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Today's News, January 16, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Love this headline: "How Trump became Unstoppable in Iowa." The Wall Street Journal.

2) President Trump won IA cacuses handily, with 51% to DeSoros's 21% and Nick Knack's 19%. Some 5% was still out.. Trump got more delegates than the next two combined and had a higher vote share than the next two combined..

3) In a look at the most vulnerable seats for 2024, it's evenly split between DemoKKKrats and Republicans.

6) Although they kind of bury the lead, President Trump hits 50% in the White House race, with Rutabaga at 49%. They're gonna try to spin this as Nick Knack would beat Rutabaga worse. Yep, sure.

8) Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb refused to say a man cannot become a woman.

9) After being crushed by President Trump in Iowa, Vivek Ramaswamy dropped out of the race and endorsed Trump.

10) But idiot warmonger Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb said, after a humiliating third place finish, Iowa made the race a "two-person race." Guess she meant Trump and Trump.

11) Meanwhile, the level of sheer spooge amidst the DeSoros camp is mind-boggling. After an ass-whipping in which he visited all 99 counties and lost them all (Trump took 98, lost one by a single vote), DeSoros claimed he just "got his ticket punched" and will stay in. I am growing to despise this lift-wearing, Low-T version of Ru Paul more daily.

12) It's Benghazi-by-the-Lake, and the dead electric cars look like so many robots out of juice.

13) News suffers from a negativity bias. But it's getting worse. Why? Maybe because things are getting worse.

14) Good news. Gov. Greg Abbott has shipped out of Texas over 100,000 illegal criminal aliens, with over 37,000 going to New Kabul.


15) Governors of 15 states are opting out of new federal food programs for kiddies. Good. This is the parents' job, not the taxpayers.

16) Convoluted, lotsa double negatives, but Kollyfornia lost a gun control battle.

17) Having lost a host of accomplished pilots due to the vax and/or subsequent heart issues, the FAA now is going to hire, literally, retarded people and people with psychiatric disorders as controllers.

18) Following his massive win in Iowa, President Trump vowed to "take back" America from Rutabaga. This is what they know is going to happen. This is what they fear.

19) Good. Harvard Jewish students are demanding a refund, since the school didn't protect them from Muslim haters.

20) Oh, in light of a virtual non-existent support in Iowa, Asa Hutchinson suspended his campaign, telling both supporters.

21) This is where these usless Pale murdermongers are: they protested a New York cancer hospital that donated to a Jewish hospital in Israel...


22) Speaking of bad economic news, the Empire State Manufacturing Survey suffers its biggest two-month collapse in history sans China Virus.

23) Oh, and this (probably) bad news, as 31% of Gen Zers have to live with their parents.

24) One of the biggest stories out there is that employment of native-born Americans has shrunk by 1.4 million, while jobs held by foreign-born increased by 3 million.


26) Green Screen Zelensky says he's ready for peace talks, but don't invite the Russkies.

27) Germany supposedly in "chaos" as the "far-right" begin giving the boot to immigrants. First, it's not "far right." It's center. Second, there will be chaos either way: lose your country fast or lose it slow. Your choice.

28) In London, a Muslim slime-ball kaffirpickle said "We must normalize massacres . . ." and was cheered.


30) In the recent playoff game between the Chiefs and the Dolphins on Peacock, fans were outraged to be watching ads after having already paid for the premium channel. Unfortunately, folks, this is the future of "television." Besides, whatcha whinin' about? You got to see the goddess Taylor Swift more times than you saw replays of the game itself.

31) Brazilian weight-loss influencer Mila de Jesus, dead at 35 of heart failure. Unlike her Namesake, don't think she will be resurrected.

32) The wrong Kelce is retiring, as center for the Philadelphia E-girls Jason Kelce announced his retirement after a playoff loss to the Bucs. Dammit. We have to keep watching twerking Taylor Swift.


33) Ohhh nooo! America is close to have a vaccination rate so low the public may be unsafe. Yeah, but safe from the vax.

34) New Zealand doctors found acute kidney injuries due to the vax, pulled the paper, and months later submitted a sanitized one without the data.


35) A disaster prepper who spent $90,000 on apocalyptic safety says her bunker door will be closed to all. Psst. Toots. Read Catalyst. Even the most diligent preppers ain't gonna survive a solar flare after about 3 months.

Larry Schweikart

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