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TODAY'S NEWS, January 15, 2024



1) President Trump maintains a double digit lead over Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb in NH.

2) The House Judiciary Committee launched an investigation into Fat Fani Willis.

3) Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb is the Establishment's last hope. It's not a very good one.

4) And, here is Nick Knack joining DeSoros in saying the 2020 election was legit.

5) DemoKKKrat Doug Schoen warns his party that 2024 is shaping up to be like 1980.

6) Long time establishment shill George Will said "being the most powerful journalist in America was like being the tallest building in Topeka," Thank God. Will admitted that the establishment is in deep dodo doo doo.

7) A Superior Court judge will hold hearings on Fat Fani Willis's illicit affair and misuse of funds.

8) Good. House "defectors" (i.e., representatives with common sense and an understanding of what voters want and don't want) brought House activities to a standstill over new spending bills.

9) This is a new one from the evil pusdragons at work in the state of Washington:: they want to classify ammunition as a "privilege" in order to tax it.

10) Oh, yeah. There is a caucus here in IA: the Register has President Trump with the largest lead ever in the paper's poll.

11) While Emerson's final IA poll has an even bigger Trump lead.

12) A rash of suicides in Grand Junction, a ski town. Gotta say, I played in GJ many times and never considered suicide. Course, I don't ski.

14) Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb, who touted the campaign's economy and frugality, spent thousands on luxury hotels.

15) Meanwhile half of Nick Knack's IA supporters would back Rutabaga over Trump. Oh, yeah, they represent real Republicans.

16) The case against Fat Fani Willis grows, as does her fani.

18) As I have said, "indictfare" against President Trump has utterly failed.

19) It is impossible to tell if these people believe their own feces or are 100% corrupt. Or both. Mayor Eric the Red Adams says New Kabul's illegal criminal crisis has nothing to do with "sanctuary cities."

20) Speaking of liberal "doom loop" cities, the Hilton Hotel in Groomer City defaulted on its mortgage.

21) And this guy was supposed to be kinda like Trump? RFK, JR. defended his dad's spying on Martin Luther King, Jr.


22) In a kickoff for my new Patriot's History of Globalism book, World Magazine features an article called "Return to Babel."


23) Mortgage rates rise again.

24) To battle housing costs for employees, Disney and Universal in Florida have adopted the old coal mining town model of buying property and selling to employees cheaply.

25) Universal Music Group, home of Taylor Swift, plans layoffs.

26) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of energy, on the terrible, horrible, not-very-good week the EV industry had.

27) Just one snippet: the incredible exploding EV bus in England.

28) Well, the peeps may be getting screwed in this economy but good ol' JP Morgan Chase made record profits.

28) The FDA has given weight loss drug Ozempic a pass on suicide ideation.


30) The Huns' moronic green party now wants to return to coal. Can't make this up.

31) While Bulgaria has banned solar farms on agricultural land.

32) Taiwan's ruling party candidate has won reelection in a setback for the ChiComs.

33) This UN aid agency is accused of helping Hamas. Shocked.

34) The ChiComs admitted they cracked Apple's AirDrop encryption.

35) Ecuador in chaos due to drugs and the inability of the government to fight the cartels.

36) Poland's new left-wing government looks remarkably like every other tyrannical government, including that of the Rutabaga, arresting political opponents.

37) Green Screen Zelensky will join Klaus (Heil) Schwab in an address at the demonic gathering known as Davos.

38) And as the Baal-worshippers gather in Davos, the demand for sex workers skyrockets.

39) Told ya something was rotten in Denmark, er, China, which how has the world's lowest fertility rate.


40) Miss Colorado, an actual woman, made headlines by becoming the first ever serving U.S. military person to win a Miss America title.

41) Patrick Mahomes played through a shattered helmet due to freezing temps to defeat the Fins, while the Dallas Cowboys performed their annual postseason collapse by giving up 27 points in the first half to lose to the Packers. Just so we don't have to see Taylor Swift any more.

42) Apple says the podcast industry is shrinking.


43) Peter McCullough: there have been over 18,000 myocarditis cases related to the China Virus vax.

44) Having caused an epidemic of heart problems with its China Virus vax, Pfizer now has developed a new heart drug. Funny how that works.

45) Steve Kirsch: Medicare data makes it clear China Virus vaxxes killed millions of people worldwide.

47) Big victory in a FOIA case by doctors for choice against the CDC.


49) Straight out of Monty Python's "I'm not quite dead yet", Oregon officials told a family their loved one had died, gave them "his" ashes, then he was found alive months later. "Actually, I'm feeling better."

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