S. Senate candidate donated to that idiot Letitia James.

8) Likewise, Ohio has no good choices to run against Sherrod Brown, who is an easy target. One guy, Frank LaRosa, is a pro-Uke, open-borders guy, while Bernie Moreno is a gun grabber. Vivek and Don, Jr. went with Moreno. Like I say, no good choices and even with a big Trump win there, my guess is that Brown holds on again.

9) Rutabaga, who has the brain function of a dead amoeba shot into the sun, did not take a cognitive test during his so-called "physical."

10) Some of these judges never tire of getting slapped down by the Supes. An Illinois judge has banned President Trump from the ballot there.

11) I know it was just one primary, but we need to savor these moments. Here are "audible gasps" as news comes in that Rutabaga lost the DemoKKKrat stronghold of Dearborn, MI by 50 points to "uncommitted."

12) The "Bump Stock Ban" is likely to be overturned. This was Trump's law, largely to placate the lelftoids after a mass shooting. My guess is that he suspected it wouldn't survive the court, but was too complicated to explain to the public at the time.

13) More polling on "Who do you trust to . . ." with President Trump destroying Rutabaga on everything but "climate change" and "education." Many of the margins are in the high teens.

14) Sebastian Gorka calls President Trump the "Dissident President."

15) President Trump has already appealed the Illinois ruling banning him from the ballot.

16) The useless DA in the Laken Riley case has stepped down. Maybe cuz she has not gotten a single guilty verdict in a year?

17) Speaking of incompetence in the police and prosecutors' offices, in Houston some 260,000 crimes were not even investigated.

20) It's beginning to dawn on E. Jean Carroll that President Trump isn't going to ever pay her a dime of the $83 million judgment against him.


21) Rutabaga's admin has started referring to the illegal criminal invaders as "newcomers." Nope. They are ILLEGAL. CRIMINAL. INVADERS.


22) If you have a tat, that's your bidness, but I always have intuitively thought that putting ink into your skin wasn't all that healthy. Now "science" proves it.

23) Niiice. Harvard now seeking loans, suggesting donor fallout is worse than admitted.

24) Well this is nice. Hipster woke parents are worried their boys are turning to conservative ideas. Gee, wonder why they would do that, having observed their crainially-challenged parents embrace every truly destructive idea in existence.


25) Consumers hit the EV brakes as sales slow. When you look at the profile of who drives EVs vs who most other drivers are, you can see why the market was destined to hit a cap.

27) EA joins Sony in gaming related layoffs 1,500. Looks like even the GenX/Z gamers are running out of dough-ray-me. EA also cut its "Mandalorean" game, suggesting that perhaps the "Star Wars" projects are so over.


30) Formerly secret documents show that the Justa Turd-o government virologists had a "clandestine relationship" with ChiCom agents.


31) Funny and neurotic comic Richard Lewis died at age 76.

32) Bob Iger dumped 80% of his Disney stock as the company raises park ticket prices again. Hey, you gotta make up for all those movie bombs with revenue from someplace!

33) A new survey rates Disneyland and Disney World as the #1 ripoffs in the world for entertainment, especially for pricing.

34) A judge ruled that the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, must take a paternity test as a part of a paternity suit against him. Wonder what would happen if they required a paternity test as part of the combine?


35) A Rutgers scientist says he found the "smoking gun" proving that the China Virus was created deliberately by humans.


36) Groomer City is going to reimpose drug testing requirements on welfare recipients. Honestly, we'd be better off if they required all city officials to pass a drug test.

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