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TODAY'S NEWS, January 12, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) More polling, as President Trump leads Rutabaga in Rasmussen by 8, again, closing on 50%.

2) Rutabaga's Valley Forge speech was straight out of the Reichstag.

3) President Trump's attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss the Georgia case on the basis of immunity. Again and again, the Supes are gonna have to get his immunity issue done quick, fast, and in a hurry.

4) Interesting: Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, whom I always took as a globalist, scathingly describes U.S. foreign policy as a "scam built on corruption."

5) Fat Fani Willis was sleeping with the prosecutor she named in the Trump case. Unethical, illegal, and grounds to dismiss. Now evidence shows she started her horizontal mambo before she appointed this snickerdoodle.

6) Did China crack Apple's Airdrop encription to track senders?

7) Yikes! United Air found loose bolts on their 737 max. I just flew on United---my first ever on the palatial 777 first class.

8) Ryan Burge: Evidence shows that liberals had worse mental health than conservatives, girls worse than boys, non-religious worse than religious. When you combine these factors, liberal non-religious girls had the worst mental health of all Americans. Gee, wonder why?

9) Cankles was named in the last batch of Jeffrey (he-didn't-kill-himself) Epstein documents.

10) A federal judge shut down an attempt in Wyoming to keep President Trump off the ballot. Pretty good track record on these so far.

11) Cancer is striking more young people and doctors are "baffled." Well, #1 the ol vax and #2, growing homosexual sex. I think that explains most of it.

12) A Brooklyn public school omitted Israel from a Qatari-funded map, calling the area "Palestine."

13) . . . while Benghazi-by-the-Lake's public schools reported $23 million in tech devices "lost or stolen" post pandemic.

14) The U.S. Army saw a 6% drop in white recruits, all according to plan.

15) Well, this is good news. The Ohio House Rs voted to override Gov. DeWeenie's veto of the ban on sex changes for kiddos. Senate to vote next week.

16) The family of an Alabama inmate who died said the body was returned with missing organs---the second family to claim this. I could see Rutabaga's family making this claim about his body, bereft of heart or brain.

17) Well, I think this is an outlier, but the general result is right: this MI poll says only 17% of Michiganders say Rutabaga deserves reelection, and has President Trump beating him by 8 there.

18) The latest in my "Two Civil Wars for the DemoKKKrats" theme: Brooklyn parents protest after students were forced into remote classes because illegal criminal aliens were being housed in the school. I wonder: will Rutabaga's Department of INJustice call these parents "terrorists" like they did "Moms for Liberty?"

20) It took this long, but finally Texas Governor Abbott sent the Texas National Guard to block a busy border crossing, blocking fed troops.

21) In today's most gross, satanic, and disgusting story, seven Texas men filmed themselves having sex with children in the bathroom of Houston's Galleria Mall.

22) Well, my favorite lib, Noah Smith agrees with Peter Zeihan: the end of Bretton-Woods is upon us, the U.S. Navy won't be around to project lots of power or protect sea lanes, and global trade will collapse. That's pretty good news for the USA, because we rely very little on trade and have the best internal shipping and transport networks in the world.

23) Nick Knack Paddywhack give a Uke a Bomb now tops DeSoros in Iowa.

24) In a throwback to the forward swept wing X-39, the new X-65 by Boeing features "active flight control" actuators, i.e., the plane is unstable and is flown by computers.

25) Murderer Capitol Hill cop Michael Byrd falsely reported gunfire coming at him from the Ashli Babbitt shooting.


26) The great Ryan Burge notes that while 65% of atheists are obsessed with "climate change," only 17% of evangelical protestants are. It's a small sample, but just 5% of young Republican evangelicals are concerned with climate change. Guess they figure if God created the place He can manage to keep it runnin'.

27) Good suggestions from Christopher Rufo on "New Right" activism. Not sure that I agree institutions can be "recaptured" by new government, faculties, etc. I don't think the structures will permit it. I think they must be brought down entirely first, then rebuilt.

28) Education in Benghazi-by-the-Lake and New Calcutta is hopeless. No repair possible.

29) OK, listen up. seldom do I find papers "seminal," as in they affect everything. But my favorite lib, Noah Smith, has a piece on the collapse of education. Significance? It shows that even well-intended liberals are fed up with the fraud that is college in America. Bottom line: despite massive federal cash infusions in universities, research productivity has been going down, and in large part dropping because of feces-ridden, pus-inflated wokeism like a recent claim that British iron techniques were first developed by the brilliant Jamaican natives. This is too much even for libs to stomach.


30) Chesapeake bought Southwestern to create a shale gas powerhouse. Nuthin' green about this.

33) Rutabaga's economy not great as 38% of US companies plan layoffs next year and office vacancies hit 20%.

34) Meanwhile here are seven charts showing how bad things are under Rutabaga.

35) Hertz to sell off its fleet of 20,000 EVs cuz people don't like them.


37) No we don't want a war with China. Yes, we must be realistic and be prepared. They certainly are, building a nuke/missile arsenal easily th equivalent of the one the Soviets had.

38) So-called "Kickstreamer" Johnny Somali, who does obnoxious things to provoke responses from normal people, tried this in Japan and was fined $1000 and booted from Japan for five years as a "convict."

40) Rutabaga is trying to get us into a war in Yemen, ordering airstrikes without consulting Congress.

41) Crown Prince Frederick will ascend to the Danish throne after his mother unexpectedly abdicated.


42) NFL's Aaron Rodgers was on the Pat McAfee show and blasted medical malpractice and pandemic mismanagement.

43) The "who's more responsible for Super Bowls" argument may be settled, as NE fired coach Bill Belicheck after he failed to deliver a return to greatness without Tom Brady---who managed to win a Super Bowl without Billy-bells.

44) . . . while the Tennessee Titans fired winning coach Mike Vrabel, another New England Patriot product.

45) . . . and while perennial winner Nick Saban retired from Alabama.

46) "Reacher" kicking butt in season 2, second only to "The Crown."

47) The playoff game in Buffalo pitting the Bills against the Miami Dolphins could be the coldest in history for both teams.

48) A celeb food critic took Groomer City off the menu because it was too dirty and too dangerous. Heck that was just the food there!


49) Another Congressional hearing on the China Virus, more lies by Dr. Fallacy.

50) The great Steve Kirsch with a summary against the China Virus vaxxes.

51) The evil ferret-like Dr. Fallacy said that the "lab leak" was not a conspiracy.


52) When ya got a good thing . . . "Top Gun 3" is in the works. I wonder if eventually they will have Tom Cruise operating a drone from a recliner? Speaking of which, in the late 1980s I was writing a history for the US Air Force of a secret hypersonic plane, the X-30. The program shipped me to General Dynamics in Texas, where I got to fly a hypersonic simulator. The "target" boxes you were to fly through were 100 miles apart, and went by like picket fence posts. I crashed the sim three times before they ejected me.

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